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Online Messages October 28, 2011 - Meg Blackburn-Losey

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages
October 28, 2011

Greetings to each of you! What a time we are experiencing! Since a great lull in cosmic energies, the doors have swung wide open and multi-dimensional energies will continue to expand into spring. We will be experiencing a kind of snowball effect as our intentions and the energy we put forward moves into the universal process, it will become larger, stronger, and more effective causing a windfall of change and reward for our efforts! I will tell you more about this in a minute but first, a special couple of announcements!

My new book, “Touching the Light, What Miracles are Made Of”, Comes out in all book stores on Tuesday, November 1st. I am so excited to see that this book has already taken off into bestseller territory and shows signs of being the most read book I have ever written. This book is all about multi-dimensional healing, energy, the etheric anatomy, and how, when we know how to access those very sweet and fragile parts of us, we cannot only heal our physical issues, we can literally change our lives! I am touched and honored to offer this new piece of my heart to you and am grateful to all of you who ordered it ahead of time! So much so in fact, that I have created a pay it forward special event that I will be announcing on Tuesday concurrent with the release. I will tell you that it is all about what I am calling an Enlightened Holiday, and I will be offering you the chance to win free books, CDs and other things that you can keep, share with a friend, or give as a holiday gift. I have lots of cool stuff piling up in the gift bin so watch your email on Tuesday for the release announcement and instructions how to enter. Hint: Keep your order numbers! Here is a link to Amazon for you! Touching the Light: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Merging with God Consciousness

Also I am beyond excited to tell you that beginning early in 2012 I will be offering Certification Courses in Touching the Light! That’s right! Now that the book is out, I have put together a new program that offers one year certification for Practitioners of Touching the Light as well as a Level II and instructor’s course. This is something that I have been working on for years and now, in 2012, as the new cycle begins, so will Touching the Light all over the world! You don’t have to have any experience to do this and can find out more on my NEW web site at at your request, I will send a package to you will full info and an application. I plan to so this on the east and west coasts of the US to start. All of my students, once certified, will be referred by me to clients in their areas. Instructors once certified, will have the right to teach this method to their own students. I will be honored to teach this method to all who want to learn.

I was in Chicago last weekend for the annual Midwest Lightworker’s Conference and it was fantastic. Joanne Macko did a fabulous job of bringing together a room full of light beings with whom us speakers could really engage. It was a blast. I had the privilege of being on the roster with Semir (Sam) Osmanagic, the scientist who has discovered and is studying as well as excavating the huge Pyramid in Bosnia. This pyramid is twice as large as the one in Giza, Egypt, is the oldest on the planet and is alive, sending out massive fields of electromagnetic energy that defy our known physics. The energy fields of this pyramid have been measured and filmed including a measurable shaft of light coming from the apex of this pyramid! The energy of this light beam becomes stronger the farther is gets from the pyramid and seems to be a beacon to our galactic brothers and sisters. It is 13 meters across and steady at 28 megahertz. There is a lot more to this so I suggest that everyone stay tuned or watch for further info in the news and internet about this discovery. The Masters talked about it years ago and now it is revealed! Sam has also recorded the pyramid talking via its light emissions and is working diligently to understand how to interpret the voices coming from the energy in the pyramid. No joke. I will be going to Bosnia next summer after our crop circle adventure to tour the site with Sam and his beautiful wife Sabine. (I hope I spelled that right Love!) Stay tuned for more on this breaking news!

