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Holding Steady - January 10 2013 - Karen Bishop

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You can read Karen's latest message on her website by clicking the link.

Holding Steady - Karen Bishop



Friday, January 18, 2013

2013: Where Soul Meets Body - Lauren C. Gorgo

Happy New Year! So not only did we make it to 2013… a very sacred, powerful, wildly creative, alchemical & transformative (13) year…but to a new (golden) world age. Tho its hard to wrap my head around what that means for me/you/us just yet, a congratulations is definitely in order. The full-on celebrations have not quite begun…we still have some denser-body integrating to do :( …but if you pay close attention, you can feel the party starting in your heart.

There is so much I could write about since my last report which was technically a month ago, yet feels like an entire lifetime ago…and for many, this is exactly true. We are literally now living an entirely new life since the soul merge that took place between the 12:12:12 and the 12:21, the sacred (re)union within us that I have referred to in the past as our “spiritual sweet-spot”, the marriage of the divine masculine/feminine forces…where spirit meets matter, where head meets heart, where soul meets body, where ascension occurs.

What Now?
The Pleiadians say that though we now have uninterrupted access to this exalted state of BEing, we of course still need to wait for our denser bodies (emotional/physical) to catch up…no surprise there. And this is what we are doing now during this transition period that will apparently be in effect until the March equinox. For those on this journey a long time, no doubt you are well versed in the process of integration…first, the arrival of a new vibration and the bliss that accompanies the enormous spiritual and mental body expansion. Then comes the emotional clearing (read: plummeting), and the physical mutation (read: pain) required to release any fear based programs/memories lodged in our lower bodies/cells.

The ongoing emotional clearing & physical mutation has been happening for many of us for multiple years, intensifying acutely in 1999, and (I am told) will complete in 2013 for a large percentage of those reading this. For some (especially indigos, bluerays & starseed walk-ins), honoring this transformation process translated into a prolonged period of solitude, and in some cases, isolation and even physical incapacitation so that the cellular changeover to our divine template could take place. And this was no joke…the heightened stimulation of the external world was so overwhelming to these sensitive souls that often the only choice was to stay in the self-created safe space of home…for years and years.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for January 2013 - Children of Light

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2013 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information below.)

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other time we have known... a time of major prophecy and change.
"The end of the world" as we have known it... is coming as the planet reaches the mid-point of her life. This mid-life change is the time when we move back "home," towards Source. This will bring a deeper awareness of soul consciousness and the fact that we are all sacred beings, a part of Creator.

This will bring the need to face the limitations that we have known, stuck in the more primitive stages of learning that the planet has been moving through for so very long. Deeper truths are waiting to be revealed. More personal and collective potential awaits us than we have ever been able to access.

We have seen the front edges of this awakening in the last decades, when we have accelerated and learned more than in the past thousands of years. We have just begun!

2013 is being called a Year of New Beginnings through End of Conflight of Opposites by Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel's Overview of 2013 - Children of Light

A Year of New Beginnings
through End of Conflict of Opposites

If the information you find on this site intruiguing and simply need help with knowing how to INTEGRATE these powerful new energies and potentials into your life, we now have a great solution:

... a website called Empowered At Last, where Ron will take you personally through layers of self-empowerment and personal healing, that will allow you to create a more fulfilling potential with your life - one clear step at a time.
Come and found out how you can enahance your own journey!

And now, Gabriel Speaks about 2013... 

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The Energies of January - Jennifer Hoffman

Happy New Year! I believe it’s going to be a wonderful year and we will finally see the results of the work that we have been doing for decades. Don’t look for too many changes in January though, this month we’re setting the foundation for what is to come. This is a time for intention, balance, consideration, alignment and integration. We’re creating the boundaries for our path; the action and movement will come later. Although we want to jump out of the starting gate as soon as we think the wheels are beginning to turn, to get away from what has been limiting us but that’s like taking a trip without knowing where you want to go, or how you are going to get there and whether there is enough gas in the car to even get started.

January’s energies will feel relatively calm after the activity of the past three months. With the Uranus/Pluto square, the eclipse in November and December’s activity, we need some time to regroup and that is what we will find in January. Rather than feeling like nothing is happening, it’s more like watching ducks gliding across the water. On the surface it looks like they’re just floating along but under the surface, their little feet are pedaling fast. The surface may look and feel calm right now but there’s a lot happening under the surface for all of us.

It’s time for us to get serious about what we want to do now, starting with looking at where we are present in our lives. What are we focused on — where we have been or where we are going? Where is our energy flowing, in the past or in the present moment? How are we moving energy, through intention or wishful thinking? Intention is a conscious, directed and powerful focus on what we want to manifest in our life. With wishful thinking we hope things will turn out OK but feel out of control, powerless and off balance. We are powerful, divine beings whose human experience is a mirror of our ability to know ourselves as masters of energy. We can move energy but we have to set intentions for it to move in the direction we want it to. And we have to consider our energy budget.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013




            Beloved masters, the God Rays which RAY-diated the Divine Blueprint/Seed Atoms for the Piscean Age have gradually diminished in power, for they are no longer receiving the Sacred Fire Seed Atoms of Creator Consciousness supplied primarily by the luminous frequencies of the Sixth Ray. The major focus for humanity during the Age of Pisces was the lower emotional nature. Humanity had emerged from the stupefying, vibrational forces of the lower, instinctual animal/human nature whereby the focus was on scarcity, survival and security. In the last 500 years of the Piscean age, many of the more mature Souls were beginning to tap into powerful forces of the Third Chakra / the physical Solar Power Center. They began to concentrate on their earthly-mental/human nature, developing their creative abilities on the physical plane of existence, and acquisition of material goods became their major focus.  Some of the even more advanced Souls began to tap into the vibrational forces of the Heart Chakra, as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra, thereby initiating the development of their Spiritual Power Center (the Solar Plexus, heart, throat and thymus gland) as they gradually began the process of spiritual awakening.
            In this Sub-Universe, the sacred geometric pattern for that era was the Vesica Piscis symbol, which portrayed the unified Trinity of our Father/Mother God and the first born sons/daughters.  ARCHANGEL URIEL and LADY GRACE are the bearers of the Sixth Ray, which was the predominant radiance of God Consciousness for the Piscean Age. Archangel Uriel is often referred to as the Dove of Peace, and he and Lady Grace embody the Father/Mother God's virtues, aspects and attributes of the Sixth Ray of devotion, forgiveness, mercy, grace  and faith.  This is the Ray of peace, tranquility and devotional worship. It was the vibrational patterns of the Sixth Ray that the beloved Lord Jeshua, Lady Mary and Lord Maitreya, along with many other great Beings of Light, anchored on Earth in preparation for these glorious times of transformation.   They came to Earth to plant the Memory Seed Atoms of the resurrection and ascension process. A great host of angelic Beings assisted them from the higher realms in activating the Sacred Fire Seed Atoms and the powerful Violet Flame of transformation which were stored deep within the Earth's great labyrinths and caverns. The powerful radiance of the Sixth Ray and the activated Seed Atoms' radiance from within the Earth were the means of stopping humanity's descent into the darkness and illusion of the third and lower-fourth dimensions so that the spiral of ascension back into the realms of Light and higher consciousness could begin.   
            As Christianity flourished, the golden center of the Vesica Piscis symbol - () - became the fish symbol of the Christian faith. Later on this symbol was replaced by the cross as a representation of the crucifixion. However, the true meaning of the cross, as a sacred symbol, was a vertical column of God Light and a smaller horizontal column of matter. The tall column of Light anchored within the Earth was symbolically reaching for the heavens, while the smaller horizontal column represented the accepted narrow spectrum of duality.  The column of duality/polarity grew much longer, it became unwieldy and difficult to balance, thus increasing the pain and suffering of humanity. There has been far too much emphasis on the crucifixion and the pain and suffering it represents.  It is time to rectify those negative thought forms, and to understand the true meaning of so many of the metaphors that were given during those dark times of the Piscean era.        

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Predictions - Jennifer Hoffman

You can learn more about the 2013  predictions and how to integrate this energy into your life with my new 50 page guide, 2013 — Welcome to the Evolution, available for a limited time at the New Year’s price of $9.97 (expires January 6, 2013).
Click here for more information and to purchase, this is an instant download product, available as a .pdf file. You can also download your free 2013 Intentions List worksheet at the end of this page.

It’s time for the 2013 new year’s predictions!
Every year, since 2005, I have been making predictions for the coming year (even though I don’t like making predictions). I write them towards the end of the previous year, post them and usually forget about them until I am reminded to look at them. They tend to be very accurate although, at the time I am writing them, I am not told exactly ‘what will happen’ but more of what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways.

