Friday, May 30, 2014

A Multidimensional Reunion - Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

It is such a joy to be with you, to see you in a new way for all of you have stepped into a new energy. Every…single…person on planet Earth has moved to the new level. We are so proud to watch you because we are all part of you. You think of us as separate, you think of us as higher, as different, as better in many ways.  Dear ones, when you come Home, you will realize who you are. You will re-member the nature of why you came to Earth in the first place. Please understand that you chose to wear this veil; you wanted to play this game of hide and seek. You are god hiding from himself, searching for herself. And you have been very successful at it. So please understand that there is no wrong here. You have set things into motion in the most beautiful ways and now you will start to reap these benefits.

Letting Your Channel Come Through – The Keeper’s Story

We wish to bring this to your attention today because there are so many new pieces that are now available to humans. We tell you that many of these pieces were hidden in your past; many showed up in your science fiction and in movies of creative writers who thought that they were making something up when in fact, they were channeling the future. They were channeling energy that we were sending to many of them, for that is the nature of what the Keeper calls channeling. He focuses in such a way that he channels the group. He can bring us as a collective vibration from Home, which is very magical. Now, each of you has a similar ability. You may not all express it in the same way, you may not all be able to tap into it or to be as confident in it as the Keeper has learned to finally be. We use the word finally here because it took some time for us to work with him. You should have seen the first channel. That was fun for us.

In the beginning, he used to channel on a keyboard. This was very simple and very easy for him because he could read the channel over to check whether everything was there before he hit the enter key. At that point, it was too late to take anything back, which is why he was very hesitant and it took a while for us to really gain that confidence with him. It was not because he did not trust us, he did not trust himself. Because trusting yourself is a key element, we gave him a hand. We had a young lady invite him to come to a certain part of the world, and he did. He showed up and they did this seminar together and then she said, “Okay. You are going to channel now.” He said, “No. I was not planning on it.” She said, “I told everyone you were going to channel, so I think you should try to channel.” So he replied, “Okay. Where is my keyboard?” And he sat down and started to bring through the very first message of a live process like he is doing now. We have to tell you, dear ones, it took everything we could do on this side of the veil to get through that dense energy. What was the dense energy? It was very simple. He did not trust himself. We do not think it was bad, we do not think he was wrong in doing so. He simply was there. And that is probably the most important part about the new energy—there is no right or wrong—not in the way that you have so carefully used these words so far. Now there is no black and white, there never was. There is only shades of gray- all blends- and that is where the magic is especially in this new energy. So, the Keeper started to bring through this energy; he opened his mouth and knew the first words because we had given them to him many times. He said, “Greetings from Home,” in the way we love to say it. With that, a resonance went out in the room and from that point forward, most people only heard every other word because the tears started. That first channel was very difficult for him because of the fact that he was so overwhelmed, his circuitry was literally being stretched to carry the new energy, to carry the energy of the heart. Now, all of you have learned to do this in some way and are doing it already.  In the near future however, you will find new ways of distributing your channel. That is the beautiful part and that is what we wish to share with you today since we are not on a time restriction. Is that not wonderful?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Transmitted through Ronna, LM-05-2014 

Beloved masters, we will continue our review and expansion on some of the most important techniques and information we have given you over the past twenty-two years. It is time to release, transmute or upgrade many of the old restricting thought forms and structures that you have accepted as your personal reality. If you will spend some time in meditation and contemplation, reviewing the structures you have created in your third/fourth-dimensional reality, which include mental, emotional, physical and even some spiritual restrictions, you will quickly determine that it is time to release many of the ties that bind you so that you may move quickly and gracefully into the expanding, empowering world of the future.

Many of you feel as if you are in the final stretch of a long, difficult race and your energy and enthusiasm are lagging. You are growing more and more disenchanted with the glamour of your worldly existence, and the things that used to excite you seem somewhat tarnished and dull. It is because you are shifting in and out of two vastly different realities or several dimensions at once, and your four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric), are trying adjust to and catch up with your Soul/Spiritual Self. This has put much stress and strain on your earthly vessel.

A vast number of you have and are making a quantum leap into galactic-consciousness, whereby your old world/state-of-being is falling away much faster than you can integrate the refined energies/vibrations and concepts of your new, higher frequency existence. As you become aware of what is taking place, you will not be so stressed out and confused. Please believe us when we say, relief is at hand. One of our greatest desires is to assist you in the process so that your transition can be accomplished with ease and grace. Over these many past years, that was what much of the information, meditations, and exercises we have given you have been about: transmuting old negative energy patterns. This process is necessary to make way for the infiltration and integration of the rarified cells of Creator Light--the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression from the Supreme Creator.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monthly Weather Report - May - Children of Light

Monthly Weather Report (May - Aug, 2014)

Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.
We come to speak to you today about the NEXT four months of 2014.
It will be a time of much change, and to the wounded self it may seem like upheaval. It will be a time when you must apply the tools that you have learned in the first four months, processing your feeling or emotional energy.
This will be a time of helping you evaluate where you are emotionally and where you need to deepen your process of nurturing and resolution, as well as where you stand in your relationships, starting with Self. It is a time when you cannot afford to remain in the habitual.

