Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Transformation of Self-limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs‏ - Tom Kenyon

The Transformation of Self-limiting
Thought Forms and Beliefs
A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

Due to the Solstice/Galactic Alignment that took place on Dec. 21st 2012, you are now experiencing an increased influx of catalytic evolutionary energies. This state of affairs is potentially elevating as well as disruptive due to the increased polarization of humanity.

We shall focus our comments on the elevating aspect of these new energies.

As a result of the increase in spiritual light that is entering your solar system, your higher dimensional aspects are, in many ways, now more accessible.

In truth, these dimensions have always been accessible to you for they are a part of your nature, but with the passing of the galactic alignment some of the veils have been and will continue to be, lifted.

Your experience of this will differ from others, based upon your ability to sense subtle energies. But the shift has occurred, and it will affect the course of human history at its roots.

How this will be played out in your collective timeline is yet to be seen. What we wish to address here are methods and approaches you can use to positively affect your timeline and your personal evolution through the transformation of self-limiting thought forms and beliefs.

Philosophical Considerations

From our perspective you have been encumbered by many of your religious and spiritual philosophies. While these considerations may seem abstract, in point of fact, these thought forms affect perception, and by their very nature they limit your experience in the worlds of matter.

Many, but not all of your religious and spiritual traditions, look askance at the world of matter. They say that heaven, paradise or some such version of perfected existence, lies outside of your experience as an embodied human being.

Indeed, some of them consider your physicality to be an error or a “sin,” and you are tainted by the mere fact that you have a body. While you may have distanced yourself intellectually from such beliefs, these thought forms move through the underworld of your culture. They affect how the bulk of humanity views itself.

If you consciously or unconsciously accept this thought form then you are bound by it, and there will be a tension between your transcendent aspects (i.e., your multidimensionality) and your embodied existence. This is an unfortunate situation from our perspective.

We view consciousness as one continuum, from the highest vibratory levels where non-duality is the reigning principal, down through the realms of light into the realms of matter. There are vibratory boundaries, for sure, but the worlds of matter are just as “sacred” as the highest realms of light and pure consciousness.

When you attain this realization you will have access to all dimensions of your being, which will increase your spiritual courage, capacity for deep insight, and creativity, as well as your healing/self-healing abilities.

We wish to suggest a method for jumping into this reality—to experience it directly. Using this method on a regular basis will accelerate the transition from a limited sense of being into your larger multidimensional Self.

Some of you will be able to make this transition quickly. Others will require more time. How long it will take depends upon how infested you are with limiting thought forms.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smile Your Way Home - February 2013 - Steve Rother

Harmonizing the Fabric of Time

~ Re-minders from Home ~ 

From Steve:
This was by far "our" best attempt at explaining the two important points that the Keeper of Time wants us to know about our new relationship to time.  Each time he says it a bit differently, but this time it flowed evenly and smoothly. He is now beginning to give me deeper information about the new time that will be surfacing soon in the Direct Light series. Elrah stepped in at an uncharacteristic second position as it was important for him to “have your hearts at the end.” as he puts it. Elrah seems to be adjusting to this close human contact quite well. In fact he is looking forward to telling everyone his own secrets in the next Direct Light when he reveals “The Truth about Rhythm.” In this message, he speaks of the importance of what I have learned to first tolerate, and then love.  That is Elrah’s smile. At times he does it so fast that I feel like my face is going to crack and fall off. Then, as I am sitting with this silly grin on my face in front of live cameras, he even has the audacity to show me that no one is smiling back at me.  Hum..  Just when I think he is doing it to embarrass me, he makes a noise or says something short, usually only a few words, not always making sense. That is how he changes the rhythm in that situation and in that instant everyone smiles back.

He wanted to have the last position this time so that he could send you off with his rhythm of the heart. If you have a strong rhythm for the month, you’ll enjoy each moment in the moment. Elrah represents the strong connection that we have with each other.  You know, the one that we have all pretended was not there so we could play the game of pretending to be a human. Now the game is changing and it’s time to re-member that connection.

With that in mind, I’m OK with sitting on the stage looking foolish.  If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been doing it for many years now. You think I would get used to it, or at least good at it by now.  
If there is a chance that he can activate a single spirit from Home by me holding this silly grin, then I’m up for it. Turns out Elrah says that I’m just re-membering how to smile my way home.
Have a great month and keep the rhythm!
Big hugs and gentle nudges

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 to 5D: victim to victor - Lauren C. Gorgo

If January was a bear, then February served up the anti-christ.
And even tho I am definitely-maybe joking, there is ironically some truth behind that statement in the sense that for the last 15 days or so we have been pushed, pulled, dragged, and all but beaten into surrendering to our higher power, to the christ within us…even tho it may have looked and felt like we were just going to die.  This is/was showing up as any and all areas of our lives that we are still playing victim to…those places within us where we have not completely claimed our creative power.  In retrospect, I think that “great expansion period” that the Pleiadian High Council was  referring to in the last report was not at all the kind of expansion I was hoping for….it happened, but with a brick in thy face.

