Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Your Light is needed Now! - Patricia Cota-Robles

Hi Precious Heart,

Your time is at hand! We are in the midst of a momentous event on this planet that each and every one of us have been preparing to participate in for aeons of time.  I AM delighted that you are awake, and that you have volunteered to help lift Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth up the Spiral of Evolution to the next octave of our learning experience.

You may not know on a conscious level all of the details of your lifetimes worth of preparation, but I assure you, your God Self, your I AM Presence, knows exactly how you can be the most effective instrument of God during the unprecedented shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness at hand. You have an important part to play or you would not be in embodiment and receiving this information during this critical time.

Ask your I AM Presence for guidance, then remain in a state of Listening Grace. Respond according to the inner promptings of your heart to the opportunities that are being magnetized into your sphere of awareness. There are myriad events taking place all over the planet during the month of December 2012. See which events resonate in your heart, then make the choice to join physically by attending the events or to join in consciousness by adding your Light from wherever you are on the planet.

When we join together physically or in consciousness, the Company of Heaven has been granted a Cosmic Dispensation to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. This gift of Divine Grace will exponentially expand the Light we are capable of adding to the world during this Cosmic Moment. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

I AM going to be participating in three events that I would like to invite you to participate in. Please read the following information carefully and see how these events resonate in your heart.

Tomorrow, November 28th, we will experience a very powerful Lunar Eclipse that will expand the Open Heart energy of both Humanity and Mother Earth. This will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to magnetize the patterns of perfection from our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love more effectively from the Realms of Cause. This will pave the way for the powerful activities of Light that will occur in December. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Non-Duality and the Matrix of Creation - Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon 

In this message we wish to address the paradox of how you create positive outcomes that unfold in time and space from non-dual states of consciousness, which by their very nature transcend both time and space as you perceive them.

Non-dual states of consciousness, which we call the
Mother of All Things (i.e., the Void), are the wellspring and the source of manifest reality. We have found that using non-dual states of consciousness as a springboard to create positive outcomes generates more masterful creations.

One of the paradoxes involved in the perception of non-dual states is the fact that you perceive these states via your nervous system, which is firmly rooted in duality. Indeed as you read these words, or hear them spoken, the bioelectric fluctuations in your brain and nervous system operate from a dualistic template.

As nerve impulses pass through your neurons, the minute biochemical and electrical events responsible for thought and mental/emotional impressions co-exist in a dynamic dualistic matrix. Yet non-duality, itself, exists outside the dualistic reality of your nervous system.

In functional terms you enter into an awareness of non-duality when your brain/mind enters a
higher dimensional trance state of consciousness. In this unique trance state, there is a conduit, or shift in awareness, through which you can experience your own non-dual nature.

In more advanced states of consciousness you can operate in both relative sensory experience and non-dual experience simultaneously. In other words, you can experience the sensory world with its multiple complex duality at the same time you experience the deep calmness and centeredness of your non-dual nature.

But this is a very advanced brain skill and most people, as they approach this territory of the body and mind, tend to operate in one or the other. If you are already operating in an advanced state of consciousness and are able to operate in both duality (i.e., your embodied life) and non-duality (i.e., non-localized awareness), then you can skip over this next section and jump ahead to the section we will call “The Paradox of Creating.”

Monday, November 26, 2012

Countdown to the Timeline Shift: Clearing Our Emotional Junk - Jelaila Starr

Newsletter November 26 - Jennifer Hoffman

We are entering what will feel like another crazy week energetically, although the constant solar flares of the last two weeks have contributed to our anxiety, depression, fear and waistlines (I always put on weight during times of heavy solar flare activity, and this was one of the worst). This week may, in some ways, feel like a vacation.

This week we have Mercury going direct after being retro all month, it seemed to go by quickly but it sure brought up a lot of our 'stuff'. And we have the 2nd eclipse, this time with a full moon on the 28th, another powerful energetic closer cleaner.

What does this mean to us? We're coming down to the final days of this year and a huge change in the energetic makeup of the world. There will be an earth on Dec. 22,  but with so many people anticipating the end on Dec. 21, they are preparing for it, just in case, by doing a lot of clearing work. This means, for the empaths in the audience, that you may be feeling a lot more energy than usual, be aware that it isn't your job to accept, integrate, process or heal all of it. Keep your energetic boundaries up. 