This is a time when much will begin to change on your planet. And you likely know at this stage that the ego defense does not like change nor does it embrace change typically.
Change is a vital energy or force that allows you to grow and evolve and improve and enhance your lives. However, it is also a challenge to the subconscious, which is frozen in a habitual “comfort zone,” which is much like a tape loop, as the channel likes to call it.

It will be a time for those habitual loops to be challenged. The goal is to become so neutral and flexible that you allow accelerated change and work with the energy of change to actually CREATE in your lives.
How can you be a creator without the ability to inspire change... We suggest that moving towards the things you want to create or manifest automatically implies change!

This is a time when you will need to have a specific VISION that you continue to enforce and move towards. Having a VISION will help you remain in choices that are proactive, so that you can adjust the choices that are merely habitual, but no longer working or flowing on your planet.
Creating a VISION will inspire you to more easily become a proactive part of the Divine Plan’s “dance of life,” as it lets go of one stage of its experience and prepares to move into another depth of life unfolding. This is the opportunity of this time.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Magic of May: midway point - Lauren C. Gorgo

We made it to May!  That alone is celebration worthy considering the magnitude of what has recently transpired within us, but in addition to such a noble accomplishment we also lived to tell about the grand cross event. And now that the eclipse portal is finally coming to a close (5/14), I am hearing that we are about to learn how we are forever changed.

The transmutational energies of April may have definitely threatened to exterminate us in parts, but from the perspective of my Sources, the heavy (key word) lifting is over. The next leg of our resurrection journey is not without challenges mind you, but with a new level of support.

With Mars still retrograde I doubt we will immediately feel the green-light-means-go energy that we are all so desperate for, but direct is on the docket which means at the very least we should soon be able to stand upright…without the constant looming threat of an unintentional face-plant.

Since the March equinox-ish, things have been so up and down with starts, stops & sputters…like the ole “driving with the brakes on”  or “slogging thru mud” analogies that we’ve become so accustomed to thru our transition into the new world.  There is a constant sense of urgency and a growing list of things to get done in order to prepare for our new lives, yet each time we try to effectuate change in the physical world mother-father GOD seems to put the universal kibosh on our plans.

Monday, May 05, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers?! - Hope Van Vleet

We sure had lots of showers in April... hope you made it through in one piece ;)
So many of us really went through it.  From strange sleep patterns, headaches, digestive issues, emotional upsets, and mental disturbances, it was all quite a wild ride with little blips of peace and groundedness.
May will be a bit lighter.  I bet you're already feeling a bit lighter, that your system isn't so pressed, isn't feeling underlying angst.. or numbed out.

Our energy systems really worked to open up space for greater, deeper light.  This is the energy we're embodying in May.  Big light!

It will show up as greater sensitivity, greater intuition, expansive thoughts, deeper peace or "rightness", detachment or neutrality. It might feel strange at first, to feel so tuned in, but not really caring about it.

This is a significant feeling, to feel there but not really there, to be engaged but not attached.  This is huge evidence of your ascension and deeper consciousness.  Without all the drama of excessive mental and emotional activity, you can really get stuff done now... even if all you'd like to get done is authentic relaxation!
One thing you can do to really help yourself is to make sure to get out.  Get out in the world, make sure you engage.  You might feel like holing up or becoming a bit hermit-ish.  Please don't do this.  Your energy needs just the opposite.

To make this adjustment easier for you, your energy needs to be stimulated.  The only way it will healthily acclimatize to the world is by being out in it.  

The pull might be strong to stay inside or by yourself, but that's like delaying physical therapy after surgery.  After a big procedure (like we went through during April) you need to work it out and get stronger, not disengage.  If you disengage because you feel sensitive or overwhelmed, you only become more sensitive when you go out, making it harder to go out.  

Spiritual Rx for May: Get out and enjoy the sun, your people, new places, and experiences.  It will help you acclimatize to your new energy body and have some fun!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Time Travel 101 - Celia Fenn

There seems to be one thing that everyone agrees on right now - everything is changing and very fast. The way that we used to perceive ourselves and our place in the world is changing very rapidly. Post the 2012 stargate, we have become a very different species. Our minds are often still in shock as we seek to integrate the huge changes that we can feel all around us. Sometimes it seems as though nothing has really changed, and yet we can feel the difference. I have felt this too in my spiritual work, we have shifted somewhere else and what we knew before just somehow is not "enough" for right now.

It was no surprise when in my channel work, the Archangel Michael energy started to focus on two relatively new and interrelated subjects : our relationship with Nature and the Earth and our relationship with Time and Space. Both new, calling for new perceptions and new ways of being. I am working with what I call 21st century Shamanism, which is a way of incorporating new perceptions about Nature and Humanity, but this piece is about our new perception of and relationship with Time. We are just beginning to perceive how our relationship with Time is changing as we change, and I have called this piece "Time Travel 101", as I believe we are just at the beginning of understanding what is possible as we work with Time.