For me personally, the clarity of what was actually taking place didn’t of course come until after the torture, but the awareness started bubbling up all around me after posting a blog article 3 days ago called “Letting Off Steam…“.  That blog post, which at first I thought was just a spontaneous, self-indulgent, public display of apathy and disgust with the ascension path (read:myself), turned out to be a beautiful reflection of our collective projections in the sense that it really helped to dig up, expose, acknowledge, move thru & release…in that order…huge chunks of our powerlessness.  Seeing my own words and then the responses from all the beautiful people in the TWYH community really kicked up a huge amount of clarity (at least for me) on the ways in which we (the royal we) need to claim our full power as creators of our universe.
(Random side note: Mark Twain once said… “Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial (royal) ‘we’.” How hilarious is that?)

Speaking of projections…every time I think I might be even remotely insightful, Stephanie Azaria trumps my thinking with some water clear comment that blows the doors off of my logic and opens me to a new world, a new paradigm of thought.  She said once in a weather report something to the effect of “in 3D, our outside world is a projection…in 5D, a reflection.  Brilliant, right?  Of course it is..because in 3D we create our world thru the filters of our unconscious aspects…projecting our unclaimed (shadow) aspects on our outer environment (people, places, things) so that we can SEE ourselves clearly/illuminate any darkness.  In 5D, where we are “lit” from within and cast no shadows…our world becomes a reflection of where, when and how we are (consciously) expressing our energy in the world.  In other words, in 5D we know and therefore can see ourselves in everything, in every-One, which gives us the absolute responsibility of taking responsibility for it all. Victim to Victor.

Invite Source’s Will Into Your Reality - Jennifer Hoffman

Throughout many eons of time and within many lifetimes the nature of Source has been misrepresented to being greater than humanity so that Source is in control or in charge of what happens within the third dimension. This misuse of the true nature of the Source/human partnership has allowed all of humanity to greatly underestimate its power and the nature and purpose of its journey on earth. So the phrase ‘Thy Will Be Done” is also misused and is actually a prayer of reconnection and not an acknowledgement of human frailty, weakness, powerlessness or servitude in the face of the Divine.

There are two aspects of will available in each choice. The will of ego and the Will of the divine or Source, and they are both part of you. When you choose from the ego you engage the will; when you choose from your divinity you activate the Will of your divine partnership with Source. This is not asking permission of Source to make a choice, it is inviting Source to participate in the choice so you are acting from the highest possible frequency, limitless knowledge, and greatest potential. You do not need permission from Source in any aspect of your lives because each of you is here as a spark of divine light and on a mission of healing, ascension, and evolution. You are an emissary of the light whose purpose is to bring light to the world so it can know itself as divine and express its divine Will.

‘Thy Will be done’ is your way of confirming to Source that have opened your heart and mind so Source can enter your experience and share a higher energy, perspective and level of knowing with you. With this phrase you are, in fact, creating a space for heaven on earth.

“Thy Will’ does not mean that God is an extra party to the situation, that you step aside and allow God to function without your participation. This would make you a servant, one who has no choice or power and must respond according to a divine directive. This violates the law of free will. You cannot be both servant and master in your life, following commands while leading the ascension and evolution of your heart, with humanity, the earth and the Universe.  It also does not mean that you set aside your power to allow Source to take over. ‘Thy will be done’ acknowledges that you are willing to allow your God light to be shine in your material reality in that instant. You open your heart to allow the Divine to share the experience with you and instead of you as creator through your ego’s will, you are choosing to experience this moment with Source as co-creators and divine Will.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post SHIFT: Winter 2013 - Denise Le Fay

As many of you know, when I go quiet as I have over these past few weeks, it’s because I’m deep in another important Ascension related transition and I won’t write much until I have lived/embodied enough of it myself and started to get a decent conscious understanding of what’s happened and is still happening. This is just how this Process works for me; I’ve got to live and embody it physically, then review the recent events, my perceptions, issues, insights, visions, and whatever old or new physical and/or emotional aches and pains that I’ve been dealing with — then I’ll write about what I’ve discovered on my own from having lived it.

