Friday, July 29, 2011

The (re)Education of Sacred Embodiment - July 28, 2011 - Lauren C. Gorgo

"There is a beautiful unfolding in your physical world that is unraveling the part of the journey where you come to understand the depth of the work you've put see, feel, touch the reflections of your accomplishments in the material planes." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Physical reBirth

According to the perspective of the seven sisters, and as of the last three eclipses coupled with the massive heart rewiring that we all sustained, we have officially begun the process of physical alignment with our mental and emotional bodies.  This means that much of the energetic support we are receiving right now is toward the understanding and experience of living as a fully-integrated galactic/spiritual a human body.  Emphasis on the human-body part.

For the remaining days of the universal ninth wave we will be emerging in incremental stages... (re)birthing ourselves in the physical dimensions, one layer at a time, and in preparation for the externalization of our true divinity where we will be capable to finally share our selves/gifts with the outside world.  We are r-e-a-l-l-y feeling the pressure building and the ache for freedom is becoming unbearable, but we will not be able to completely e-merge until we are fully ripened galactic-humans.

The Pleiadians are emphasizing that our physical bodies are such an important part of this leg of the journey because the body is our contact point between the physical and ethereal realms...where we  harness, structure & anchor our potential into form.  In other words, 'we' are where the proverbial rubber meets the road....where spirit meets matter...where our creative passions meet the world... and it will be for our upgraded biology suits to provide each of us with the hardware needed to participate in the 5th dimensional world of our making.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Actively Spiritual or Spiritually Active? - July 25, 2011 - Jennifer Hoffman

Our choice to live actively or passively depends on how comfortable we are with ourselves, our ability to make the life and self affirming choices and our comfort level regarding change. When it comes to our spirituality, whether we are living actively or passively is reflected internally and externally. Our internal spirituality is shown by how we deal with the Universe and with ourselves as powerful, divine spiritual beings. Externally, it is how we let our light shine in the world. And we are either confident that our every activity is spiritual because everything is imbued with our 'spirit', or we try really hard to be active spiritually, continually judging whether our thoughts and actions are spiritual 'enough'.  

When we are practicing active spirituality, we move forward along an unfolding path, knowing that are needs are always met at every moment and that the Universe is working with us as our co-creative partner. The Universe always works with us, not for us and won't create more than we ask for. If we are passively spiritual, waiting for the next miracle to occur and not participating in the process, the results may be disappointing. When we are actively spiritual we let the Universe know what we want and then apply our faith and trust in the process, going through all of the doors that open for us. And if we don't get that, we look within at our thoughts, beliefs and faith and refrain from judgment ourselves as good or worthy or spiritual enough.

Since many of us have been taught that there is a judgmental God who monitors our every move and judges us as being good or worthy enough, we judge ourselves in this way. We feel we can't or should not be angry, afraid or confused, we impose a burden of spiritual perfection on ourselves that criticizes our humanity because we can't meet a more divine standard. Can we be spiritual in a material world? That is our assignment here and our spirituality is reflected in everything we do and in who we are. We evolve into new levels of our divinity in the same way our body changes as we evolve from a child into an adult.

Our spirituality is an integral part of who we are, spiritual beings who are having a human experience. We apply our spiritual principles in our dealings with everyone, knowing that each of us is a spiritual being and that we are all connected. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change that we wish to see in the world". So as we practice our spiritually, both internally and externally, we become the light that we wish to see reflected in our world. And as our light shines more brightly our vibration is raised and we share that with everyone around us. Our choice to do what is right for us, to live in integrity and to respect our truth empowers those around us. And they will notice our joy, peace and the abundance that flows to us. They will feel the light that shines from our heart space and want to share that. And by simplyremembering ourselves as spiritual we live from that spiritual space and create our own heaven on earth. 

Endings and Beginnings......the Sacred Union of Divine Light - The New Earth Energies July 2011 - Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, after the Great Shifts that were experienced in June, you are now in a process of integration and preparation. You are integrating your first half cycle in the New Reality, and preparing to enter into the first full cycle of Fifth-Dimensional Resality as you head towards 11/11/11.

In the Timeline of the New reality, you will experience the "day out of time" on the 25th of July, and then the Planetary "New Year" on the 26th of July, so this is indeed a time of Endings and Beginnings.

