Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 WILL BE A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER - Patricia Cota-Robles

2014 was birthed onto the screen of Life in an explosion of Light. This Light was infused with higher frequencies of Divine Love from the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God than Humanity has ever been able to bear. The reason the Earthly Bodies of Humanity can now withstand this much higher, more rarefied, and infinitely more powerful Light, is because of the God Victorious success of the myriad activities of Light that were accomplished in 2013 through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth.

2013 was the first year of the New Earth. For much of the time Humanity was walking with our feet in both worlds. We were receiving the incredible blessings from the 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection on the New Earth, but at the same time we were experiencing the unfinished residue of our human miscreations that were surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light from the old Earth. 

As a result of that phenomenon, depending on where we held the focus of our attention in 2013, we frequently experienced the full spectrum of both worlds. Our thoughts and feelings reflected everything from the elation and gratitude of truly comprehending the Oneness of ALL Life, to the heart breaking extremes of separation and duality which provoked feelings of fear and total defeat. In spite of that confusing roller coaster of emotions, in 2013 Humanity moved forward in the Light by leaps and bounds.

The most significant thing that occurred for every person on the planet during the first year of the New Earth is that we individually and collectively reached the energy, vibration, and consciousness that allowed our I AM Presence to activate our dormant pineal gland. Our pineal gland is the physical brain structure through which our I AM Presence transmits the Light of God directly into our Earthly Bodies. It is also the gland through which we reach and sustain Christ Consciousness and are able to commune once again with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven in the Realms of Illumined Truth. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014: spiritualizing the material - Lauren C. Gorgo

Happy New Year! 2013 is finally over…(exhales)…and I know I am not alone when I say that I have never been so literally “happy” for a new year.

Even tho we are opening to 2014 in a very inward, reflective way…and while still clearing out the cobwebs and misty fog that was so heavily blanketed over us last year…there is a newness in the air that is indisputable.

I was going to straight up talk about all the
horrors growth & expansion of last year…where we’ve been, what we all went thru to get here, etc., etc…but I am definitely not feeling that.  I think we can all agree that we served our time in that regard…spent plenty enuf years talking about, feeling, and sitting in our own ick.
For those interested in a recap, here’s the Readers Digest version: we dedicated a ridiculously long decade or two (in this lifetime anyway) to stretching ourselves beyond the shadow land while bearing the constant pain of transmutation…feeling the unending waves of unresolved emotion, coddling the squeamish and wounded inner-child, calming the ego’s roars, living thru the lack, scarcity & poverty, the isolation, the heartbreaks, the loss, the sickness & dis-ease, the clearing, the letting go, the letting go, the letting go, the symptoms…omgggg the symptoms…ad infinitum. The journey to arrive here was way too much to ask of us.

But thats over now….save for the symptoms. :( And even tho most of us thought this time would never actually avail itself, our personal hell is finally fading into the background as heaven begins its descent upon our shores.  Because of our newly budding emergence, focusing on managing our suffering is becoming too uninteresting to talk about, which is a really good sign that our inner-odiousness is mostly behind us. (cue shoe drop)

Those at the forefront of new humanity are preparing to embark upon a brand new journey into a brand new future…one that is currently unknown to us, yet the outcome has been written in the stars, in our DNA, in our new spiritual-human blueprints. So many of us are approaching our full-circle-point which is not only our simultaneous ending/beginning moment but it is also becoming so apparent that the past is feeling less and less like the present.

A Time of Stillness ~ The Beacons of Light, January 19, 2014‏ - Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

A Change in the Sun’s Polarity

I am eM and I am here because you have changed this planet. You have already shifted every single part of it and now you are starting to acclimate into a new world. This is not easy to do which is why we want to tell you what lies ahead, because that is the beautiful part about what you are in the midst of right now. The Keeper has been talking about this change in your sun’s polarity, but the sun is not the only thing that changes polarity. Planet Earth has already changed several times as well. Why would something ever change polarity? Well, there is a simple reason, dear ones, for all of this is about balance.

The field of polarity or duality, in which you have been working in this third dimension of yours, has separated everything out and what you have been dealing with are your perceptions. You create the moment you open your eyes. Now there are even more possibilities happening in brand new ways, and this is what we wish to share with you today because it has begun. You see, the first year of this transition has been all about acclimation; it has been about learning to understand the new power. Now you even have the work of the cosmos behind you. This change of polarity of the sun is sending out a huge magnetic field. No, it is not strong, it is huge. It covers the cosmos with what you call a weak—and we call a subtle—energy field which permeates everything. Well, that is how we control everything. We actually use the collective we because you are a part of that as well. We control the universe through these subtle magnetic fields. This is what you have used when you have done your long distance healing,   when you send good thoughts to or pray for people. You have sent out those magnetic waves so that others could walk into them and experience the energy.