Like all of you, I’ve had to live and learn my way through the “Three Days of Darkness” – 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — and then every day and week after the blessed Expiration Date and Shift Point and deal with whatever inner/outer, personal/collective stuff that came up. And for many of us some good-size chunks of stuff has come up post 12-23-12. The post Shift ride was, for a while, pretty intense and like I said I’ve needed some time to sit and be with, feel, chew on, discern and discover for myself what happened to and for me personally during and since the “Three Days”… and even more from 1-1-13 on!

There’s been plenty of personal and collective stuff to wade through once we entered 1-1-13. Stair Steps remember? It’s still an unfolding Ascension Process of traveling those incremental energy Stair Steps in physicality. (I’m writing that word in bold to get a specific point across.) The Expiration Date (12-21-12) was reached and the old Evolutionary Cycle with all its energetic blueprints instantly expired and became null and void. Believe it or not, perceive it or not, THE SHIFT happened across the cosmic board on 12-21-12.

A few days later (1-2-13) we had a major physical display of the “Fermi Bubbles” (discovered physically in 2010) suddenly bursting to show humanity (and who knows who else) that physical changes within the physical realm were indeed happening and NEW energies/blueprints were gushing out from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) black holes for important reasons both energetically and physically. I know however that even the Milky Way GC physically spewing out massive, never-before-seen energies a few physical days after the 12-21-12 Shift won’t mean a damned thing to the mind-controlled population on Earth. Stair Steps… and we simply keep moving forward just as we always have. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Planet Alert February 2013 - Mahala

January was very challenging for many people. What a month that was with all the flu and colds that were going around and more stuff from the past coming up to be looked at and released. We were moving through the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. This means there was the interchange between those two planets. Saturn rules karma and old stuff, and Pluto rules transformation. The energy felt very heavy last month, at least to me.

Now the sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. This is the planet of change, and Uranus is in the sign of Aries which means this month will bring us some kind of new beginning. We are getting closer to the Spring Equinox in March. This is when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries and we will start the astrological New Year. I am really looking forward to spring. I can hardly wait until the flowers start blooming.

I think many of us were looking forward to being in a new energy after December 21, 2012, and thinking everything would be alright from now on.  The new energy is here, although we need to adjust to it so we can create what we choose to experience.  We are in the time when what we think manifests almost instantly. This means to really pay attention to what you think, and focus on “Thinking with your heart”.

There was a Super Nova in February of 1987. After that we had the Harmonic Convergence which pushed us into a new time-line. This year the Bubbles at the center of our galaxy erupted, and it is like a huge fountain ejecting all kinds of magnetic energy into our galaxy. Magnetic energy is blue. Could this be what the Hopi talk about as the blue star dancing in the heavens? This event was stronger than thousands of Super Nova, and was announced on January 2, 2013 when the Sun was at the closest point to Earth. What will this cause on Earth?  The saying is “As above-So below” because we are all one.  We are already feeling this new energy.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Transference Completion: the final breath - Lauren C. Gorgo

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From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the next several weeks and leading into the equinox are set primarily for our emergence…the emergence of our physical self into our physical world.  They are saying quite plainly that even tho we are still between worlds, at the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning, that the equinox period finalizes the completion so we can start to immerse ourselves fully in our new beginnings. They are calling this a time to say goodbye to much of what we’ve known upon the earth plane.

So if I am getting this right, the transference process is the finalization of our journey to 5D, the pinnacle, the switch from mortal to immortal template, the release from the 3D (false) grid and the full reconnection to our divinity ,and apparently the unwinding process (the unwinding or reversal of 3D human genetics) leads to this transference completion for the first group on or around the equinox.
The unwinding program that we have been referring to is quite an extensive, comprehensive program, yet it is very natural to your 5th dimensional biology…as natural as breathing.  What we want for you to understand is that because of this biological process there is coming a breakthrough of unparallelled proportion, and this will have ramifications in every area of your life.  -PHC 

I am also hearing that in the coming days we will be brought through a period of respite that will be responsible for bringing us out of density and into divinity…that there will be a time period where we will continue to oscillate between 3 and 5D consciousness, and then we will emerge into 5D in totality.

So even tho we will be both in 3D and 5D simultaneously, I’m told that our consciousness will not waver from the 5D perspective after the transference is complete. Which means that we will not be psychotically brought back and forth into the depths and heights of polarity any longer, and that our stabilization on the new grid will supersede all other reality programs…that we will level off into one focus, one reality program, that of unity/christed consciousness.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The New Earth Energy in January 2013 - Celia Fenn


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, so your Earth has successfully navigated the 2012 Stargate and become a Multi-Dimensional Star/Planetary Being! You have Reconnected with the Sun/Solaris and with the Galactic Center, and with your Cosmic Light Body! This is indeed a Great Achievement!