Do you feel like a leader without any followers? Do you have a vision and message to share and feel like no one is paying attention? That is the topic of this week's Indigo/Crystal article.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eleventh Gate 11:11 Activation - 11-22-2012


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Lesson In Time - November 2012 - Steve Rother

The First Lesson of Time from the Keeper of Time

~ Re-minders from Home ~ 

From Steve:
Any words from me on this channel could only take away from its presentation.  It is my deepest honor to present the Keeper of Time.

Big hugs,

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings from Home

Awakening the Child Within

This day has created a new vibration. You are all acclimating yourself to it in a new way, for you have opportunities that you have not had before. It is an opportunity for you to change your perceptions, to shift your energy and look at things differently. You all seem to be healers in some way, and most of you have helped others to go back and find the origin of their problems. It is very simple, dear ones. Most of your experiences happen first in childhood or even in adolescence, as it is very easy to scar a human psyche when you are young because you are getting to know yourself. Many of you have discovered ways of returning to what your original intent was during those times of misdirection. Why would you misdirect yourself? Why would anyone do so? Certainly it is not done intentionally. Misdirection often happens with knowledge. For instance,  you see an open door and the handle looks very inviting. So, you push the door open further, simply step in and say, “This feels good for now. I will go forward.” Well, humans are adapters. You step into something new and rather than say, “Eww, this does not feel good,” you adapt yourselves and soon you are adjusting everything around you. You say, “Okay, I moved this over here and that over there, so now it feels comfortable.” What you do not always realize is that sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of your energy to play this game, which makes it more difficult in many aspects.

So, what would it take for you to return to the perceptions you held when you were a child? What would it take to re-member? Of course, your life has changed and you have evolved greatly since then. We do not expect you to go back to who you were as a child or even pretend to be that again. You now have an opportunity to re-member what your perception was when you took that original sidestep, the first time that you opened a new door and decided to go through it. Suddenly you find yourself way down the hallway very invested in your journey and your travel. You are far too invested to turn around and go back, and so you are adapting everything. “Oh, this is not what I expected, so I will adapt and harmonize it.” Well, you are getting very good at that. Now, what about re-membering where you were originally going and your original intent? That is one of the key pieces that will help all of you to return to this. You are the greatest beings that have ever walked the Earth. Never doubt that. You can turn around and see behind you the generations that have gone before you, even within your own family. You can see how the vibrational levels have risen over all of humanity as you have evolved. It is grand indeed. It is beyond your understanding that we always celebrate your evolution on the other side. We are excited to watch as you evolve to where you can actually perceive us without the channels and hear us all in your own heart. That is coming for each and every one of you…doubt it not. It is absolutely what you have asked for and there is only one answer to what god asked for – and so it is. It is very simple. Whatever it is that you decide, you harmonize what is out there and it is created in a new way.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Eclipses of November 2012 - James Tyberonn

Archangel Metatron Channel
via James Tyberonn


Greetings Dear Ones ! I am Metatron Lord of Light. And so we speak of the energies about you. We speak of the windows of the Eclipses in your linear time of November 2012.

The remaining energies of 2012 will be extremely powerful. It is important to maintain your balance. Myriad complex energies are bombarding the Earth and humanity are feeling the effects. These are taking place with Divine purpose, and although it is a period of great intensity, it is requisite and in that sense is very benevolent, quite necessary for the Ascension.

In truth what is occurring in your present is the continuation of the cleansing, the removal of imbalance. It is the upshift, and all forces of the planet, all elements, earth, wind, fire and water are an essential part of it. And so it is also Cosmic celestial energies that move them.

The influx of the Divine Feminine Energies are flowing into the Earth at this time as well, and assisting in the release of what must be purified. The Feminine influx begins maximum flow with the Solar Eclipse and continues at optimal current through the November 28 Lunar Eclipse.

This is incurred to bring the balance prior to the Ascension of the 12-12-12. It is an important phase; a era completes and begats a new phase ... one of balance. A balance that benefits the Earth, and in kind humanity.