March 2014

As the sun starts to change, the polarity movement of the plate itself is slowing down; parts of that have been in motion are catching up with it. This is starting new crinkles for soon a part will go ahead, then fall back, go ahead again, and finally it will find its new balance in the opposite direction. Instead of turning one way, it will be turning the other and that change is an opportunity for all of you over the next four months. In other words, it is starting right away. Your sciences do not believe it will start in another three or four weeks and we tell you it has already begun. You will feel it in your body emotionally, but it will not finally acclimate until late March. March of 2014 will be an acclimation time for this new energy, and as that happens you will be learning to live in a new world. Yes, it will feel strange just as moving from a past world into this new world has. But this time you will feel more surety, you will feel a confidence in your heart and that is the beauty of what is taking place. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Message for the New Year - Antera

From Archangel Metatron:
[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 12/29/13.]

I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light! I graciously bring forth Divine Light from the Source of this universe, and turn my attention to this beautiful planet and all of the life forms on it. As I greet you, I bring to each participant of this planet, each human being who agreed to be present and experience this momentous time, the highest and most beautiful flows from the Creator!

You who are on the planet now knew, absolutely, that this would be a very challenging time to be alive and in the physical! And this has indeed come to pass, so there are no surprises! The only surprise that we see, is that this transition time has been extremely smooth! Compared to what could have happened, compared to the upheavals and other disastrous forms of change that could have happened, we are seeing a smooth transition, for the planet and all inhabitants!

This year has been one of adjustment. 2013 has been the year after the huge influx of energies, the year of adjusting the planet's energy in all regards, all dimensions. And the year that all lightworkers needed to make adjustments in their lives to accommodate this flow.

2014 promises to be the second year of adjustment, and by the end of 2014 we have the hope that adjustments will have been made, and the new world, as you have envisioned it, will be much closer to fulfillment. Within each of your lives, as lightworkers, you have had to "clear the slate," so to speak. You have needed to make some changes to release the old, to handle areas of your lives that were not aligned with the new way of living on the planet, and this has caused some disturbance for many. 

Fukushima : The global choice for the embodiment of Freedom - Nanco Immanuel

On March 11, 2011 three of the 6 nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, broke down. After a powerful tsunami the nuclear power plant got hit.
After Hiroshima in 1945, Japan has become once more the basic foundation of a nuclear disaster. To understand this multidimensional occurrence in a better way, we need to feel and understand which aspect Japan represents within ourselves.

Japan symbolizes our inner feminine energy field, which is reconnected to source again. When our Source connection is felt again, and becomes part of our daily reality, a strong foundation can be set in which we offer the 4th dimension, the dimension of the heart, a body. Blueprint technically, Japan ensures we can align our physical body and our free choices with the creation of a legitimate, new, 4th dimension, where dreams are realized through our pure connection to Source.

Creating dimensions from the humane, and creating dimensions from a non-physical form, works in a totally different way. We, as humans, have a unique ability to bring everything to life, as we introduce the Goddess everywhere through our bodies. This is a path of ascension. A dimension created from the entire experience of everything, including the Goddess, is also called a dimension of consciousness. When we create the 4th dimension, and thereby consciously enter it, we are entering an eternal, divine stream that contains the NOW moment. It is a deep realization of the NOW, where your attention is entirely focused on the requirements of the moment. In this eternal flow, we are who we are, living our divine blueprint, which is total bliss. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014




            Beloved masters, you are presently in the midst of becoming your genuine, authentic Self through the process of ascension, which involves ever-expanding cycles of Soul growth. Your OverSoul-Higher Self is ever urging you onward and upward into the Light of more complex and powerful fields of consciousness. The quality of your life's experience is determined by the frequencies of your thoughts moment-by-moment. The more energy you put into a thought, along with the repetition, determines how quickly a thought pattern will manifest, and how it will affect you in your present reality. Your thought forms radiate outward in an Infinity pattern where they join with compatible energetic fields of consciousness-a specific level of mass consciousness energy within the sub-dimensional hologram of life in which you presently exist. The frequencies of fear and negativity are very powerful in the third/fourth-dimensional stream of mass consciousness. Whatever negative emotions are the strongest in any situation will constantly be presented to you in different ways until you transmute the discordant energy into higher vibrational Light patterns.

            As more and more of your old reality fades away and you move deeper into uncharted territory, you must learn to trust and have faith that the future is unfolding perfectly no matter how chaotic and disruptive it may seem at times. First, you must learn to trust yourself and this can be the most difficult step, for you have been taught that others are wiser than you, and they know what is best for you. This may have been true when you were a child; however, you are now adults with a golden opportunity before you, for the wisdom of the higher universal truths is now available to all humanity.  We of the higher realms are here in great force to assist you to attain Self-Mastery and to reclaim your rightful state as a Spirit-infused, human Being.  