As promised, more about the energies now and what is coming ~ for several months, the energies were at first very intense, causing a lot of life changes and body issues. Many people were not handling these energies well (at least on the surface!) and some seemed even unreasonable and even angry as old energies released from their systems. Then we had a lull for a couple of months, where everyone I talked to said they felt as if they were in a cosmic pause with no instructions or guidance coming in to help them with what is next. That has definitely changed. As we experience the last of the eight star gate systems opening the energies have refined beautifully into clear direct pathways for manifesting, intuiting and generally taking is for the rides of our lives. These energies will continue to expand in strength and intensity into April of next year, literally carrying us into awareness and capabilities that we can only imagine. Healing and out of body experiences will be taking an entirely new turn as the energies move from sacred geometrical formats to fractals. What does that mean in everyday life? Less effort, greater outcomes. No kidding. The Masters have been showing me the new fractal energies that are available on command. They are nearly manifesting physically and are the most powerful etheric tools I have ever experienced. The energies are also available to us as a double and triple helix, much like our DNA and that of our galactic ancestors. We, being carbon based, have a double helix, a two-sided strand of DNA, while our predecessors, part of our root races, were selenium based beings with three-stranded DNA. The energies coming to us are taking that natural form and communicating way beyond that of our thinking brains and literally becoming part of our energy fields. This occurrence is highly relevant to the coming times and how we are adapting to the new energies and the end of the 26,000-year cycle of our procession of planets in 2012. As we begin a new cycle (and yes, we will), we will do so with a new set of abilities available to us if we open to them. I don’t know about you, but these coming times look pretty amazing to me!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scorpio New Moon: October 26, 2011 - Barbara Hand Clow

Global (and individual) balancing began with the Fall Equinox and was reinforced by the Libra New Moon on September 27-and now the time for truth and personal integrity has arrived. This Scorpio New Moon's dark intensity reminds us to cleanse our emotions and see what still remains. Under strong Scorpio influence, everything gets destroyed that can't handle the hard and clear light of truth. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, went direct on September 16, the day before Occupy Wall Street began, so Scorpio cleansing is global; people are connecting to demand equal justice for all.

This New Moon is unusually influential because it arrives two days before the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28, 2011. We have reached the evolutionary turning point of our species-and we must each consider becoming intentional keepers of Earth. Those who continue to use Earth for their own desires with no consideration for the planet's multidimensional fields of creation are going to crash and burn. Those who accept their eco-sensitive creative mantle-the new aura of Gaia-are the new seeds for our planet's beautiful future. As October 28 arrives, the Nine Underworlds of Creation will rebirth many Earth Keepers. This exciting New Moon in Scorpio sets the field for the simultaneous culmination of Nine Underworlds. The period from the New Moon through midnight on October 28 will probably be remarkable and mystical, so I will examine it with great care.

The creative agendas of the first eight Underworlds have been driven to completion during the intensely accelerated Days of the Universal Underworld since March 9, 2011. Many dualities are resolving as the allurement of Oneness shifts the fractal fields, and many feel their personal design within this great cosmic weaving. The awakening of the Cellular is complete, now that we realize that each cell is intelligent. . . the Tree of Life has born fruit in all the species that evolved during the Mammalian over 820 million years. . . these species discovered ways to share by discovering family bonding over 41 million years in the Familial. . . and intelligence sharpened during the two-million-year Tribal. Our hearts opened during the Regional when we discovered the sacred, the numinous. We explored the desire to control and possess for 5,125 long years during the National. . . and then we sought security and comfort starting in 1755 during the Planetary. Since the January 1999 opening of the Galactic, we've connected ourselves by means of technology. . . and now during 2011 these creative developments are swirling us into a spiral of Oneness during the Universal.

Our species will require hundreds, if not thousands, of years to consciously process all the abuses that were the natural result of our rise to consciousness during the 16.4 billion years described by the Calendar. Like trying to push a huge fallen tree erect, there is no turning back now. Now that we have attained fruition through these nine phases of evolution, we will learn to respect the incredible intelligence of each cell; protect all species; value the genius of family bonding;admire the awesome power of mind; feel the power in our hearts; identify hierarchical power; bless nature's plenty; use technology as a tool, not a toy; and enjoythe bliss of Oneness. We will invent the new world by co-creating reality in universal awareness. I am sure of this because I have faithfully followed all the Days and Nights of the Universal Underworld this year, and I have seen irreversible new patterns taking shape; for example, the increasing bans on the use of nuclear energy for power. Now we are flying into the radical spiral. When this vortex calms down, we must identify what we have accomplished; otherwise, we may not have the will and vision with which to go forward. So, let's assess our progress, and then I will read this New Moon to see how its field might help us embrace the simultaneous culmination of all Nine Underworlds.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Light Body Process in the End Times - Georgi Stankov


My ongoing analysis of the esoteric and channelled literature of the New Age since the early 90s has revealed that there is virtually not a single competent book on Light Body Process (LBP), as I have experienced it since I had entered the most intensive phase in 1999. Therefore, everything I will be writing in this essay is based on personal experience and is founded in the new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, which is the new Science of Ascension. This scientific theory will truly unfold after 2012, when humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension and will enjoy a much expanded consciousness than currently.  