Indeed planetary balance then influences each living soul to find equilibrium within.
The Eclipses bring that which is termed the Feminine Energies into greater proportion. Yet do not consider these energies as directed to only one 'gender ' or aspect of humanity.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you ready for a spectacular energy week? - Jennifer Hoffman

November 12, 2012‏

Are you ready for a spectacular energy week? I hope so because we have one coming this week. On Nov. 13 we have a total solar eclipse, an ongoing Mercury retrograde, Neptune and Chiron go direct and we are starting the countdown to Dec. 21, 2012. It's all moving forward from here, with a rapid expansion and acceleration of energy like we have never seen before. 

Did you have headaches, fatigue or exhaustion, weight gain, cravings for carbs and sugar (and chocolate!), wanting to stay home and be in your own space, and feeling generally unsociable last week? That was the preparation for this week, so be ready for some movement.

I don't think this week's energy will be as hard as what we have experienced in the past, mainly because we have more experience, are at higher frequencies and are more in synch with this energy now. I believe this week will bring clarity and understanding, as well as joy and a sense of completion. 

Today is also begins the countdown to 12-12-12, our final triple date for this century. We are moving into the most powerful period of our lives, we're ready for it so just be in the flow.

For some, this can be a bittersweet time as we realize that it is finally time to let go of some things, people, situations, dreams, and expectations whose fulfillment will not happen in the way we had hoped. What else is possible? We can have our cake and eat it too but we need to be open to limitlessness and not limit the energy flow by saying 'give me this but not that', which is the topic of this week's article. 

Higher Perspective on Obama Reelection and Our Future - Jelaila Starr

Hurricane Sandy: A New Beginning - Jelaila Starr

Hold On Here We Go! - Patricia Cota-Robles

by Patricia Cota-Robles

November 11, 2012

Fasten your seat belts. We have ALL been preparing for this Cosmic Moment for Lifetimes. Know that the end result of this amazing ride is going to be glorious. Remember, you already have within you everything you need to fulfill your part of this Divine Plan. Enter your heart and from within the sacred place of the Most High Living God, ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the magnitude of the opportunities unfolding on Earth at this time that will allow YOU to add to the Light of the world.

During the next six weeks, we will experience several powerful influxes of Light that have the capability of moving the Earth and all Life abiding on this planet forward in the Light a quantum leap. In order for this to be accomplished God Victoriously, this Light must be drawn into physical manifestation through the Heart Flames of people abiding in the physical plane. That means you and me!

The success of these events will create the necessary catalyst that will result in the birthing of the New Earth in all her resplendent glory. This birth will take place in the Realms of CAUSE during Earth’s alignment with the galactic core of the Milky Way, which will happen during the days of the Solstice, December 21-22, 2012. Even though we will not experience all of the perfection of the New Earth in our daily lives on December 23, 2012, the Company of Heaven want us to understand that once something has occurred in the Realms of CAUSE nothing can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the world of EFFECTS. The only variable is how long that will take and that is up to you and me and every other person existing on Earth.

The patterns of perfection for the New Earth must be drawn into the physical plane, the world of Effects, through the thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs of the Sons and Daughters of God abiding on Earth. These patterns include the archetypes for both our New Planetary Cause of Divine Love and our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love. The paradigm for the New Earth reflects the profound Truth that “We are One with ALL Life” and that there is no separation. It also contains the viable solutions that will allow Humanity to respond to every situation on Earth with Reverence for ALL Life.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Energies of November - Jennifer Hoffman

The back and forth energies of October have thankfully ended and we are entering the relative calm of November, although two eclipses and several retrograde planets, including Mercury retrograde all month, will contribute to this slower movement. We will have to decide whether it feels stagnant or is a period of well deserved rest before we move into December and then into 2013.

This has not been an easy year but it has been one in which we have had to stay one step ahead of ourselves and we learned the power of choice, intention and alignment. As we set new intentions, anything that was not aligned with them was up for review. What were we going to choose, our new intention and a new alignment or our old ways of being, which also meant relinquishing our new intention? Having fewer options could make the choices easier but in this case, the things we had to choose from often meant big life transformation. And sometimes we chose neither because we weren’t ready, it was just too hard or it wasn’t the right time. As we move into 2013 timing will become increasingly important and we will learn to work within divine timing. This month presents us with learning about divine timing, right purpose, alignment, and integrity.

