Monday, May 27, 2013

Personal Polarity Reversal: ascension preparation - Lauren C. Gorgo

I can’t believe that May is nearly over. Also, May is the longest month I have ever lived thru.
I have been wholly immersed in a time warp, both heavily entranced in my future AND (reluctantly) reliving so many parts of my past, simultaneously.  Since the last report I have been thru so many life-altering scenarios, yet very little has physically moved in my world.  It almost feels like I have been placed in a virtual reality program, playing out many possible scripts, past and future, without having left my living room.  So bizarre.

The first lunar eclipse (4/25) lit a wicked fire under my ass and so much started moving in my life at once that I was nearly terrified of how I would handle it all. It was like a crack in the veil shrouding me from my future started prematurely oozing into the present…it was at once exhilarating  and overwhelming.  Seriously made me reconsider all that I had asked for!
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Rotation Flip
A few to several (?) days ago, my body elemental was telling me about this thing called a  ”rotation flip” in my energy field.  I didn’t fully understand the concept until recently when the council brought up the topic again and told me that now that we are releasing/dissolving/morphing our karmic template, our chakras are rapidly changing to adapt to the frequencies of our christed blueprint, and this involves what they refer to as: personal polarity reversal. 
You are changing your biology from physical beings having a spiritual experience to spiritual beings having a physical experience…this is a different bio-energetic and geometric dynamic. This switch in dynamic is solidified by, and resulting from, the release of the karmic template which means you are soon to begin the assimilation of the christed template. -PHC
The christed template ensures the embodiment of the divine-human, what recently they have been calling the Christos.  Christos is a word they use to represent those who embody their divinity, it’s the energy of, the consciousness of, christ…IN a body. This Christos blueprint was created (by us) as a form for unity embodiment, a prototype designed to house…and be a (merkaba) vehicle for…the (risen) christ.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

November Harvest ~ Re-seeding Planet Earth - Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker VirtualLight Broadcast will be on

Sat May 25, 2013

11:am US Pacific Time

From Steve:

This month the group in collective returns to talk about what’s ahead for planet Earth. Last month the Time Keeper spoke about the release of the force field protecting Earth all of these years. Now the group speaks of an important event that will take place in November of 2013 that will plant the seeds of a new life on Earth. They are speaking of what NASA calls the ISON comet and it is due to reach us on November 28 2013. It is expected to distribute a wide blanket of cosmic dust on earth that the group says is carrying the new seeds of life.

Big hugs and gentle nudges


Tip for spirits pretending to be human: Wear a hat when outdoors 36-48 hours after a solar flare.

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.


Well, greetings, dear ones. Did you think I was not going to come in and say “Hi!” at least? I had to hug you all, give you one of my little smiles. There you go, I’m Elrah of rhythmic service. Now that we have that all settled, I am going to bring the rest of the group in for you, okay? It is kind of interesting because they do not call themselves the group. That is the name the Keeper sort of made up because he did not know what to call them, since they would not give him any names, you know. They are waiting to say a couple of words that are really important, so here goes.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Everything Supports Your Journey - Jennifer Hoffman

Do you recognize the title of the newsletter, it's from the first Star Wars movie, which aired over 35 years ago (can you believe it)! The force really is with us, and we'll have to keep that in mind as we go through this week.

Hang onto your hats this week, as we have the Uranus Pluto square today and the May 25 final eclipse of the three that began on April 25. Whatever was brought to light or you became aware of as a source of discomfort in late April can now be completed for closure in an important ending cycle of your healing journey. As you will read in this week's channeled message 'when the veil is lifted, all that was hidden behind it is revealed.' 

While there is a veil between the spiritual and material worlds, there is also a veil that hides many things in the illusions we know as our reality. This truth can be scary and we can become quite emotional about what we are shown as the truth. It is simply part of the process of self empowerment, awareness, integration and alignment that is a step on humanity's ascension journey. We knew we would arrive at this place at some point on the journey, we are now here. There is no time or place for regrets or anger, it is time to move on, move up and create space for the new energy. You can read more in this week's article, which is the Archangel Uriel channeled message, below.

Try to not get distracted by the things that are being revealed on the world stage. Our collective intention for truth has revealed many layers of truth, including much of what has been kept secret.  

They must be revealed before a new truth can be created. We are 
all going to get a big dose of truth in the coming weeks. I wrote, in the 2013 predictions,that this would happen in May and the month isn't over yet. 

