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8:8 Solar Lion Stargate - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the energies of 2012 grow in speed and propulsion, we are escorted to a conjunction of inter-dimensional possibilities and opportunities. We are asked to expand our horizons and expectations and our ability to receive. We are asked to become more, to do more, to see more, and to be more. Our gifts that come on the winds of change escort us into new understandings of how we are to enhance our innate abilities and DNA contracts. You are commander and chief of your cellular content; you are a directional for all biological functions. As this energy adjusts itself to your body Ask for enhanced sight, hearing, healing and cooperation of all cells in your body. Your body seeks your direction and wisdom. If your cells are holding karma thank the cells and ask that the karma now be released and cleared from the DNA structure. If you have extra fat cells on your body ask that the powerful emotion that created them, as you stuffed your feelings, be released, redirected.  Place this newly freed power/energy/light/ into any section of your life that needs and extra boost. It is pure energy,  spend it well.

As we round the corner into the lair of the Lion in the month of Leo, we find ourselves face to face with our ancient future and our ancient past.  Reflections in our world mirror our inner needs on all levels bringing to the surface all that has been buried alive.  Emanations from the light behind the sun rearrange our brain waves, readjusting the thinking patterns that have kept us hostage in an elliptical orbit of humanness. 

The giant sunspots and coronal mass ejections we are presently seeing are but a glimpse into the life force of this Superior  Sun that extends her super magnetic vibration into all parts of our known and unknown solar system.  Lifting us to a point of open eyes within all the seeing cells of our natural state.  Just like celestial acupuncture we receive injections of knowing that cannot be explained away.  We finally find the passion to do, to be, to believe to create without a shadow of doubt.

The solar system lines up celestial body by celestial body, stopping only for a moment to pay homage to earth and her inhabitants observing the shifts and changes within the evolving species that calls earth there home.  All buried landmasses within our consciousness come to a place of buoyancy, circumnavigating our linear flat world thinking. Exposing on a stellar level that which lies beneath all of our longings and choices. We finally stand up for what we believe and what believes in us.

The blue light from the star Sirius shines down onto all of our choices Stellar gateways open via earthen conduits allowing us to be lifted to a place of innate knowing.  Everything we do or do not do will be felt in all sectors of heaven and earth.

Three Faces of Sirius - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


On July 22, we enter the sign of Leo and the Sphinx Stargate, as we all stand at the entrance to a new understanding of Light, Life and Love. On that day rise early from your sleep and walk out to meet the Goddess Isis in the form of the Star SIRIUS as she rises before the Sun of the Sun. Within her loins of light live three Stars. Two are known and one comes forth in all of her glory. Last year 'Sirius C' announced her energy. She is the Seat of the healing Female Soul, living and future, the Sun of Hope. She comes forth energetically not seen by the sky eyes, but felt by the heart. Announcing to all within this solar system her presence and her presents.

Visualize the emanations and radiance of these 3 faces of Sirius coming forth into your THIRD EYE, into YOUR HEART, and into YOUR CROWN. As she gives you the gift of the cycles of Time. Connecting you and your higher trilogy chakras together with the crown, third eye and heart of all the sacred spaces through time known and unknown. Bringing you to a point beyond this intersection of time and space as a doorway is opened right before your very eyes. Announcing to you long lost parts of your being that arise from a galactic sleep into wakefulness. The tone of creation sounds in every cell of your body on earth and cycles through all 144 levels of your light, homeward to the monadic entrance of your beginning. The tones of the Father Universe sounds within the Sons of man completing a Cycle of Time.

Sirius C sends out two of beams of light. Merging the sacral (2nd chakra) chakra with the third eye announcing to all of life to see from within and create from that point. Do not seek externally for your creation but know it is held lovingly within the womb of all men and woman on earth. The Light from the Great Central Sun beyond the Sun, needs you to manifest, needs you to receive, needs you to hold the light.

Without the assistance of those of earth, the light just continues to travel onward without a host. Know then your importance in the schematics of the Living Photon. Light needs you as you need light; yours is but a symbiotic marriage, arranged yet sacred in origin.