~ The Choice ~ November 2013 - Steve Rother

Choice in a Multidimensional World.
The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker VirtualLight Broadcast will be on

~Re-minders from Home~

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

Heaven Is Not Up Above the Clouds, It’s Everywhere

Today I get to tell you about something new, but before I do I want to take you Home for just a moment. I sit here, the place that you call Home. You know, humans think that heaven is up above the clouds and it is a funny thing for us because heaven is really everywhere…it is all the places that you are not…all of them, together. When you come to your Earth you are a little tiny baby, and you have to be carried, nurtured and held. Most of the time when you look up, you are looking into the loving eyes and beauty of your mother, father or the people taking care of you, so you automatically think that all beauty and nurturing comes from above. That is why you think heaven is up. Is that not interesting? So, I will bring you up here and you can sit on a cloud with me for a moment. I want to show you something, okay?

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

FUKUSHIMA MEDITATION - January 9 at 8.30 pm

Dear brothers and sisters,

Upcoming Thursday 9 January at 20:30, I keep a global meditation for Fukushima. The impact this radiation has on the world and the collective unconscious is gigantic. As many of you have read, the majority of the Pacific is seriously polluted, and this has major implications on people, animals, nature and Mother Earth. I’d very much like to go to the essence of the radiation matrix.

With awareness we can all transform a piece of ourselves / outside ourselves. Thursday is January 9th and Spirit has asked me to energetically place the eternal 9D vibration of each cosmic ray into the nuclear reactor in Fukushima. All this is done through Spirit. In this way, it is possible to adjust the new frequencies of the center of our Galaxy (Galactic Center) to the negative radiation and the vortex present in the field of Japan.

Entering the Spirit of Fukushima will take approximately 30 minutes and from there 12 x 12 = 144 crystals will be placed on a 9D level into the Nuclear reactors and the world. The whales, dolphins, nature spirits and masters are going to help us tremendously to also adjust the frequency in the Pacific ocean. The point is, that together with all outflowing energies of Fukushima, a conductive Source-frequency will flow along with it, so the vortex will be partly neutralized.

Who wants to travel along and send light and love to one of the greatest destructive forces on Earth ever? Will everybody follow their own intuition and place crystals, orbs and rays into the Fukushima field? Please feel them deep inside. The field has to live in order to activate life in Japan and the polluted areas. The meditation lasts from 20:30 to 21:30 h. All help is very welcome and much needed.
If it feels good to you, please, the more people, the better. Please share it on Facebook, if it feels good.
Let's give the field a huge loving boost. We will also tune in to the parts of our own light body that have the ability to provide immunity for these frequencies. It is an empowerment of our multidimensional cell structure .

Any way, thank you . And again, all help is HUGELY WELCOME AND VERY NEEDED.

In love, light and gratitude..

Namaste, Nanco Immanuel

Translation: Ulla Mertens

Thursday, January 02, 2014

~ Celebrate Me Home ~ The Customs of Home - Steve Rother

Greetings I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

It does not take me that long to come in because I am here all the time. Once in a while he will step aside a little bit and I will sneak in whenever I can.  Greetings everybody. I am Elrah and you are not.

Love and Laughter Attract the Attention of Home

We are going to share about a special vibration on planet Earth—but it is not just planet Earth. It is all over the vibrations because there is a very unique part. You know, you have something on Earth you call Love and when you love somebody, it actually causes the attention from Home. Now many times you think, “My love is focused on this one person,” or “I am going to love this or that so much,” and your focus is so intense, that is all you see. When you are vibrating like that, you are sending out a vibration which is vibrant and full of color and full of life and not only do people on Earth feel it, we feel it at Home. When you celebrate here on Earth, we come alive. We start to look and see where everything is and we harmonize with you and become the highest harmonic resonance we can be, because that is how we connect with you; that is how we work with your hearts. It is easier to work with your hearts than your heads because your heads are always trying to think of something, always trying to validate yourselves and these strange human things. Well today, I am going to tell you more about it because you are starting to settle into a beautiful time of celebrations. This the end of your year and you have all your religious holidays and you have the new beginning of the next year and all of the celebrations of family coming together and all the rest of it. What you do not know is that we celebrate you at Home. When you are lighting up and vibrating as high as you can vibrate, you are either in love or you are laughing—one of the two. When you laugh it is the language of angels so we all look so we can see exactly what they are doing because that is how we communicate with each other and that is the part you do not always see.