I believe that we are in the period the bible describes as the 'end of days' and it doesn't have to be the fire and brimstone prophecies of the past. We have the ability to create any reality we desire, so it is important for us to stay focused on our most powerful, joyful, peaceful and fulfilling intentions. We can be "filled full" of anything we want, so why not make it the best and most wonderful things we can think of? 

You can read the 2013 predictions here if you have not read them yet and learn more about the potential of this year and why this period is feeling so overwhelming at times. 

You can also download your *free* 2013 Joy-Ful Intentions list -- to help you create your joyful intentions for this year, on the Predictions page, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Couple's Amazing Close Encounter with Surfing Killer Whales in Boat Wake (video)

10 Signs You’re At the End of Your Energy Road - Jennifer Hoffman

I could have called this article ’10 ways to know that your life is out of gas’ because that is what being at the end of an energy road feels like, a car that has run out of gas and isn’t going anywhere. This just means that the path you are on has no more energy for you and there is no more than can be created in that energetic space because you’re now at a different energy level. If you read my Facebook page, I posted a few days ago that we all assisted in opening and activating an energy portal this week, one that has been around, but dormant, for eons. With this new energy portal we have access to so many new and different frequencies which will make you more aware of the limitations of your current path and realize that so much more is available to you. You’re at the end of your energy road and it’s time to consider changing from unleaded to rocket fuel.

It’s a little like living in a comfortable, ordinary home and visiting a huge mansion, like the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. When you return to your home it suddenly looks very small and not too fancy. When we are faced with new frequencies that can expand our lives in many different ways, our life suddenly looks very small and limited, we see where we can make changes and wonder why we didn’t see these opportunities before. Judgment is not useful here because they were not available to us on our current energy path, but with the new frequencies, new potentials are now possible.

But how do we know that what we are seeing is possible and how can we connect with and manifest it? Are we smart, powerful, gifted, and capable enough to create new possibilities for ourselves? We are if we connect to the new energies but first, we have to disconnect from the energy path that no longer serves us because it doesn’t have the frequency or vibration to allow these new potentials to manifest. Every energetic frequency has a limit to its potential and when you achieve that level, there is no more. It’s the end of the road for that energy and it can no longer serve you as you create new aspects for your life. This also includes relationships, situations, and people in your life. 

Friday, May 03, 2013

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for May - Children of Light

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other time we have known... a time of major prophecy and change.
"The end of the world" as we have known it... as the planet reaches the mid-point of her life. This mid-life change is the time when we move back "home," towards Divine Source. This will bring a deeper awareness of soul consciousness and the fact that we are all sacred beings, a part of Creator.

This will bring the need to face the limitations that we have known, stuck in the more primitive stages of attachment to the physical as the source of our well-being. This has merely be a stage of learning that the planet has been immersed in for so very long. 

But deeper truths are waiting to be revealed!. More personal and collective potential awaits us than we have ever been able to access prior to this time!

We have only been in the front edges of this awakening in the last decades, when we have accelerated in many ways more than we did for the last thousands of years... And we have just begun!

2013 is being called a Year of New Beginnings through End of Conflict of Opposites by Archangel Gabriel.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the second four months of 2013 specifically.

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, it is a joy to be in your divine presence.
This is a most important time of soul awakening. And you are now moving into the second four months of 2013 - which is a time of BREAKTHROUGH.
The month of May has to do with the development of AWARENESS.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Transposition: Karmic to Christ Body - Lauren C. Gorgo

So we are officially deep in the eclipse sandwich.
Since the full moon, I have been diligently feeling my way around in here, trying to grasp what this journey might mean for me individually, and for the awakened ones, collectively.  I haven’t gotten very far into the future on my own, and that’s probably a good thing…but the unseens have a lot to share with regard to what the potential of this sacred passage holds for many of us.

Mostly, I have been hearing a lot about the activation of the adam kadmon body and how this specifically relates to our ability to manifest as new humans.

A word about manifestation: wonky.  We are in a really strange, fluctuating space of energy and it has been challenging, for me at least, to clearly determine what it is I want, let alone how to put that in motion, or if I even care to.  Between the March equinox and the lunar eclipse, I have been witnessing in myself what kinda feels like an identity crisis…meandering between what was, what is and what can be…questioning everything I felt I was becoming, wondering if any of it is real or possible, if I have been making it all up (key words here) and most importantly wondering how to gracefully move thru this funk of un-desire.
When nothing in-spires us, there is nothing to motivate us, and when nothing motivates us there is nothing to do…but BE.
And so here we BE.