There are probably two reasons for this lack of information, which I assume, but cannot prove beyond any doubt:
1) It is not intended that many incarnated entities should go through the individual LBP, which is extremely exhausting and physically debilitating. Very few personalities will have the stamina to survive all the tortures of the LBP for such a long period of time, in my case, for more than 12 years in the last and most intensive phase without a single pause. It will be inhuman.

2) Most evolved souls will go anyway through the three days of Stasis on December 21, 2012 and will automatically ascend to the lower levels of the 5th dimension, which will still retain some physicality.

If I would have known, how strenuous the individual LBP would be, I would have never given my consent. As you see, it is always the stupidity and the lack of knowledge of the incarnated entity that the soul most of the time exploits, and not only the dark Ahriman forces from the 4th astral dimension. Only their ends differ. For that reason, I would not advise anybody to begin with the individual LBP with the same totality as I did. This statement is an indispensable introduction into the LBP.

However, I must specify on this issue. All adult and old souls (indigo and crystalline children) are already in the LBP in one or another way. Most of the currently channelled messages address the initial phases of this process from many different angles. I am sure that most of the readers of this essay are already in this phase for a long period of time. The fact that they are interested in LBP is a clear indication for their evolution.

Addicted to Relation-ship - October 17 - Jennifer Hoffman

The path of relationships is how we experience our healing journey because we heal ourselves through the mirror of our wounds, which is one way we connect to others. We have a wound to heal, we find someone with the same wound and with a 360 perspective of our wound in front of us, we can resolve and heal our issues. That's the way it is supposed to work but it usually doesn't. Instead, we think there is something wrong with the other person, we try to heal them and then go from one wounded relationship to the next, wondering why we can't find someone who is healed and whole or thinking that there is no love in the world for us.

This becomes a relationship addiction as we go from one relationship to another, thinking each one holds the answer to our questions and believing that we have to heal the world instead of healing ourselves. Relationships are an exercise in self healing and we can be complete with one relationship or twenty because each one will serve our healing purpose until we complete that aspect of our journey. What helps us go through this process more easily is to remember that life happens from the inside out-if it's going on around us, it came from within us. Each relation-ship is a mirror of our relationship with ourselves, a view into what we can transform to meet our own needs. The funny thing about that is once we no are no longer 'needy' our needs are always met.

How much easier our journey would be if we could ask two questions of every situation: 1. How does this serve my healing purpose, and 2. What do I need to change in my vibration, thinking, beliefs and energy to end this level of connection now? Ending a connection does not always mean writing that person out of your life, although it can. The fact is we always connect with someone through our lowest vibrations and our healing purpose, so the faster we resolve that the more quickly we can connect at another level once the healing is complete.

It's easy to go from one relationship to the next and to follow that addiction path because each one confirms our wounds to us. And that can't change until we do. In a way it's a circular argument-you go first, no you go, no you go, etc. Who is first to start the healing? The one who recognizes the need for it. Then the rest falls into place and we will then find someone who gives us what we need because we no longer need it. Everything we seek is already within us, waiting for us to connect to it. And as we switch our inner light back on, the dark corners of our healing path are brilliantly illuminated and we can complete our healing cycles and step into the peace, joy and love of our heaven on earth.

8 Years and Still Going Strong

In October 2003 I was visited by Archangel Uriel while giving a friend a reading. The story is on the website and I've shared it with you before. I didn't know who Uriel was, and wasn't interested in working with him mainly because I didn't think I was the right person for that task. But here I am, 8 years later, still writing and channeling and ready to expand into new avenues of sharing this information. It hasn't been easy and in fact, as many of you know, when we agree to do this work our lives can become a tangled mess. But it certainly has been interesting.

Some of you have asked me how I channel, what the messages sound and feel like, whether I see Uriel and why I was chosen. My experience of Uriel's energy is a combination of hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing and I was chosen because on a soul level, I agreed to do at this point in my life. And I have been highly intuitive since my early childhood so I don't know what it is to not be able to see, feel and know life and people from this perspective. Someone once said I was a very clear channel and highly connected, maybe that's why it was easy for Uriel to connect with me but while I hear that doesn't mean I always listen. That's something I had to learn too.