Beloved Ones, the "day out of time" on the 25th of July is a day to release the past and let go of all that you no longer need for the New Cycle. You need to be able to glide with Grace into the New, and so take the time to simply release all angers, wounds, and hurts that relate to the past. Make a forgiveness list and forgive and let go. But also, make as Gratitude List and be grateful for all the blessings that you have received in this last year.

On the 26th, the New Planetary year commences with the opening of the Lion's Gate portal. This event, marked in Ancient Egypt by the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, is the time when the archetypal energies of the God and Goddess, the Divine Masculine and Feminine, unite in the Sky in Sacred Union in the form of Isis (Sirius) and Ra (Sun). This Sacred Union creates Divine Balance and produces the New Codes of Evolution for the next Cycle. It is a beautiful Synbol for that moment of Cosmic Grace when the Earth receives her new Light Codes or "instructions" from the Cosmic Heart, for the Next Cycle of Time. In this case, the "instructions" also include the "Celestial Co-ordinates" for alignment with the Galactic Center or the Great Central Sun so that the Earth may begin to receive the Galactic Awakening Codes for the 2012 Gateway.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Wait - July 15, 2011 - Steve Rother & The Group

~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve:

This was an impassioned message from the group on where we are right now and that we can do about it.  Feeling stuck, get ready to move. Here they say that we can develop new energetic habits that will make this evolutionary process much easier for each of us.
Simple and powerful.
Have a great month and be present.

Big hugs


Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups oversight for clarity in this format.

Greeting from Home

This is becoming a very interesting situation on planet Earth. You are changing the planet, your lives, and the vibrational dimension in which you live. You are doing it so rapidly that even we were not prepared for this kind of movement. It is very exciting for us to watch your rapid evolution, yet many times this will lead to challenges on an individual level. You will reach a level and then seem to get stuck, as if you just cannot go any further. You can re-create the same energy that got you there, but it feels like you hit a wall and you cannot seem to go much further.

Illusion of the Path

We do not like to use the words “rules” or “laws” because the moment we try to show you a universal law, you will figure out a way to break it. We think you are so imaginative! There is absolutely nothing that cannot be changed on this planet, yet the certainty of laws or rules or guidelines that you can follow on a regular basis gives you a feeling of comfort. Let us share with you an illusion that you can start applying in your own world.

Monday, July 11, 2011

LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power - July 11, 2011 - Lauren C. Gorgo

July really came in with a bang…pun intended.  Speaking of fireworks... a heartfelt thank you for all the birthday wishes from each and every one of you and from all over the world. Every single email was a precious gift, and I lit up like birthday cake for each one.  There is so much love in this community that its hard to take it all in, in one sitting, so I read these letters for days on end...which made my special day feel like a special week. (Tho, with the compression of time, the 4th really felt like an eighth, so I  s e r i o u s l y  had to milk it.) Anyway, thank you all for being beautiful.

To Hell in a Handbasket

"You have undergone a potent combination of lunar, solar and planetary events that has completely restructured your emotional reality... events that initiated and precipitated deep stirrings within the human core.  This stirring is bringing up some deep wounds for release, both personally and collectively, and as a result, many are now opening to realize their true selves as separate from the many karmic mis-creations that previously held you bound. A congratulations is definitely in order."
 -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

One of things that the unseens have been unapologetic for since day one, is the fact that this process is worth it…no matter what we go thru, or how battle worn we are, they make it clear that it is well worth every inch of chub pain/struggle/challenge and that in the end, we will actually thank ourselves and each other for making this bold choice. Personally, I am still on the fence about that notion, but in my estimation they really do seem to understand human suffering because if they didn't, I highly doubt they would stick around thru all the contemptuous rage & cynicism I dish out about this process…yet, irregardless, they continually affirm over and again that the view is well worth the climb, even if we can't exactly feel that yet.  So this is me saying to you that if you tried to jump last week, I totally get it, but we are so close to donning our robes that throwing in the towel at this final hour would just suck…and besides, you would wake up on the other side thinking…"duh".