It’s a cold hard fact that the only thing that can move us now is divine LOVE, and because this level of LOVE can only be attained from within, there is nothing “out there” that can guide us or bring us that level of uncompromised joy.  Joy (oneness) comes from our inner-being, happiness (polarity) comes from the outer-world and because we are so deeply in the oneness now our only option is to channel the true Source of our pleasure.

We can bring our joy to the world, but the world cannot bring us joy….the proverbial “in but not OF this world” is felt so acutely now.  We are beginning to float above our lives in a way that is disconcerting, but also really freeing and peaceful…if we trust the process and let ourselves defy gravity.

This eclipse sandwich is shifting some major gears, but more importantly according to the Pleiadian High Council, is that we are shifting templates. Because we are still inching into our new template of divinity, divine LOVE is not yet our daily reality…but then again, neither is the 3D world we used to live in.  Those countless hours of “in between”…where we are bridging worlds and still required to hold onto faith (that whatever is coming is for the better) and hope (that all our action and non-action predicated on so much uncertainty is going to reward us in droves)…are getting more and more excruciating.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This is a very Powerful Time – Don't Miss it! - Patricia Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

May 1, 2013

May is a very powerful time of year for all of us evolving on this Planet, and we are being given some amazing opportunities during May of 2013 to add to the Light of the World. Our I AM Presence, the God Self within each of us, is intervening in our lives in new and profound ways. This is due to the incredible shifts in energy, vibration, and consciousness that have been taking place within every person’s Earthly Bodies since the beginning of this year. 

Since the Birth of the New Earth, which took place in the Realms of Cause on December 22, 2012, our I AM Presence has been raising the frequency of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies exponentially. This is greatly accelerating our physical transformation from carbon-based planetary Beings into Crystalline-based Solar Light Beings. Now our I AM Presence is more accessible to our outer consciousness than ever before. This is allowing us to more tangibly work with the new 5th-Dimentional energies that are bathing the Earth.

I would like to share some information that is being given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven regarding the opportunities that are being presented to us at this time. The Divine Intent of this information is to help all of us take full advantage of the powerful energies that will bathe the Earth during the Mystical Month of May in 2013.

May has always been considered a mystical month because of very powerful activities of Light that take place during this time. These events are orchestrated by Saint Germain and Mother Mary. I will begin with Saint Germain’s activity of Light.


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-05-2013

Beloved masters, we have told you that "You are the Inbreath of the Creator." These are unprecedented times whereby you have the potential to resolve all past karmic issues, to move into harmony with your vaster Being and to be an integral part of our Father/Mother God's plan for the expansion of this Sub-universe. Are you ready, once and for all, to let go of all the old restrictions, beliefs and limitations that are keeping you from moving out of the quagmire of pain, lack and suffering? Will you allow your mind and heart to open to the higher wisdom of your Soul and Spirit? The ethers, or higher vibrational fields of consciousness, are filled with vast potential just waiting to be molded into your greatest dreams and desires.

Once again, we will review some of our teachings from the past to assist you to understand the complex Journey of the Soul every human Being is in the midst of, whether it be at an entry level of awareness or as an advanced disciple on the Path. There comes a time when the Soul has reached the furthermost point of Its experience in separation, fragmentation of Self and cocreation.

The Soul entity is then ready to begin the process of "reunification and integration" for the current cosmic round of Creation. The Soul Self is gradually infused with a Divine discontent which slowly filters into the consciousness of the human mind. Hopefully, that is when the human entity begins to turn inward, to tame the ego personality and reconnect with the Soul, the resident OverSoul/Higher Self, as well as with the multiple facets of Its greater Self. Humanity is in the midst of a mass awakening. A transformation of mass proportions has begun, which involves a global, galactic and Sub-universal reunion: the beginning of an ascension into a heightened state of Creator/Spirit-infused consciousness. At a cosmic level, the Supreme Creator is now sending down the radiance of Itself via the Great Central Suns, which is being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living White Fire Essence of Life through the Sacred Heart Core of our Father/Mother God by way of the Sun of this solar system.