So much has changed since my first meeting with Uriel. I have to admit I was very nervous about those first newsletters and the first time I received a critical email about a message, I thought about quitting. Sometimes it was a challenge to get the early years' newsletters posted using my dialup connection and yet, each time I heard a testimonial, success story or how a message changed a life, I knew that everything was OK and I was on the right path. And here we are, at the end of the biggest energetic shift man has ever experience and we have a lot of work to do.

My question for you this week is, "How can I serve you?" You are the teachers whose messages will enlighten and comfort humanity and I want you to be successful. You will be receiving a survey this week, asking for your input on a variety of topics so I can know how to best serve you in your spiritual, emotional, relationship and business growth. You can't be an effective teacher when you can't pay your bills, so focusing on abundance and manifestation will be part of our curriculum in the coming months. With the survey results I will know what I need to do to fulfill my mission of service with you and how we can continue this journey into ascension and beyond together. Thank you for being part of my path these many years and I am honored to be part of yours.

You attract according to how you value yourself. From its first lesson 'You are powerful' to the last, 'Recognizing Your Miracles', the 30 Days to Everyday Miracles book and the Miracle Mastery program helps you create a powerful value statement for your life. Find out more by clicking here and reading about how you can create your miraculous life.

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An Energy Transmission from the Elohim - The Way - Recreation, Resynthesis, Regenesis 'Priming for Cellular Change' - Judy Satori

A Message From Judy Satori

I have been prepared by Spirit to transmit recreation energy to prepare people for Earth's shift to the Fifth Dimension.  Now is the time to begin.  This energy is spiritual Light Language.  It is transmitted through very rapid energy words directly into the DNA, cellular template and energy fields of the body.


I have worked to create my website like a library of ascension support information and sound vibration energy work.  The sounds of light that are transmitted through me by Spirit will support you physically, emotionally and spiritually through ascension changes ahead.
On my website there are many free audio energy activations that will help you move through this transition with ease and grace.  Please see the information at the conclusion of this email.  Judy

Like the lotus flower as it rises up through the muddy waters of a lake, humanity has for aeons been diminished and disempowered by being forced to exist within the confines of a third dimensional Earth.  Now Earth is ready for restoration and advancement, ascension to the fifth dimension.  A New Earth is to be created of peace, love and oneness with all life.  Humankind will come together as one global family of man.  As the Earth ascends, so too will YOU, but you need to be ready to hold the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension within your physical body and energy fields.  You body must be healed and resynthesized.  This is the purpose of these energy transmissions from the Elohim.  To prepare us all for New Life on a New Earth.

As part of this transmission Spirit will tell you your story, how you came to the Earth and why.

They tell me that in the beginning, in the times of Zep Tepi, the first times, great ships of Light came to this planet bringing those people who were to seed the Earth with the Adamic species of God's creation.  These people of Light were not just from one place.  They were from those star races that were incarnated within the 12 dimensions of the lower heavens and they were working together as one people of God and one people of God's creation.

For four great ages, each of 26,000 years, the Earth has been re-emerging into light.  At each new age the God's have come to walk the Earth and now the God's have come again.  For it is YOU, the People of Light who are the God's in human form.  You have come to help the Earth move foward.

The information and Light Language coding energy of the Full Moon transmissions is from the Elohim and the Archangel Metatron.  Their gift of love is freely available to all.

You need do nothing except open your heart and listen.  Your soul will remember and your soul will respond.

TO LISTEN TO THE Full Moon transmission

We are now seeing unprecedented change occurring within ourselves physically and in our lives, but also in world climate and ecology and world affairs. Everywhere people are reclaiming their power and initiating a move into the peace, love and unity consciousness vibrations of fifth dimensional life.

Spirit have many gifts for all of us in the year ahead.  Please help me to get this energy and support out to all the People of Light on the Earth so that together we might be equipped to transform our world.