Hold within your thoughts on the morn of July 22, as you look at the Star Sirius, A SACRED INTENTION. Let this Sacred Intention be broadcast to all of life as you step out of one cycle of time into another. Letting go of the baggage of the past that you packed so lovingly. Leaving it by the wayside.

Clear Ye the way within yourselves for what you have cried out to receive, The Light Of Peace, The Light Of Love!! When you finally come to that clearing within the sacred space of yourself; nothing to blame, nothing to bar your way, no excuses, What Will You Do With Your Light!!! The upcoming energetic doorways and sacred events ask you to answer that question.

On July 22 Sirius rises before the Sun announcing the ATLANTEAN and Ancient EGYPTIAN NEW YEAR. On August 8, (8:8) we have the 8:8 LIONS Gate. Activating another level of the dormant remembrance of ancient truths, on earth and in the stars. Bringing into remembrance on a cellular and stellar level the sacred Activation of the Hall of Records on every planet and star within this One Universe.  Time, as we perceive it will shift. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself.

Get up early on the 22nd before the sun rises and greet the great Light from Sirius. Go outside, face east, and allow the pre-dawn energies to enter you. Ask to be released of all that no longer serves you and be filled in completion with that which serves your highest soul path and spiritual evolution. The night before I make a large Star of David on a piece of paper and in the center, I put my new year’s spiritual resolutions. All that I yearn to become giving thanks for all that I am already. I leave this out all night with a crystal on it, for the Sirius energy to embrace.

A good tone to use for this process would to be OMMMM/ or NURRRRR which activates the angel chakra between the 3rd eye and the crown chakra. place tongue on roof of mouth and tone this as long as possible it is a very high frequency tone. (Jonathan Goldmans sound info) All intent is amplified at that time so just flow with it,

A Hathor Planetary Message - Tom Kenyon

Duality and the Triune Force

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.

This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.

Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.

The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.

It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will allow you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and a greater likelihood of manifesting what you desire as opposed to being “caught up” in the dramas of polarization and conflict.

The principle is simple. As a human being you tend to be attracted to persons or situations, or you are repulsed by them.  This tendency to fall into attraction or repulsion is, for the most part, an unconscious act.

You may encounter someone and feel drawn to him or her, and the depth or intensity of the attraction may cause you to delete other information about the person. Likewise as situations arise around you, whether they be social, political or religious, you may likewise find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining if a given situation was “right” for you or not.

The same holds true for repulsion. You may find yourself repulsed by someone, or a situation, and likewise, identify with the repulsion, thereby cutting yourself off from other information that might be helpful.

MERCURY RETROGRADE - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Slow down and smell the memories
Mercury turns retrograde on 15 Jul 2012 at 12Leo32
Mercury turns direct on 8 Aug 2012 at 01Leo25

As the vibrations of Mercury wraps itself around us  we journey to the land of nots. In this land of many knots (nots) you are asked to look at what still binds you in body, heart, and soul.  Mercury retrograde asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger Mercury has a small limp at this time, as he sits upon a stone beckoning the sacred waters from the healing well to run across his stress lines. He sits there pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. The strain upon his winged feet demands he slow in energy, in walk in thought.

Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, or being made to stop, to smell the flowers of your life. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. Become as mouse and look closely at what needs to be addressed.

Mercury retro asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Mercury is at rest at this point of energy and history. In this resting it says do not move forward but stop pause and organize your earthly life - tend to the details, tend to the fine print.

Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Call those who have passed over and talk to them soul to soul, heart to heart. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds. Get ready to plant new seeds in the old soils of your soul.

Time beckons you to her side as she walks through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory, thought by thought. The spirit of Time takes you past the fine lines of scrutiny. No bah hum bugs about who you were, what you were or what you did.

Every thread of you is woven into the beautiful tapestry you are now and even if you do not see the beauty reflected in your own eyes, it truly comes as a mirror from Source. Let those around you reflect that beauty with their kindness.

You are a child of God. You are a child of the Universe. Honor yourself as such. Honor yourself those around you in all of their choices. People are enmeshed and immersed in the quick sand of their thoughts. They are not listening and do not hear your woes as theirs internal sound is in Dolby digital surround sound.

Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder, a child of grace. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift and sift those memories into fairy dust. Youth is first a state of mind, then a state of heart and then a state of body. Allow your body time to catch up with your youthful thoughts. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it - because it does. Youthing gives you life, laughter gives you more life and loving gives you all life. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~ Own Your Mastery ~ - Steve Rother

Riding the Waves

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker VirtualLight Broadcast will be on 

Sat July 28, 2012
11:am US Pacific Time
 ~ Re-minders from Home ~
From Steve:
Here the group gives us some clear options for the road ahead.  We have options: we can be overwhelmed by the wave of energy now building or we can ride the crest of the wave to its new destination.  Many will choose variations of the two they even remind us that one is not right and one is not wrong. They simply want us to have the knowledge to make an informed decision about our next reality. One point they made is that the journey will be easier for all if each of us owns our own mastery. We have promised to carry a special light from home and now is the time to remember to shine that light.  Each of us have special talents and things we are naturally good at. Please remember that those are your charge to carry but also the most important gift that you promised to bring to the world when you took human form.

I will also mention  here that we are beginnijng a new Channeling class soon that I am very excited about it is Spirit Comm2 The Direct Connection.  See it here>
Im also very proud that this Beacons has a short message from Barbara.  See Connecting the HEart below. She is on a long road to recovery but is doing well.

Walk in the Light and have a great month!

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.
Greetings from Home

The vibrations from Home are those of celebration. We are celebrating a landmark, a level of vibration which all of humanity has now reached. Yes, it is difficult for most of you because when you move from one level to the next very quickly, it means that when you reach the new level you have to learn to walk again. You have to learn how to use your new energies and to anchor yourself through your new knowledge, your new perceptions. It is especially difficult when you move as fast as you have been moving. That is part of the reason that you have felt this energy coming in as waves, for that is how it has been on this planet. Just about the time you get your footing from the last wave, the next wave comes in and takes you on a new journey. Many of you have been going through repetition after repetition to try and ground your new energy. The challenge with that is that it will feel quite differently when you ground in the new energy. It does not have the same stability that you are so accustomed to. You reach the point where you say, “When I feel right, I will move.” Until then you are waiting for everything to come around you, but what we are telling you is that you will not feel right until you move…until you actually start moving. Most of you have been trying to compensate for these waves of energy that have been coming in. Well, they will continue coming for that is the way it works. It may even feel as if you have three waves that push you forward and then one that pulls you back, but do not be discouraged. Sometimes humans move so quickly that a step backward is actually necessary for your own physiology. Do not judge yourselves for that, because you are moving as fast as you can move.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

On Purpose: 3 to 5D makeover - Lauren C. Gorgo

Welcome Home!
So, we officially made it to the new world. We survived quite the lineup of celestial events and now we sit poised to recreate our lives anew.  The last 6 weeks have all but rearranged our DNA…literally & figuratively…our operating systems have been recalibrated & rebooted, and now that we are bona fide members of 5D consciousness, we are far from business as usual.

We are still integrating these changes (especially at the cellular level) and trying to find our footing in this new realm, but one thing is certain…for those who have done the gobs of internal prep work required, the 3D holographic reality system is no longer your point of focus.  5D is our home now, and tho we will still be interacting with the 3D world for some time, we have taken an oath of mastery to participate in the realms of unity consciousness now, leaving our inner-world of duality behind us…for good.

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Death of 3D Purpose

One of the most challenging (is that the right word?) experiences of our homecoming was the drawn-out death of our purpose that we encountered throughout the month of June. This was super unfun, and for those of you who were drowning swimming thru that endless death/birth canal, I don’t have to tell you that we were definitely unplugged and floating aimlessly in that wretched sea of indecision. We are in the throes of some hard core life/purpose changes, so much so that the Pleiadian High Council came forth more than once to update me on what they consider to presently be the most pressing: the realization of our new level purpose as light-bearers.