"We understand the pain of transformation and the struggle to swim against the collective tide of consciousness, but we would like to remind those on the front line that there is much to be grateful for, to look forward to, and that your participation in planetary ascension is not without reward.  How could it be any other way?  We understand that in the throes of such intense purification that it is difficult to access those feelings, but we are always here to remind you that each of you understood the outcome AND the path to arrive here, and that your choice was made knowing that the outcome FAR outweighed the challenges. Trust in yourselves and trust in where this process is taking you." -Seven Sisters

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Your last Planetary Update - Karen Bishop

We have settled into a pattern with our evolutionary process (at
least until things change a bit, and then who knows how things will
unfold!). With so much cleared away in recent years, the last
tendrils are now experiencing this pattern, as we are most
assuredly all in this together. The pattern has been, and will be
for a while, all about cleansing. 

Personal physical, mental, and spiritual cleanses will be ever
present, as will the cleansing of the earth. The pattern manifests
as a great pushing when the higher energies arrive, leaving us
feeling overwhelmed, strangely hysterical, tense and touchy, and
even as though we are swatting at some invisible flies. Boundary
issues arrive as well, as everything is being ousted from its
normal space by the pushing energies from above. We may feel like
crying, like there is nowhere that we remotely belong, and wonder
where in the world we are. We may become depressed and feel very
uncomfortable as so much darkness is up and out. Our surroundings
may feel strange, we may be unable to interact with others (feeling
bewildered and lost when we try), and our dreams at night may be
very strange as well, as there seems to be anyone and anything
showing up in them! And nothing, but nothing, feels remotely

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

2012: The Mayan Calendar - James Tyberonn

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn  

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I embrace each of you in Light, in love. I know each one of you, far more than you may realise. And we savour these moments we share.

Dear Humans, the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of  any interpretation or perception of it. In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others. And so with these words, we begin this most interesting discussion.

Question to Archangel Metatron: 
According to one modern Mayan Calendar interpreter, we are experiencing an acceleration of consciousness like no other. In fact, the researcher says  that the rate of consciousness will speed up by a factor of 20 in 2011, so a shift in consciousness that took a whole year from 1999 until now, will take only 20 days.  This factor of 20 will be in full potential from March 9th to October 28 2011. If this is so, what does it mean exactly?

Archangel Metatron:
The potential for increased consciousness is indeed taking place as a pre-set quickening of the Ascension. However, the 'rate' of shift varies with each individual, and as such a fixed factor of the acceleration cannot truly be given per se.
Before we comment further on the acceleration of consciousness, we wish you to know that the remarkable calendar that you currently refer to as 'Mayan', was not developed nor originally written by the Mayans in the manner that you suppose. It predated the Mayans by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance, and stored by means of crystalline technology, termed 'the Crystal Skulls'.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for July, 2011 - Children of Light

This is when you move into the 3rd gateway of the heart, the higher will and passion for life. This is when you begin to move beyond thought into the truth of your being.

This will be a time when old mental thought form patterns begin to drop away, as you discover that the simply re-description of limitations no longer serve you. You will see an upheaval in the idealism of your various systems, such as your religious systems.

There are many deceptions held in the collective belief systems. These will all begin to break down, in governmental ideals and social ideals, etc. In your own personal lives, you will need to face your ideals that have set mental patterns. Merely repeating mental behaviors so that you have the illusion of control in your lives will no longer serve you.

This will experience an upheaval. There can be many disillusioning experiences, where you let go of your mental attachments and descriptions of what you have believed life to be. However, it will be replaced by a much deeper level of knowing and truth, depending on your willingness to let go of what no longer serves.

Message June 30, 2011 - Karen Bishop

Greetings everyone!

The energies have really kicked in of late and are creating
massive amounts of movement within. Symptoms? You may feel
like crying for no apparent reason, have a racing heart,
shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and feel short-tempered.
You may feel like you are losing it, feel acutely overwhelmed,
or even as though no one is remotely making any sense.

Hectic, hectic, hectic, and busy, busy, busy are results of
this fast moving energy which pushes most of everything in
its path along at a very steady and rapid pace. We absolutely
cannot keep up with the rapid creations now, and hence, may
continually feel overloaded. Add to this the pushing of the
energies themselves, and head pressure, neck stiffness, and
overall PRESSURE all around are common results.