As we move into November, Mercury retrograde asks us to re-view, re-lease, re-consider and then re-align with what is left over, once we have released everything that is not in alignment with the intention we have for our life. What is that? Start with joy, being happy, feeling fulfilled, being secure. Make room for the Universe to work within your life, create space for the fulfillment of your intention and dreams, and be willing to receive. We’re masters at asking, but we forget that at some point we have to stop asking and be willing to receive (all within divine timing, of course).

This is the final Mercury retrograde of 2012 and aside from the normal Mercury retro warnings to double check communications, travel plans, and back up our computers, it is an opportunity to make some final choices about what has happened during the past year. What is of value and valuable to you? What robs you of your joy, energy, life force and soul? What do you tolerate or accept because you are afraid of change? What brings you joy? What inspires you, makes you laugh, fills your heart, and gives you peace? What deep, soul-level desires have you been hiding from yourself? Is it time to bring them forward?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Planet Alert November - Mahala

Welcome to the full moon of Halloween. This full moon happens two days before Halloween on October 29, 2012 at 12:49 PM PDT. Halloween is the celebration of Spider Woman, the Hopi Creator Goddess. This is why there are spiders associated with this celebration. Have you noticed how popular this holiday has become? Could this have anything to do with the Goddess (love) energy that has been coming in very strong lately?

There is also a very strong storm on its way to the East Coast of America right now. The forecasters say it will be a storm of the century. It is scheduled to hit the East Coast on Monday morning October 29th. Meteorologists expect high winds, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow to the west beginning early Sunday, peaking with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on Monday and lingering past Halloween on Wednesday. 

There will be three large storms mixing together. Hurricane Sandy coming up from the south, a storm that is blowing across the Midwest right now and frigid air is streaming south from Canada. These three storms are expected to meet Tuesday morning around New York, or the surrounding states.  This weather system is expected to last for a week.

I think it would be nice to send lots of light to that area for their highest and best good. We could send the Golden light of the Christ with the intention of toning down the force of the storm. Blue light might also be a good color to send with the intention of creating peace in people’s emotions.

The planetary aspect behind this storm is the Uranus/Pluto square. Pluto is over the area (Midwest to East Coast) where the storm will be occurring and Uranus (the planet of wind and storms) is in a perfect square activating that energy. The full moon chart over New York has Uranus in opposition to Venus square Pluto. The cardinal cross will again be activated and we are in the year of the storm in the Dreamspell calendar.
On Tuesday morning when the storms are expected to meet, the moon will be affecting 34-35 latitude which is just south of Washington, D.C. and on Wednesday the moon will be at 38’40 latitude which is the latitude of Washington, D.C. The moon’s north node is at 27 Scorpio which makes a 45 degree angle to 14 Cancer. Washington. D.C. corresponds to 13 degrees Cancer.  How will this storm affect Washington, D.C.?

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for November 2012 - Children of Light

This month will be about the EXPRESSION of the truth of your being through the development of your Truth of Being. Harmony of outer and inner in balance. Higher will that comes through the truth of your being comes out of the healing of duality, where you are focused on the outer as the source. 

All things from the Soul honors the truth of what is inherent within you. This requires that you get in touch with your inner lives in a deeper way. Whatever your focus, there is a set of specifics that are inherent in knowing the truth of your being that brings the meaning and value into the TRUTH of your being. 

Creative Expression through truth brings into your life the unique QUALITIES that are inherent within you as well. These qualities will then color your intentions to bring all of the inner truth into action and purpose. 

For instance, the call of the higher will may be compassion (versus sympathy of the lower will). Or giving without expectation. This quality will then direct you into choices that serve this inner calling. 

Fulfillment of meaning, value and purpose will bring you into a new EXPERIENCE on your planet. However, first you will see the contrast of what has been opposing and distorting your lower will. The lower will always has a self-involved agenda. What will I get? How will I benefit? Control. 

This gives you a desire to dominate and manipulate to "get." However, the revelation of the truth of Self has no agenda, merely a free expression of the pure Self. 


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2012





Beloved masters, the God Rays of creation for the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues and designs/formulas for the creative process of that ERA were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years. Those Creator Rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down. That is why the masses who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced third- and lower-fourth dimensions are feeling as if they have lost their way; nothing is working the way it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future. Old regulations, guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and religious organizations are no longer dependable, and many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social and political boundaries within the third- / fourth-dimensional paradigm are crumbling or are being challenged. The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. HUMANITY IS COMING OF AGE, and all must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos.