Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Turning Inwards to Core Power : A Planet and Population in Transition - Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn : New Year July/August 2014

Once again you have reached the "New Year" of your planet. As you approach the end of July 2014, a turbulent month filled with challenges, you are now ready to cross the threshold and enter into a New Year of Light, Time and Experience. Will you choose to move with the rising light and into a new level of experiences, or will you simply continue to repeat the same experiences again and again in the coming year?

This is a valid question, for as the Planetary energies rise and increase in intensity, each living being on the Planet is given the opportunity to intiate a new level of personal growth and experience in accordance with the energies of the Planet and the incoming Light Codes that are transmitted from the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Center as Light Impulses from the Great Cosmic Heart and Mind.

This is not an easy time for any of you, as the Planet is moving through a period of Transition from the old pre-2012 system and order and into its New Earth manifestation and form, according to the blueprints and dreams of the Collective Heart and Mind in action. It may not seem so, since the level of confusion, violence and chaos on the Planet is intense. Yet we see this a manifestation of the old energies falling away in order to give rise to something new that will sustain life on Planet Earth in the years to come.

Each one of you, on the personal level, will be led to question your life and your values, and to choose a new path that aligns more closely with what you hold to be truth in your life.
You may also find that while you are asked to "let go", there may be nothing that arises immediately to take its place. This may be a frightening prospect, being asked to step into a void with nothing but trust that you will be held and guided. But in truth, Beloved Ones, you have been prepared for this moment for many years.

Yes, this is the moment when you are truly stepping forward as Masters of Light, Masters of Time and Space, and claiming your Core Power.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Monthly Weather Report - July 2014 - Children of Light


The month of July will be a time of much re-integration, IF you respond the stages leading to this time. New energies will flood the planet from sources that are not yet clear to most of you. It will be a time of downloading energies from Sirius and the Pleiades. Both will work to bring the next layers of energy into focus on your planet.

This will be a time when things are not likely to change in the extreme ways that people are predicting in the financial world. This is because it does not serve at this time to have the financial system that sustains the other systems to fall apart so radically.

It will be a time when many systems will be challenged by the increase of downloading higher energies. But it will not be a wise time to allow the crash of systems that they have prepared for.
This is a time of much support on your planet. This will be a time when you will use these energies to further accelerate the movements of your visions. It will be a time when you must take more responsibility. That has not been easy for most, who have wanted to remain in the glamours and attachments to the things that have brought hits of personal gratification.

This will not serve in the new world that you are building. This will be a world that is much touched by the higher cause to love and support of one another. These will be your greater motivators.
Many people are awakening at this time. And it has been quite a shock to the nervous system for the higher will to be penetrating into the heart of the lower self, the emotional body.

The energies of your wounded emotional bodies have run the show in many ways. And as it becomes clearer that the emotional body is a force that must be reckoned with, there will be a growing willingness on the planet to deal with these sacred energies.

Monday, July 07, 2014

July '14 Energy Update‏ - Hope Van Vleet

Independence Day!

I hope this Friday begins a nice, relaxing holiday weekend for you :)  

Every year around this time I like to check myself, see how free and independent I feel.  Freedom and independence, in energy terms,  is another way to to say healed of egoic fears/limitations.  Am I more free of fears and more independent from limitations that have held me back in the past?  What's really nice is that I can undoubtedly say YES!  I bet you can say the exact same thing ;)

Spiritually, as a collective, we're at a strange place in our development, like a fish out of water.  We're ungrounded or disconnected from the old ways and yet not grounded and connected to the new ways of being yet.  This is why so many of us have strong feelings that something is going to give or change significantly for us, relatively soon.

I'm told that around the half way point of the month, July 16th specifically, there will be another powerful energy shift.  This shift is set to serve as grounding and reconnecting us to even higher energies.  

One thing we know to expect as we process these energetic shifts are physical/mental/emotional clearing and healing.  We're very familiar with the symptoms and they'll probably make themselves known as we move through the 16th (or not, fingers crossed ;)  

Another thing we know is that earthly life also takes a leap forward.  What we're working on jumps forward, the healing we're processing jumps forward.  

We can expect our earthly lives to move forward in how we're grounded, alleviating feelings of being a fish out of water, or stuck between the ending and the beginning. This might show up as inspiration or motivation to move forward, a project taking off, a new job you've been wanting.  A new beginning.  Anything that felt stuck loosening up for you. 

A practical energetic tool you can use to help this process is practicing letting go on any level you feel inspired:
physical level: clearing out the closet, letting go of unused or unwanted items, clearing clutter.
emotional level: practicing meditative tools to help you let go of emotional toxins.
mental level: discipline in focusing on thoughts that benefit yourself and those around you, letting go of judgements. 
spiritual level: paying greater attention and taking action on what your increased sense of intuition is telling you.

So many of us are tired and beyond tired.  People often ask me 'When is this going to be over already!?' A great question and I wish I could say tomorrow ;)  But the truth is it's over when it's over.  
It's important to keep in mind that so many of us are healers or natural servants, always taking care of others in some form.  For us, the healing of ourselves was never the ending but the beginning of a higher level of service where we help others heal as well.  As there is still much healing needed, we'll be in some form of a healing process...until we're not.
Happy Independence to You!