People we encounter may cut us off abruptly with a need to
move away (not a very high level response with connection and unity
the desired reality! --- creating even more confusion and sad
hearts!), or continue to ramble on about their personal
situations with a near hysteria at the core, if even
so subtly (can't blame them...this energy is intense!)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: July 1, 2011 - Barbara Hand Clow

4:54 AM EDT, Washington, DC 
(Midpoint of the Universal Underworld)

The New Moon in Cancer has arrived, the lunar activation of the June 21 Solstice, which north of the Equator is the emotional maturity of the strong Sun. In the solstice reading, I had fun playing with its magical field of vibrations, which was like a medieval madrigal. The solstice was absolutely revelatory for me this year, and during it I downloaded a compelling series of cosmic insights; these I share with you now as this lunation activates the midpoint of the Universal Underworld. Also, following the solstice, I noticed that some people close to me are turning their attention to prophecies of doom-and-gloom. Suddenly, segments of the New Age are becoming obsessed with the comets Honda and Elenin that are coming into our solar system this summer; some even suggest they are the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end times in Revelations. We hear wild tales of hail, fire, three days of darkness, and the avenging god, Jehovah demanding repentance! Meanwhile, I was basking in joyful goddess consciousness imagining Earth pulling comets, asteroids, and meteors into her complex folds, like a lover being seeded with sperm.

Grand Finale - June 30, 2011 - Alison Rae

Light is everything in the world
to men’s eyes
Light thirsts after light
yes, the soul, twin to the stars
moves through space
to find, be made eternal by light
and grasp, trembling,
the sun
a torch handed on
from runner to runner
through the millennia.
- Gunvor Hofmo

Deep within, a profound shift pulses rhythmically as the Sun, Earth and Moon move into alignment for the third and final eclipse of this Solstice season on Friday, July 1. The light of a thousand spiritual suns shines beyond.
The air swells with potential. This new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile grand cross configuration that easily expresses as chaos.
In the physical world, wildfires rage. Rivers overflow. Politics wreak havoc. Tropical storms are brewing. Seeping oil and radiation continue to threaten Earth’s eco-systems. As homes and lives are shattered, tension mounts.
And yet, there is peace.  Hushed stillness, pregnant with expectancy. S-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g’s about to burst, as new life pushes through the birth canal.
This Friday, the Sun and Moon in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn and square the opposition of Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra, creating a rare and auspicious grand cross in cardinal signs. Similar configurations have been forming, dissolving and reforming since last year and will continue through 2012, but this one is unique in two ways. First, the new moon sun will be partially eclipsed. Plus, the eclipse aligns with the great star Sirius.
This is a rare cosmic moment to be savored, and honored.
The entire eclipse series – June 1 new moon through July 1 new moon – is essentially one big eclipse, a shadow crossing our awareness for a full 28 days. Friday’s alignment is the culmination of this remarkable series.
The effects are felt to our very souls. So much of what we thought about the world, this reality, who we are and what we’ve created is crumbling. We’ll be integrating and implementing the changes initiated during this sequence for years to come.

Planet Alert July 2011- Mahala

How many of you have read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movies? On July 14th the last movie will be in the theatres and broadcast to the world. It ends with the final battle between the light and dark. Isn’t that symbolic? I read the first book out of curiosity to see why the children were so engrossed in those books. When I started reading the books I thought to myself, oh my gosh, this is exactly what is happening in the world, Hollywood style, of course. I could hardly wait for the next book to come on the market to see what was next.
In the last book Harry, representing the light and Voldemort representing the dark have their final battle. In the book both sides start getting ready for the fight. The light is on one side and the dark is on the other side. When it comes time for Harry to face Voldemort directly, they both have their wands ready and the spell is finally cast. The energy from the wands stop in the middle, and the force goes back to Voldemort and he dies.  The dark destroys itself and the light wins. This is where we are right now in prophecy.
We all know that good and bad is just an illusion. We know that God is everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly and that there is no right or wrong, there are just lessons. With that said, we did come here to experience duality and this is the culmination of that cycle. We will be moving into the oneness energy, also called unity consciousness, by the end of October, 2011. Right now the energy from the ending of the Harry Potter series will be seen by millions, or maybe even billions of people. Will they understand the significance of this movie?