Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Leaving the Shadow World - August 2013 - Steve Rother

Reaching a Critical Mass!
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~Re-minders from Home~

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings everyone, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service!
I am here with you for just a moment, to smile upon you. There is magic in the air today and I hope you can carry a little piece of it with you wherever you go, because it is enough for everybody. You have created something magical here—there is hope everywhere. Hope is one of the pieces you have all been dealing without for the last few months as you were trying to find your anchors again. You passed through this incredible portal which took place between the 12th and 21st of December and emerged into this whole new world, but it was not easy for you. You had a resistance to it because humans do not like change (in case you have not figured that one out yet).  There are all kinds of resistance to it so your nature is to just stay the same as you are - you think of that as normal; you call that successful. But that will change now, because you have gone through this portal and emerged into a new world. You had kind of a running start, since we really had to get you moving to make it through that portal the way you did. We started working on it almost 11 years ago, building this big wave of energy which took you through the portal. However, it pushed you through with a natural motion of its own and it felt very comfortable for most of you. Just like waking up the next day, you simply opened your eyes and everything looks the same but it is not. It has changed pretty drastically for all of you, but we could not even tell you about this until after March 2013 for the very simple reason that you were all still wandering around trying to find your anchors in the new world. What if we tell you, “Guess what? You are all lost!” Well, dear ones, you would be even more lost than you were in the first place. We try not to even tell you those things because you take us too seriously sometimes. We know you like to give your power away, but that is okay. We are just going to play with you a little bit.

Planetary Update 2013 - Jim Self

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Planet Alert - August 2013 - Mahala

How did you experience the energy of July? It was very powerful. There were several important aspects that happened last month. The first was the activation of the Emerald Flame on the new moon of July 8, at least here in Seattle which is called The Emerald City. I’ve heard there is going to be an activation of the Emerald Flame in California where the Sequoia trees are located. The Earth keepers are having a large gathering on August 16-18. It has been 26 years since the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987. It’s celebration time. Check out their web site

The Emerald Flame is also the ray of our heart chakra and indicates more energy coming into our hearts.  Basically it is wake-up time. This green ray is also the ray of healing and will activate much healing energy. Mary Magdalene had a healing group called the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire that did a lot of healing work two thousand years ago. This group (from all over the world) will probably come forward again. I heard through my friend Mona that the Emerald Ray is on the 7th dimension and is connected to the Pleiadian Star system, which is called the seven sisters.

The Emerald Tablets, written by Thoth will also be activated at this time which means new scientific information will come forth for our understanding. It will also be the activation of the little people like fairies and leprechauns and many people will start to see these little ones.

The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar ended on July 24, 2013. Then on July 26th we moved into the year of the seed, which is ruled by Jupiter. This brings new beginnings. Thousands of years ago time bandits from Jupiter and Saturn stole the mathematical code of time. They changed time from 13-20 to 12- 60 which pushed us into the third dimension and threw out the goddess energy. This year 2013 has the vibration of 6 (2+1+3 =6) which is the vibration of love. It is also the musical tone of love which is 528 HZ, which also adds up to 6, and is the color green.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Healing to Whole: from de to re-generation (part I) - Lauren C. Gorgo

Is it really August?  Not that I have any gauge left of time, but I swear it was just spring here in NY.  And what a lovely spring it was. 8O
The good news is, after 3 months of mental stagnancy, and since the Lions Gate opened at the end of July,  I feel like I have  f i n a l l y  broken thru to some new level information.  It has been an excruciating passage without access to more expanded concepts, but I imagine that I needed to tidy up some loose DNA strands in order to be capable to receive higher level intelligence…and even tho I am always sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I am pretty sure it was worth the pain.

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Healing vs Wholing
Since July, the Pleiadians have been telling me that we are at the crossover point between the unmanifest and manifest (new) world of (co)creation and part of that “crossing over”, as it relates to our biological perfection, requires leaving behind the 3D construct of healing.  In fact, I am hearing that those currently ensouling themselves must now transcend the idea of “healing” altogether and as a whole.  

That which you call “healing” is not really possible in 5D … for in unity, all is perfected in its purity. The reason that healing is not the way forward is because the act of healing is originated in imperfection.  To assume that one is in need of healing is to assume that one is in an imperfect state…which is counterproductive by these standards. 