We still have free will in all things and nothing is ever ‘set in stone’ but we also live in highly transitional times and more and more people share a desire for peace, love, acceptance and community and this is what has the real power to create change in the world and allow our individual and collective realities to become ‘heaven on earth’. As Uriel has often said, ‘It is not our job to destroy earth so heaven can take over. It is our mission to raise the frequencies of humanity and the earth so that a divine/human partnership can be created and we can evolve into ‘spiritual humans’. Here we are, ready to begin another year.

As we look back on 2012 we can feel a sense of relief that it is over, as we accomplished much healing and growth and we were able to experience the shift of the ages as we completed December 21, 2012 and moved beyond it. The earth did not end but things are vastly different now and will be in the future. We are different too and can choose to face 2013 as powerful co-creators of a new earth paradigm or feel unbalanced, ungrounded and afraid to take the next steps, which are no longer written for us.  We have moved from karma into creation and our greatest challenge may be in not knowing what we want to create.
We can see each  new year as a challenge to the past or as a new opportunity to create a different future. One thing is clear, there is no turning back now. We are in the throes of transformation, an evolutionary process that will not be unlike the death of the dinosaurs, what is old, outmoded, does not resonate with truth, joy, love, peace and connection will become extinct.

Galactic Alignment: What Happened and Why - Jelaila Starr

2013 Astro Forecast - Allison Rae

2013: Turning of the Tides
Facts & Forecast for the New Year
by Allison Rae

“We are one, after all, you and I.
Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.”
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We’ve been through a lot in this journey of a lifetime, and there’s much more transformation to come in the new year. The 2012 gateway has brought tears of joy and sadness, a humbling of ego and emergence of the soul as our society is reshaped from the inside out. Who we are and how we act within the context of the evolution of consciousness on Earth is the ultimate test for anyone on a spiritual path. In 2013 it’s time for creativity, ingenuity and absolute transparency.

Why Astrology?
Astrology decodes the cycles of creation and helps us understand the influences affecting us as individuals and collectively over time. Messages encoded at the level of cosmos and the soul can be interpreted astrologically to help us grow in self-awareness, pursue our destiny, uncover hidden talents and align powerfully with life as conscious co-creators.
Today, vast cosmic cycles are coming to an end as new cycles are beginning in a transition period that spans decades, perhaps centuries. The great cycle shift marked by the ancient Mayan calendar and sacred calendars of other traditions signal this turning point in the history of humanity and the Earth.
We live in the crease period between world ages, when flux and chaos are the norm as life on Earth is reconfigured on a massive scale. The process can be exhilarating and enlightening, destructive and debilitating all at once. Patterns and belief systems held deeply in the individual and collective subconscious are crumbling, reforming, and forming again throughout this metamorphosis.
In these times, the path is not easy. But the rewards for faith and perseverance are great. This is the context of my forecast for 2013.
I encourage you to do your own research, listen to your inner guidance and decide what you believe and how to approach the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter in this volatile year. Especially at the times of planetary alignment, I hope you’ll take a few moments (or more) to align with the potent energies and focus your intent as cycles of creation flow through 2013 and beyond.


A Lesson In Time #2 - Steve Rother

From Steve:

The Morning After

The morning after the broadcast, I am feeling much better but wanted to put down my version of what happened in this channel.  After being impressed at the depth of information coming through the Keeper of Time in his last channel, Beacons of Light Nov 2012, I had prepared for a difficult second part of his base teachings by staying in my own little corner of the room. I also didn’t want to infect everyone with my new cold. The Time Keeper told me that when humans reach new levels the first vision is the most difficult. He was aware of that, not sure if this message could yet be fully understood.  Since I was feeling a bit of guilt about having a bad cold and not being the best translator for such an important message, I was very somber when I entered the channel. The next thing I know, Elrah is in and talking away and making everyone laugh when he notifies me that we are going to stand up. I said, "No! We are not set up for that and I’m dizzy.” He looked around the room and said, “Watch me and I got ya.” And in the next moment the cameras all repositioned to get what they could as I had stepped off the stage and out of the lighting.

It turns out, that was for me personally.  Elrah is the closest to me and before the Keeper of Time could come in he had to come in and rejuvenate me a bit. He told me he was just filling me with light.  I had jet lag and was at the beginning of a bad cold.  Elrah doesn’t get to interact with a live audience that much in the studio and he is loving pretending to be the human.  He is really looking forward to letting his hair down at the 12-12-12, and the information he is bringing in on the Direct Light Series is awesome. 

I will say that the agreement we have between us also has its challenges.  He wants to come through me when I am not in channel. The other day in a hotel in Amsterdam he answered the person who brought room service. It would not have been so bad, but that young woman had already known me for many years.  I always feel him and the group on my shoulder all the time but they have kept what I call a confortable distance.  Elrah could care less about a comfortable distance and he is close enough to me that he knows I trust him implicitly on a soul level.  Now you see my conflict. Am I to stay with my BS (Belief Systems) or let him express? Let’s just say that so far my wife is smiling and we are already talking about rearranging the stage to make room for Elrah to stand. 

Big hugs,

Smile your way Home.

Elrah steps in . . .:
Oh, there you are!

You did not think I was coming in but I am Elrah and I am here. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I cannot sit down, I have to stand up. Okay. I will even fix the jacket for the Keeper because he likes his jacket. Does he not look good in a jacket? Does it look good? Welcome everybody. We mess with you camera guys. You were not expecting this, were you? Well, I play the human really well and I come around and do all kinds of fun things. I am here to talk to you before the Time Keeper comes in because he is my brother, you know, and we talk all the time. We have no problems between us, because we have no egos. I am trying to pretend I have an ego and I am doing a pretty good job so far, but it is just a pretend game because I do not care if I am talking through him or if we are talking through me. It does not make any difference because we are all part of each other, kind of the same way that you are. You are starting to see that more and more, but in the days ahead you are going to see quite a bit of difference. I am going to tell you a little bit about what is taking place right now.

You have a vortex that is forming and it is becoming very interesting. Did you ever look at the toilet when you flush it and you see the water swirl going down? That is a vortex. Yep. You do not have them everywhere just here in the United States. In Europe, they do not do the same thing. Anyway, if you look at a vortex it is only half of the picture because that is all that is visible. There is always an energetic duplicate to the vortex, so even though you are only seeing half of it there is a whole piece of it you do not see. You have just entered a time vortex which the Time Keeper is going to explain to you. However, I want to share the concept with you first because you have already stepped into it. Boy, when we say you have stepped into it, you really stepped into it this time. Here is what is taking place. You are entering a new world. Oh, we got you on that one, did we not? You were not expecting that but you have been planning on it for so long – even the Mayans knew it was coming. You stepped into the middle of this, yet that transition from here to over there is a big step and very scary for a lot of humans. So, we started a human wave for you to move and open up the vortex. Now what is happening is that the vortex is becoming complete. You have one side of it that attracts the energetics from the other side, then when all that starts moving it turns into a portal. You ask, “A portal to what?” Well, a portal to the new world that you are talking about, the wonderful place that you call Home. I call it Home with a capital H because that is where I am from, and that is where you are all from as well. You have been dancing throughout the universe in many different ways and here you are landing on Earth just in time to watch yourself go through this portal.

Most of you have been working all of your lives  trying to reach this place where you could actually ascend without having to go Home and change those bodies. This way you stay right here, make a big move and start the new world. Well, here you go. You have stepped into it now, the first part of the vortex. Have you felt time compressing around you? It is like, “All of a sudden, I do not know what has happened today but it is already gone. It flew by.” You are going to find time compressing even more over the next few months, so just relax with it and do not worry for it is going to work out well. The Keeper of Time will tell you more about that. You have stepped into this big wave of 12-12-12, which is coming along to help push you through the vortex. It will take both parts of the vortex to turn into the complete portal that you have been looking for. This is taking place now because you created it. There are no alignments  or grand predictions, such as the Mayan ending of the calendar. This is a man-made wave that you have created yourselvesthat you can actually go through, which will help you at your critical times. Very beautiful. Nice work. You have done well here, which is going to take you to the next place.. So, what about the magical date, December 21st?Yeah, you know about it because it is when someone stops telling you what is going to happen and you will decide what happens from that point on. Nobody has made predictions  that far ahead, so you are going to create it on your own every second of every day with no problem at all. This is going to be your job and what you are going to be working with.