But, many will say it seems as though nothing has changed! Many were expecting chaos, disaster, traumatic shifts or miracles in December 2012. But, as We have said for many years, the process of Ending and Beginning was just that....a Process.....that culminated on the 21st December 2012. And the purpose of that Process was that the Shift should be as Graceful and as Trauma-free as possible. It was something to celebrate rather than something to fear. It was not a time of judgment, but a time of Renewal and Rebirthing.

So, now that the Processes is complete and you have entered this Multi-Dimensional Space, you may ask "What Now?". Maybe you are just a little disappointed because things seem so much the "same" and all your problems have not been miraculously solved in an instant. But, Beloved Ones, the purpose of the Shift was alwaysd to allow you to perceive your world and your Reality in a different way.

We know that you have understood that you "create your own reality", but we wish you to comprehend fully what this means for you at this time. You were born into an Earth Reality that focussed only on the Third Dimension of Consciousness. It was limited by this and your lives were limited by what was possible in this Dimension. As a result, you created a culture based on limitation, on lack and fear. You allowed your fears to control and dominate your lives and you imprisoned yourselves in mental conflicts and systems, and you imagined that you could not escape.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for February 2013

This will be a month to look at the emotional attachments that you have had in the physical. This activation will bring the breakdown of the second energy center, where it is not in truth and authenticity and real connection.

Where there is connection of the soul connection, there is exhange and true relating. Where there is the old emotional attachment, you project expectations of the agendas to provide a feeling or to distract you from the feelings you want to avoid.

The challenge is that nothing actually makes you feel any particular feeling. That is all up to you and the relationship you choose to have to things, people and situations. It has been conditioned and has been on auto-pilot, but it is not the deeper truth.

In reality, nothing makes you feel any particular thing. However, if you get empowered enough to choose to create opportunities to explore and express certain experiences and feelings, you will become more empowered to create and resonate with just that.

February will be about finding more ways that you have sought meaning in life through your attachments... and the breakdown of this myth. You have operated from the "desire elemental" of the ego defense. You desire to get a "hit" or to avoid wounded feelings through your desire. But this is a child's narcissism, operating through this attachment and desire to "fill the emptiness."

This emptiness only comes from a lack of inner connection to Self and knowing HOW to fill your experiences from that inner connection. This is what will give you true meaning in your life. And these tools and approaches must be learned. We encourage you to seek the education and teachers who can model this healthier experience of life.

If you do not, you will continue to deepen the emptiness and dissatisfaction of these four months of breakdown of what does not work in the deeper soul reality.

Different groups will beacting out their resistance in greater ways, as well as individuals, if you continue to seek that outer gratification.


Saturday, February 02, 2013





             Beloved masters, we have explained in the past but will refresh your memory about what is taking place as you traverse the many levels and sub-levels of consciousness. As you clear the distortions within your auric field, there is also an internal process taking place. Your entire physical structure is undergoing complex changes which are triggered by the higher frequency patterns you are integrating from the Creator Source via the great Cities of Light. Your DNA, your chakra centers and your Sacred Heart/Mind contain your Divine Blueprint. As you integrate more and more Adamantine Particles of Creator consciousness, all the distortions/imperfections that you have created because of the negative concepts you have accepted as your truth are slowly being rectified. Many of these distorted concepts are being filtered into your conscious awareness to be healed or eliminated; and we understand that this can be an uncomfortable, disconcerting process as you delve more deeply into the wisdom of the cosmos.  While doing so, it is of vital importance that you maintain a state of mindful awareness and patience. Humanity is emerging from a state of amnesia or what could be called a limited awareness of Self and of the complex vastness of Creation.  

       You are becoming very proficient at analyzing new concepts and the plethora of information that is now available via the empowering gift of discernment. Now that you are more attuned to your OverSoul-Higher Self and the small voice within, you are gaining the ability to quickly ascertain if a concept is in alignment with your inner truth . If it is not, it behooves you to discard it without malice or judgment, or if you are not sure, put it aside and ask your Higher Self to validate it for you in some unmistakable way. We are aware that you are being bombarded with many new concepts, some of which are stretching the limits of your conceptual understanding. Please be aware, beloveds, that what you are experiencing is all part of the reunification and ascension process that you are in the midst of, which will accelerate as time passes.  No matter where you are on the Path of ascension, be at peace with your level of understanding, and be patient with yourself.  It is the ego that whispers to you, "You are not good enough. You are way behind those around you.  You are not worthy. You will never be able to learn, understand and perfect all the spiritual terms, techniques and meditations!" On and on. STOP, when this happens, and gently bring your mind back to center with a few chosen affirmations.