Perfection in this case is the state of completeness, of wholeness, where one operates from the “blueprint of perfection”…the level of understanding that nothing is ever truly wrong, or missing, only the perception of such makes it so. -PHC

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Energies of August - Jennifer Hoffman

2013 is flying by and we’re now in the eighth month, August, whose energies offer new beginnings and final endings. It’s a month whose energy is going to often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions and the decision will be based on the question “Do we move forward or go back?”. Standing still is no longer an option and choices must be made. For three weeks this month, we have a Jupiter-Pluto opposition, which will highlight the opportunities opening up for us, as well as provide reasons to let go of the old ways, patterns and habits. We’re fully into our journey of evolution and ascension and it is all good, even though it may not always feel good.

The energies this month are expansive and as we are shown what expands in our life, we must remember that energy is non-judgmental. So what brings us joy, peace, and love will expand equivalently with whatever is currently in our life that holds us back from experiencing those things. What are we moving towards and what do we need to release to get there? What do we want for ourselves and what limiting beliefs or thoughts can we release to allow that energy to enter? How are we using our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources in our lives and can we surrender, let go, move on, and move forward?

We will come face to face with the ‘real’ in our reality this month. When the cold, hard truth (Pluto) is revealed by the 10,000 watt light bulb (Jupiter), any areas where we are in denial, being ‘less than’, not aligned with our divine truth, not allowing ourselves to face our lives with the courage and confidence to live up to our highest potential — not the one we allow through our fears, but the ones we allow from our heart — will be revealed. It’s not the time for judgment, it’s time for action. And taking action can be shifting one limiting belief into expansion, giving our heart a voice in our plans, looking deep within to figure out what we really want, and setting that as our intention for our life.

Thursday, August 01, 2013



              Beloved masters, for many years now there have been so many new inventions and scientific breakthroughs, along with an overwhelming amount of philosophical and spiritual information bombarding the minds of humanity, that the human brain can hardly absorb the countless theories and new concepts without going into overload.

            You are in the midst of a monumental process-a complex procedure of choosing and manifesting your destiny for the New Age, which will gradually become your more refined, expanded reality of tomorrow.  Your choices-the focus, clarity and power of your thoughts and actions will determine how quickly your desires will manifest in the material world of form. It is vitally important that you learn to discipline your mind, strengthen your concentration abilities, and stay in control of your emotions and mind chatter.  The gifts and opportunities or Divine dispensations that are being offered to you require/demand a corresponding strong, personal discipline, along with a high level of responsibility.  
            Becoming sharply aware of your emotions and your thought patterns is a critical component within the process of cocreation, for it will determine the quality of the vibrational patterns you will send forth into your personal Twelve Ray Creator Wheel . The frequencies of the Seed thoughts you plant in your personal Wheel of Creation will determine the quality of what you will manifest, and will also determine what you will experience in your everyday life-whether positive or negative.  These occurrences will be your barometer as to what kind of vibrational patterns you are sending forth into the world of cause and effect.  Your primary task/goal at this time is to develop a state of mindful awareness, as you move deeper and deeper into the core Seed Atom of your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind, where you will find all the strength and guidance you will ever need. As you develop your cocreative abilities and become more proficient in your personal mind control and visualization abilities , you will understand  how important it is to constantly monitor the frequency patterns you are radiating forth out into the world. Always be mindful that you live in a world of vibrating, neutral, cosmic energy-the forces of Creation-which are waiting for you to mold them into anything you can imagine. You  create your own Heaven or hell. You cannot blame anyone else for the reality you are presently experiencing. 

The New Earth Energies July/August 2013 - Celia Fenn

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, we come to you at this inspiring and tumultuous time on Planet Earth. After the shift of the 2012 Portal, the Earth continues to shift into New Patterns and Ways of Being. The Indigo Generation is moving forward to accomplish its Mission of breaking down the old systems and making space for the New! There is a deep desire for Peace, Community and Freedom, that is manifesting now on the Earth. The work that was done in the past on the Higher Levels to create Peace and Harmony is now beginning to manifest into Physical Form as change on the Earth.

This period from the Spring Equinox in March 2013 and into the Northern Summer has been a period of Chaos and Upheaval. The Indigo Energy has emerged in countries like Turkey and Brazil, and those who govern still do not fully understand the nature of the protests and challenges. They are still thinking and reacting in the old third-dimensional way to a challenge that is coming from a different level, from Young Adults who are "wired" for the Fifth Dimension and Inter-Connection. Their aim is Community, Democracy, Sharing and Change by Non-Violent means.

As you move towards the Lion's Gate of 2013, the incoming Galactic Energies will intensify the process of change and the influx of the New Light Codes for the New Year. It will be as though a Door of Opportunity will open and change will be rapid and far-reaching in your World.