It’s been nearly impossible to stay anchored in anything since the eclipse portal, but of the most disconcerting was the feeling of not knowing what we are supposed to be doing, or how.  If you are still working thru your purpose process (read: gutted) please realize that nothing is wrong… in fact everything is exactly right.  What we have been going thru is the stage that the PHC call “dying while alive”… a finishing off of all that which is not in accordance with our highest good, our full potential, our heart-felt passions, so that we can align much more fully and completely with our new level purpose.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14 : An Incredible X-Class in Mercury Retro - Fasten Your Seat Belts ! - James Tyberonn

Optimal Management & Utilization of Solar Flare Energy
 July 14 : An Incredible X-Class in Mercury Retro - Fasten Your Seat Belts !
This X-Class Solar Flare hits the Earth as Mercury goes Retrograde
... Just as happened in March... 
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Magnetic Effect of Solar Flares - Coronal Mass Ejections

The solar gas from CME's has its own magnetic field, and as it streams past our planet, it stirs up massive turbulence in Earth's magnetic field. If this field points in the opposite direction as Earth's, the two can link up, or reconnect-releasing magnetic energy that accelerates particles and thereby creates bright auroras and powerful electric currents. It also can be problematic to electronics, air flights, satellites. and the Human Aura. The CME's are mega-energy amplifiers, and also can be used wisely for benevolent purpose. Scroll down to learn more...

 X-Class Solar Flare Today !
Hitting Earth on Saturday July 14 

...In the Energy of the Mercury Retro

Fasten Your Seat Belt & Use this Energy Wisely ! CME activity is expected to continue increase and peak in early 2013. More are coming ! This energy feels like a full moon X100, and can create anxiety, untoward emotional spikes, mood swings & depression if it is not managed. It can be optimally managed....and in fact is an incredibly potent & charged energy for manifestation if used wisely, and the Auric Field is kept intact.

  12-12-12  Attendance Rate Changes in 2 - Days !
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2012-2013 : Solar Flare - Solar Maximum

Simulation of the interaction between Earth's ...
Image via Wikipedia
The Earth's magnetic field is powerfully effected by CME's are WE !

July 12, 2012: An X-1.4 class flare erupted from the center of the sun, peaking at 12:52 PM EDT. It erupted from Active Region 1520 and will bombard the Earth on July 14.

Fox News : The sun unleashed a huge flare yesterday, (July 12), the second major solar storm to erupt from the sun in less than a week.

The solar flare peaked at 12:52 p.m. EDT (1652 GMT) as an X-class sun storm, the most powerful type of flare the sun can have.

According to NASA and the Space Weather Prediction Center (SPWC), which is operated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, today's sun storm registered as an X1.4-class solar flare. It is more powerful than the X1.1 flare that erupted on July 6, making this latest tempest the strongest solar storm of the summer so far.

Because the solar flare erupted toward Earth, it is expected to send an enormous  wave of charged particles toward the earth  that could supercharge northern lights displays, and may cxreate radio blackouts.

X-class solar flares are the strongest type of storms that occur on the sun. When aimed at Earth, the most powerful X-class flares can endanger satellites, airplane communication, astronauts in space, interfere with navigation and communications signals, and damage power system infrastructure on our planet.

  Yesterdays  solar flare marks the sixth X-class solar flare of 2012. While it is the strongest yet of the summer season, which began in late June, it is not the most powerful solar flare (CME)  of 2012. That title is currently held by the March 2012 event that unleashed an intense X5.4-class solar flare.

The sun is currently in the midst of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle. The current cycle is called Solar Cycle 24 and is expected to peak in 2013.

2nd Solar Flare in July - Space Weather News

For those who are feeling the energetic shifts...

Space Weather News for July 12, 2012

EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE: Big sunspot AR1520 erupted on July 12th around 16:53 UT, producing an X-class solar flare and hurling a CME directly toward Earth.  Forecasters expect the cloud to arrive on July 14th.  Its impact could spark moderate to severe geomagnetic storms, allowing auroras to be seen at lower latitudes than usual.  Check for more information and updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are underway? Aurora alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of

New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at .