Blessings and love to you all,

Judy Satori

How To Listen To This Transmission

It is suggested that you listen to the energy work while lying down.  Drink water before and after.  Relax and just be like a sponge soaking up the energy.  You only need to listen once, but multiple listenings are fine and will serve to consolidate the energy.   This transmission includes five energy activations to prime and prepare the cells of the body for resynthesis and regenesis.


Angel Valley Retreat Center,

Sedona, Arizona, USA

November 07-07,2011.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the Elders Priests of the Mayan Itza council extend this invitation to join together with them in a ceremony with the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, that is scheduled to take place at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona on November 7th, 2011.

As we approach ‘The Time of No Time’, Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, and the Elders of the Mayan Itza Council are getting ready to carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls on a ceremonial pilgrimage across the United States. This journey fulfills a prophecy which states that the time has come for the Spirit of the North American Continent to reclaim itself as the sacred site for the awakening and enlightenment of all mankind. It will begin in New York City on October 27th. - it will culminate in Los Angeles California on November 9th at which time the Elders will have two days to prepare for the final Skull Ceremony in LA on 11:11:11.

After the initial gathering in Manhattan, the Elders plan to head west, stopping at sacred power points along the way to perform ceremonies that will seed each vortex with the ancient wisdom of the Crystal Skulls. Once they make their way to Arizona, there will be an historic meeting with the Hopi and Tibetan Elders at the Hopi Mesa. From there, the Elders plan to head south to Sedona, Arizona to prepare for a Crystal Skull Ceremony to be held in the heart of the Red Rocks, on the land that for the Indigenous Tribes People has always been Sacred Ground.

This is a momentous event, one which Drunvalo and his staff are honored to support and be part of. Because the Elders have been instructed to conduct all of their ceremonies in public from this point on, the Sedona Crystal Skull Ceremony will be open to the public. At the moment we have yet to iron out the details, so consider this a ‘Head’s Up’ and know that we will be sure to keep you posted with further updates and email announcements as the month goes on.

A Message about the pilgrimage from Hunbatz Men and Mayan Itza Council:

We are very glad to inform all of you initiates from all over the world that on October 27th, 2011, the pilgrimage journey in which we are going to take the sacred Crystal Skulls, is going to leave from Manhattan, New York, with destination to Los Ángeles, CA, in the United States.
All along the way we are going to invoke and implore the Great Cosmic Spirit to enlighten our pathway and the roads we are going to walk on carrying our sacred crystal skulls. This way the skulls will enlighten and activate all the sites where the Great Cosmic Spirit is going to be present. Thus, the sacred sites we are going to visit like Great Serpent Mound, OH; the temples of Cahokia, IL; Sedona, AZ; and many other sacred centers will be activated through this cosmic resonance. Tamuanchán (the original Mayan name for the USA) will be once again the sacred site that must enlighten the whole of mankind in this world.
Please help us make this journey of spiritual greatness so the sacred Crystal Skulls take us in these our beloved lands of our eternal Tamuanchán where our Father Sun and our Mother Earth will take care of our sacred spirit forever.

May the Great Spirit be always with you,
Hunbatz Men
Council of Maya Itza Priests and Elders

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~ Play A New Game ~ - October 15, 2011 - Steve Rother

Re-directing the Light

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker VirtualLight Broadcast will be on
Sat October 29, 2011

11:am US Pacific Time

~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve:
The group has tried on several occasions to pretend to be human.  The most difficult part for them is telling a joke.  They understand the laughter, as it is the language of angels. But let’s just say that their delivery really needs a little work. Pretending to be human is harder than it looks sometimes. 
The group gave me no warning about what was coming in this channel.  I even made a comment just before starting that I had no idea where it was going.  Then I said it was OK, because at the very least I knew the first three words were “Greetings from Home.”  Everyone in the room laughed.

Have a great month and brace yourself… here we go!
Big hugs, 

Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups oversight for clarity in this format.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ReConnecting..Remembering Who We Are....The Mayan Calender....and "Occupy Wall Street" - October 2011 - Celia Fenn

In the channels that I have done with Archangel Michael in the last few years, there has been consistent reference to a new Economic system as part of the shifts and changes that will be evidence of the manifestation of the New Earth. Also, Archangel Michael has pointed to two important dates or "gateways" in this process of Transformation, the 11/11/11 (11th Novermber 2011) and the 21/12/12 (21st December 2012). The first of these two pivotal moments also occurs within days of the 28th October 2011, which has come to be accepted as the date that concludes the Mayan Calender according to an influential school of thought.

 There is no doubt about it, we are heading towards a "Timegate" of pivotal importance for the Spiritual and Social evolution of our Planet. But, unlike most of the "doom and gloomers" out there, I am not expecting any great disasters, whether financial or literal. It is my belief that we can pass through these Timegates or Stargates with the least possible trauma, using the incoming waves of Higher Vibrational energy to manifest the New Earth Reality of the Fifth Dimension of Light.

 The completion of the Mayan Calendar was never meant to be an apocalyptic moment, it was simply the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is true, that as we live through this last and accelerated cycle and approach the end point, the energies are indeed intense. It is also true that we do not really know what will happen to the "waves" of Cosmic Creative energy once the cycles are complete. For those who are "Timekeepers" and who ride the "waves", this is obviously an issue, and one that will only be resolved by those who have mastered the flows of time and who know how to "feel" the energies and where they are going. Time will certainly be very different after the Planet passes through the "Timegate" of 11/11/11 and then the later gate of 21/12/12. It is only to be expected that the New Earth of the Fifth Dimension will experience time in a very different way to the old earth of the Third Dimension.

Friday, October 07, 2011

In-Sights from Uriel Heals to Enlighten your Life‏ - October 3, 2011 - Jennifer Hoffman

But I Gave You Everything!

I had a conversation with a woman in a restaurant this week and she told me about how she and her husband had given all of their time and energy to a company for more than 13 years and they both lost their jobs. She eventually found another job but her husband spiraled into a depression that resulted in their divorce. I could see that she loved her husband and was very sad and angry about his inability to deal with the situation and his rejection of her because, as she said, she had given him everything, had been a loving and supportive partner but none of that seemed to matter to him and she was now alone.

Several times during our conversation she said that she had put him first in her life and had done the same with her job and was not rewarded for her efforts, either by keeping her job or her marriage. We didn't have time to go into a long discussion about putting others' needs above our own and what happens when we do that but I did tell her that her focus had to be on herself now, and that her husband would make the choices that were right for him. No matter what she gave him, he would not be able to become what she needed him to be because his outer world could not mirror more love or success than he had within him. And that was something he had to create for himself-no one could create it for him, or give him enough of their own time and energy to be able to create it for himself.

Our talk brought to mind something I often hear from clients, as they look at relationships that do not work out as they had hoped and wonder what they did wrong. But often, and as in the case of this woman, when we give everything to our relationships and have expectations attached to the results we are disappointed because we will only be satisfied with what meets our expectations. So we want to keep the job we give 60+ hours a week to, or the relationship that takes all of our emotions, energy and time. What we want to receive from our efforts is our agenda and the view from the perspective of our neediness and demands is not a pretty one.

The nature of our agenda lies within us, what do we expect to receive by giving everything to something or someone outside of ourselves and how can we possibly fulfill our own healing purpose when we are so focused on healing or fulfilling something or someone else? At some point we receive the lesson, that our outside focus is limiting our growth and these relationships end so we can shift our focus to the inner work that we can do to create the loving, fulfilling relationships that we can have, but maybe not from that person or situation. Are we up to the task? When it's time for us to do that, every relationship is removed until we are left alone, with ourselves, and have to pick up the pieces of our energy that we have scattered throughout so many different agendas so we can get back to creating our relationships from the inside out, focused on our self until our outer world can mirror all of the love we have for ourselves back to us.

The Uriel Heals  Enlightening Life radio show
The next Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers, dial 718-664-6504. Click here for show details.

Previous episodes are now on Itunes. Click here to access.

Inception: the final initiation - October 6, 2011 - Lauren C. Gorgo

 “We would like to congratulate all those at the forefront of new-humanity… it is because of you that the tides have turned and a new consciousness has washed ashore.  We are delighted to share the many new concepts that will further your advancement in human-evolution, and we are particularly enthralled with the idea of joining with you as galactic-overseers.  We are part of your extended family from home, and we greet you in kind.” -The Seven Sisters of Pleiades

The Merge
We are finally and  s l o w l y  stepping into the next level of our galactic-genetic advancement…this most specifically relates to our changing biology (read: PAIN) & light-body expansion (read: even more PAIN), which has everything to do with the merge of spirit and matter that the seven sisters referred to in the May update when the Embodiment Phase began.  Speaking of which, it feels worth mentioning that I started to communicate with the Seven Sisters in April of 2011, right around the time that I was told that the “leaders of new-humanity would be beginning their physical embodiment”.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what that really meant, but now I get that these groovy gals are our “transition guides” to the other side, the way that some of you will be the “physical” transition guides for others.

This step in your ascension process is the one that you have long awaited…it is the pinnacle of human experience, the fortification of spiritual-material creation.” -Seven Sisters

What really matters, and what sets us apart from others, is that we have come to this level of mastery on our own… that the only thing guiding each of us forward was our own internal compass, the inner-call that continually beckons us and reinforces our deep knowing that there is something more, something grander and more significant waiting for us at the completion of our travails.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

SEEKING THE LIGHT OF THE INTELLECT - October,2011 - Ronna Herman


Beloved masters, there is an ebb and flow rhythm in the ascension process. You will experience a period of intense activity created by challenging and mind-expanding experiences, followed by a desire to turn inward and a need for contemplation and solitude.

You are striving to develop a strong Soul-consciousness, which will eventually become the dominating force within your life. Your mental consciousness and emotional consciousness were meant to be under the direction of your Soul-Self and not controlled by your ego personality. Illumination and spiritual awareness begin with the mental body / the mind. To achieve Self-mastery, it is vitally important that you seek the Light of the intellect. Conscious awareness begins when you become aware of the bigger picture so that you may see both sides of a controversial scenario. You must learn to be a keen-minded observer of life, and you must be willing to withhold judgment. A master does not need to constantly have an opinion or to always try to influence those around him/her. A spiritually evolved person is to offer the truth as it has been revealed to him/her and to encourage others to seek their own truth as it is unveiled to them.

The frequencies of unconditional love begin in the mid-fourth dimension and increase with each higher sub-dimension. Below that the frequencies are too fractured and discordant. The polarity of good and evil was not part of the original Divine plan. The Divine Blueprint was designed so that you, the Sparks of God-Consciousness, could experience duality. It was to be an experiment in diversity, in opposites, within an accepted spectrum of Light and shadow. It was never meant to be a reality of good versus evil.

The great INBREATH OF ASCENSION means that you are being urged, via the consciousness Time Seed Crystals encoded within each and every Soul, to end your descent into the lower realms and to begin the ascent back into the higher realms of Spirit. However, first you must experience and heal the miscreations stored within your physical vessel and within the astral body / plane of consciousness. You must claim ownership of your miscreations and the negative imprint you have created down through the ages. No longer will humanity be able to blame the Devil or Satan for all the pain, suffering, chaos and destruction of the past and present times. You must acknowledge and claim ownership of all your creations from the most loving, refined frequencies to the lowest, most discordant thought forms.

Transmission of Light: The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement - Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

From our perspective the ascension process can be viewed as two converging energetic streams.

The first involves your KA body, your subtle energy body (i.e. your etheric twin or spiritual double). Any method that raises the vibratory rate of the KA is a method for ascension.

The second stream involves the physical body and the transformation of matter into light. The complete metamorphosis of matter into light is a very advanced form of ascension, and is generally only seen in highly developed Initiates.

However, the seed forms of this metamorphosis can, and do, present themselves in various stages of the ascension process.

The sound meditation we wish to share with you is a vehicle to increase the inflow of spiritual light (i.e. interdimensional light,) into your endocrine system. During the ascension process the hormones that comprise your biological sea and the inner realities of your body go through a refinement. This sound meditation is a gentle yet potent means to facilitate this upward movement.

Planet Alert October 2011 - Mahala

THE GALACTIC WAR IS OVER AND THE LIGHT HAS WON. In my last article I said: “The second woe has passed; behold the third woe is soon to come. Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever. It’s the time for rewarding the servants, the prophets, and the saints and those who love thy name, and it is the time for destroying the destroyers of the Earth.” Revelation chapter 11.
On August 22 there was a 5.5 earthquake in Colorado on 37 N latitude. The underground base called Dulce, which is technically in New Mexico but close to Colorado, was wiped out by a magnetic pulse beam from one of the light ships that are now here in our vicinity. Dulce is on 37 N latitude. They beamed the people out of the bases before they destroyed it with their beam weapon which totally pulverized the underground base. As far as I know the underground city under the Denver airport is unharmed, which is where our President Barack Obama will be on September 27th.
On August 23 they sent another beam to destroy the underground base under Wash, D.C. and Virginia. This was a very important base and had all kinds of technology such as computers with everything about all of us on those computers. They also had mind control technology. This base was controlled by the negative ETs who are the Beings who have controlled everything on Earth for a long time. They were the Masters of the negative Beings who live here on Earth. This base was also connected with a negative base on the dark side of the moon, and one on Mars which were also taken out.

Libra New Moon: September 27, 2011 - Barbara Hand Clow

7:08 AM EDT, Washington, DC

The time for balance, harmony, and justice arrives with the New Moon in Libra, a dynamic that is intensified by its arrival soon after the Fall Equinox. This year's strong bond between the Fall Equinox and the New Moon draws my attention to the influence of the Super Galactic Center (SGC) on our world. The Fall Equinox always activates the SGC energy zone, since it is located at 2 Libra from Earth's perspective. When fall arrives, the Sun moves into Libra and aspects this zone, which draws our minds out through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and into the SGC vortex. This reading is intriguing because the SGC is unusually activated by the transits of Mercury and the New Moon to the SGC.

Very complex psychic dynamics are awakening us now. As I noted in the Fall Equinox reading, we are carefully watching the Uranus squares to Pluto moving into close range this year, reality-shifting squares that will be exact seven times through 2015. The themes to be brought to the forefront during the Uranus/Pluto squares are already taking shape by means of planets forming squares to Uranus-square-Pluto. For example, in this chart, Mercury/New Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, which makes Pluto into the head of the T-square. Then, with Mercury/New Moon transiting the SGC, this T-square is sensitizing our species to the powers of the SGC!

This influence came in very strongly during the Fall Equinox, and many awoke to a new and magical world on September 23. The SGC is the astrological gateway into the Universe itself, so the opening of this wormhole helps us flow with the highly accelerated frequencies of the Universal Underworld! We begin with more information about the SGC.

Align, Integrate, Take Action - Jennifer Hoffman

As we come to terms with our life purpose of healing, learning, growth and transformation we are faced with a variety of choices. Rather than trying to make the best or right choice, which is where we focus our energy when we think that one choice is more or less important than another, we can ask three questions that will guide our choices in the direction of the greatest healing and learning. This is a practice that should be used in every situation and it will help keep us moving forward instead of being stuck in trying to make the right or best choice. Without action, though, purpose, potential, possibility and power are simply castles in the air.

Choices bring conflict, they release us from the status quo and force us to take a stand. When new energies enter our consciousness they bring a state of mis-alignment. We're no longer comfortable where we are, but we're even less comfortable with the new alternatives. If we haven't taken time to integrate the learning our experiences have for us, we are at the point of total paralysis and indecision. This is where we have to work with integration, allowing our learning to become part of our path.

Integration means choosing which aspects of our learning we will allow to become part of our new reality, beginning with how we now view ourselves and our life. This is where we must ask ourselves where the potential, possibility and power of the new energies is stronger than our fear of them. Without fear, we will allow them to become our new way of being. If not, we will stay where we are. This is the action part of the equation, do we take action and move into a new level of alignment through integration, or do we stay where we are? It is a choice that we must make.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Weather Report Number Forty-Eight Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for October, 2011

This month will be a time of REVELATION, where you will have more penetration of Higher Will.
This may happen with more synchronicity, as you connect to the Divine Mind of the soul. The creative mind of the soul connects through symbols and archetypes, such as in your dreams. You may begin to experience more REVELATION of what has been inspired from within, which will deepen your multi-dimensional experience and awareness.

This will become clearer as you see things manifesting with things that match your inner intuition and INSPIRATION. You may find yourself more in the moment of reality, but less in an awareness of time. You may begin to experience time as an obstruction in some ways, as an illusion more and more.