Thursday, October 22, 2015

Supermoon in Taurus/Scorpio closes - Carol Ann Ciocco

Pivotal Eclipse Portal

October 21. 2015 / A portal is closing now. From AUGUST 29, 2015 - OCTOBER 27, 2015 we have been walking through a Triple Play of Supermoons, which enclosed one of the most powerful Eclipse portals in recent memory. 

Two of the Supermoons (Aug 29 and Oct 27) bookend a very special Supermoon -- the Tetrad Total Lunar Eclipse 'Bloodmoon' of September 27, 2015, the peak of the portal. 

It was a biggie.

The portal closes in about a week, on October 27 with the Full Moon Supermoon in the signs of Taurus (Moon) / Scorpio (Sun)

What a ride it has been!

Before we look at the upcoming Supermoon, why don't we talk about the Pink Elephant in the room in the wake of the Supermoon/ECLIPSE Portal closing out now. That is:


Think about this for a moment: we have been dealing with relationship issues pretty much non-stop since late July. (Venus Retrograde kicked it off on July 25.) The cracks in our relationships showed themselves in glaring ways since then, and many fissures and realization-flashes peaked at the eclipse on September 27th.
And since Mercury was Retrograde during much of this time, we have had plenty of time to review exactly how we feel about our interactions with others, how we have handled things and how want to show up differently in the future.

So here we are now in the wake of all of this. Maybe you can relate to the following?

Do you feel like you know how you want to show up in relationships based on what you learned during the portal, but have no idea how to do that yet?

Are you still confused about what changes you want to make?

Or perhaps you literally don't have the energy to show up in the new ways yet?
That's because you are not yourself.

As my teacher Stephanie Azaria has said in regard to the shift that occurred in late September: we have been delivered to a new place. To a new dimension, really.
So if you are a bit exhausted by having to deal with (seemingly non-stop:) relationship 'stuff' lately and aren't sure how to get 'there' from 'here' - consider this:

You have become a whole new person. This has been a process which began in 2012. Along the way you felt the changes at moments in time, but then in March of this year, suddenly the ground moved underneath your feet in a way that seemed significant. But you couldn't quite put your finger on it.
Then at the end of September, you were firmly 'moved' or delivered, as Stephanie says -- and now you show up HERE and not THERE. You're scratching your head. It seems like you should be DOING something, but ... what?

The Age of Three's - October 2015 - Steve Rother

New Rhythms of Triality

Tuning Into More Dimensions Simultaneously
This day is such a joy for you are entering a new reality. We have explained much of how you live in a multidimensional world, literally only seeing one fragment of who you are and your own experiences on planet Earth in a physical body. We find it fascinating that you have started to discover and uncover the other aspects of yourselves. Start to combine and find the perfection that you came to planet Earth with. As you know, dear ones, planet Earth is a planet of imperfection. In order for spirit to pretend to be a human it is necessary to divide up that perfection, which is the reason you have multiple dimensions. Now what is taking place is that you are in the process of gathering those parts of yourself that you have distributed to play this game. Now it is changing very rapidly and this is a very interesting situation. All of humanity has been living with your focus tuned into a certain range. Dear ones, at this very moment there are thousands of radio signals going through this space right in front of the Keeper’s face—thousands and thousands. Does he tap into any of them? Does he feel any of those radio signals going through time and space? No. Not unless he tunes into it. Humans cannot generally tune into a radio signal; you generally need a radio to do that. However, it illustrates very clearly that all these energies are here at one time simultaneously. It works much the same way that all 12 of your dimensions occur simultaneously, yet you only tune into one at a time. That is the process that is beginning to change.

Humanity Grows as a Collective

A while ago, dear ones, all of humanity went through an evolutionary change where you moved out of singularity into duality. This was a major advancement for humans in all areas of life. It was wonderful to watch you ground this energy, bring it in, start to use it and experience the game in duality. This is where you learned to become afraid of the dark and your own shadows, because you saw everything as one or the other. You have seen everything as light or dark, up or down, good and bad, right or wrong, and black or white. All of this is an illusion of your tuning, dear ones. When one human learns a new attribute it is wonderful, but it is not until a collective learns that same attribute that it becomes available to each. In your sciences there is something called the Hundredth Monkey Theory. Although it is only a theory, here’s the basic concept: when one monkey learns a new behavior, then another monkey learns that behavior, and so on. However, by the time the one hundredth monkey learns that behavior, all monkeys everywhere know that behavior. Some of the actual data varies, and this explanation is only for illustration purposes. However, the basis of that is absolutely true; it is absolutely true that humans can collectively grow together.

Monday, October 05, 2015

In the Aftermath of the Eclipse / Mercury Rx - Carol Ann Ciocco

October 3, 2015 -
Hi Everyone, how are you? What a week we've had. It's been very erratic, with lots of chaos and has also provided a massive opportunity to step up to a new level of consciousness. 

I just wanted to drop in and quickly share some thoughts with you as we now integrate that Super Harvest Tetrad Total Lunar Eclipse that happened last weekend, Sept 27/28.

First of all, we had a total of 8 solar flares over the course of the past week surrounding the eclipse. Four of them were major and one of them in particular was so powerful it would have wreaked much havoc with our power grids IF it had been directed toward Earth. The combination of powerful solar flares, the eclipse energies, the full moon energies, and mercury retrograde -- all in one week -- created quite a whirlwind of energy.

The old world is disintegrating. It has been for a while of course, but with each passing step up the ladder of spiritual evolution, it begins to crumble even further, faster. I am talking about the world WITHIN you, and also the worlds you are building or participating in building in your immediate life.

Relationships, your job, your money, your career, your spiritual connection, your friendships, your creative expression... fill in the blank