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Germany - Diana Cooper

All dark areas on the planet must be cleansed by 2032 and as there is still energy from the wars held in the land here, unexpected weather conditions will occur, which will cause the old to be transmuted.  All the guilt from that time will finally clear at the cosmic moment on 21.12.12 and this will fully return their self worth.  Then this country can take its place to spearhead the move to enlightenment and ascension.

Germany handled the merging of East and West Germany in a fifth-dimensional way.  Because of this the country has earned the role of Keeper of the Fifth-Dimensional Light for the planet and is working in alignment with Archangel Sandalphon.

Thousands of mature and wise souls have chosen to incarnate here since the Second World War, both to help mitigate old karma and to hold this higher light for the landmass of Europe.

Many scientists and technologists in Germany are working with Hilarion, Master of the Fifth Ray of Technology and Science to bring forward spiritual technology for the New Golden Age.  Germany will lead the world in cellular light healing technology and freely offer it to the world. It will transform people everywhere. Through this healing work, this country will be offered divine grace.  In addition, this focus on healing will bring peace into the collective heart of Germany, so that the land and everyone in it will rise quickly into the fifth dimension, making the twenty-year transition period easier here than in many places.

There is much cosmic wisdom held by the trees in the Black Forest, and this will anchor and maintain higher energy in Germany during the changes. Many fifth-dimensional communities will form here, and after 2032 new Golden Cities will arise in this country.

If you would like to know more about the forecasts for your country see The Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032. 

For more information see The Transition to the new Golden Age in 2032

Greece - Diana Cooper

Greece is in the news every day as their old economic paradigm of corruption, bad management, greed etc is breaking down so that the new can come in.  The harder the people hold onto the old, the more painful the transition will be for them.

If enough Greeks raise their spiritual frequency and start working in co-operation, supporting and helping each other, connecting with nature and expanding their abundance consciousness, their transition will be much easier.

Greece is very special for this is where the High Priest Poseidon of Atlantis with the help of the Goddess Athena constructed a cosmic pyramid at the fall of Atlantis.  The entire construction was totally devastated by an earthquake many centuries ago and the Parthenon has been built on the site.  Nevertheless, the energy remains, as does its connection with the constellation of the Pleiades.

Currently the dormant kundalini within the cosmic pyramid is waking up and this is profoundly affecting what is happening in Greece.  The pyramid contains much ancient wisdom and a great knowledge of medicine and healing, much of which was received through their connection with the Pleiades, the healing planet. As it wakes up the Greeks will start to remember their ancient inheritance. Eventually, this country will be amongst those who lead the world in natural forms of health and healing.  They will teach people everywhere how to make whole the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies of people and animals through divine resonance. This will be achieved through herbs, music, crystals and other methods.

Whether the Greeks resist the transition and make life difficult or they embrace the next twenty years with grace, a great Golden City will arise here after 2032.

For more information see The Transition to the new Golden Age in 2032

Planet Alert July 2012

Are you prepared for lots of changes in your life and in the world?  In this article I am focusing on what the planets are doing because they are producing very intense energy. We do create our own reality and it is nice to stay in the energy of love and light, although sometimes it gets a little chaotic out there. If we stay peaceful we can watch the play in observer mode instead of being caught in the drama of it all.

There will be more drama played out for the rest of this year. The more intense the energy gets the more drama occurs. The Earth and our solar system has been moving through a very highly charged space since 1998. When our Sun lines up with the Galactic Center in December we will feel very highly charged energy. This also happened at this past Summer Solstice when the Earth lined up with the Galactic Center, and all you have to do is listen to the news to see what was created from that line-up. When the planets are in an aspect to each other, like a 90 degree angle, a Torsion Field is created. A Torsion Field can create waves, currents, and vortices. This is caused by a spinning field that is created when two planets aspect each other. This energy can be measured on Earth and also causes chaos here. If caught in one of the vortices you may find yourself losing time or some kind of unusual event.

I listened to Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast last week. He explains how Astrology works and calls it Hyper-Dimensional  Astrology. It was a very interesting program. His site is  He has technology that can measure energy from the planets. He measured the energy from this past solstice and the energy went crazy. He also measured the energy from the eclipse on May 20, 2012. He has a graph on his web site that shows the chaotic energy those events created.

Monday, July 02, 2012

COCREATING DIVINE GOVERNMENT - JULY 4, 2012 - Patricia Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

July 4, 2012, is Independence Day in the United States of America. On that special day, Americans will celebrate all of the things that our Founding Fathers intended for this country: freedom, liberty, equality, prosperity, the ability to worship as we choose, and the pursuit of happiness. We will celebrate the fact that our Founding Fathers arranged for this to be a country of laws that would honor the rights of every person and perpetuate the highest good for all concerned. These noble men decreed that America would be a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, a government that would ultimately enhance life for every person abiding in this wonderful land.

Needless to say, as a government and as a people we have often fallen far from those lofty goals, but that does not change the fact that these are the archetypes on which this country was founded, or that you and I are cocreating our reality day by day through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

So let's take advantage of the opportunity being presented on July 4, 2012. As millions of Americans focus on everything our Founding Fathers intended for us to experience, let's join together and expand the collective cup of our consciousness to envelop all of the governments of the world. Let's invoke the Company of Heaven to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. Together we will heal Humanity's past abuse of power and we will pave the way for a higher order of Divine Government. A government OF Humanity's I AM Presence, BY Humanity's I AM Presence, FOR Humanity's I AM Presence.

Remember, as we invoke the Light of God for this activity of Light our unified efforts are being amplified a thousand times a thousandfold by the Company of Heaven.

These invocations are stated in the first person so we will each experience them personally, but we are simultaneously invoking this Light on behalf of every government and every person on Earth.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for July, 2012 - Children of Light

This month will take the 2nd gateway into the 3rd chakra, mental body and center of identity and power. This is where you have controlled most fully, fighting for the identity of the lower ego. 

As you move these energies into connection, you will move into a deeper TRUTH of being and the higher will. This will give you a deeper sense of personal truth, as well as honoring the truth of others. 

There will be an excitement for acting on your personal truth... into a time of discovering the will of the Soul. Engaged in a passion for life directing itself from the knowing and connection of truth. 

You will begin to develop a mutual harmonic that you cannot deceive or be deceived in the same way any longer. There will be much disillusionment of the old attachments of the mental body held in survival. 

Some will oppose with more extreme beliefs. You will see it in groups as well. Those on the higher level will move into a greater commitment of wills in understanding and consideration of the truth of all. 

The government of the minority will shift more fully into the government for the majority. Mutual integrity and regard. These things will just BEGIN at this time, initiated and colored by each person's choices. 

This will begin to take you into the deeper fulfillment of intention into the preparation for deeper PURPOSE. 

You will tend to evaluate how you have used your will, your choices and the direction of your talents and abilities. You will begin to formulate intentions at this time toward more meaning and value, within the connections and planetary love that is seeding itself. 


Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe: LM-07-2012

Beloved masters, it is vitally important that you understand the different phases you are in the midst of, and also some of what you will most likely experience in the future as you traverse these critical times of evolutionary transformation. It is time for you to take inventory of your “spiritual agenda” as you evolve beyond the practices of a beginner in the “awakening process” and accept your role as a full-fledged disciple on the Path. Many Divine dispensations are being granted, and you, the aspiring Bearers of Light, have more assistance available to you than ever before. In the past, we have explained that it is time to combine the “emotional nature of Spirit” with the “intellect of Spirit.” Your Emotional Body and your Mental Body must advance in knowledge and expand in consciousness as you strive to reunite, balance and harmonize your physical, emotional and mental bodies with the integration of the many facets of your OverSoul Selves. We will review some of the wisdom teachings of the past, and in future monthly messages we will relay more of the advanced teachings we have given our beloved messenger.



Pure Light substance contains cosmic intelligence, which is refracted into the multiple Rays of Creator Consciousness. All creation is the Supreme Creator allowing itself to be expressed in unlimited variations of form. Each of you is one of those variations. You must learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul.

The Soul, the physical vessel and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul’s desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing via the senses. Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which makes way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification via pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to you, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something. Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation.