Wednesday, March 26, 2014



             Beloved masters, let us join together during this sacred time as we share our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.  Yes, we also have great hopes and visions of what miracles will be wrought by you and for you, the Starseed of planet Earth.

             Close your eyes for a moment and breathe deeply as you settle your awareness into your Sacred Heart center.  Now envision, if you will, that in this timeless moment, we are all coming together to rejoice, remember and reestablish our Divine relationship, one with another.  See within your mind's eye, and feel the emotions of recognition well up from within your Sacred Heart, as your vast spiritual family, past, present and future, come forth to greet you.  Watch as shining Facets of our Father/Mother God, and all the shining, radiant Beings from throughout this Sub-universe, down to the tiniest elemental Beings, present themselves in their magnificent splendor, as they surge forth to walk amongst you. There are no limitations here, no one is excluded, for in this great gathering in the higher dimensions there is room for all-every soul who has ever incarnated on Earth is present in his/her Etheric bodily form, as well as all the precious Beings from throughout this solar system and galaxy. You see, it is a grand reunion reminiscent of the time when you all gathered in celebration before beginning your many long sojourns into the physical world, on planet Earth.

            Have no doubt, beloveds, that you are welcome and that you belong at this gathering.  We see you in all your glorious radiance-your unique, auric color pattern shines forth for all to see, and the sweet tones of your special vibratory harmonics--your personal Soul Song--add to the celestial music of the spheres, blending and merging in Oneness.  You naturally migrate to those who radiate the same colors and harmonics as you-those whose celestial tones blend perfectly with yours, for these are your dearest and closest soul companions, from whom you were separated so long ago. Let your mind wander a while: what new insights come to mind, what words of wisdom surge forth, what do you remember that is of great importance to you?  Allow the possibility to enter your consciousness that henceforth, you will have access to new information, advanced thought patterns, creative ideas and wisdom, which have been stored in Light packets within your Sacred Mind waiting to be ignited during these important and momentous times.  

Align With The Energies That Are In Line For You - Jennifer Hoffman

This is the  Archangel Uriel channeled message for March 17, 2014

The energetic foundation for the Earth and for humanity has reached new levels and this has caused a great deal of friction for those of you who remember being in previous ascension cycles. Each time you have achieved a similar place in your previous incarnations, the results have not been as you expected and now you are afraid of the possibility of failure or of non-completion. You are aware that this new energy resonates at frequencies previously unknown to humanity and you feel you must be on guard so it is used in the highest and best way possible. Since humanity is at a new foundation, the misuse of this energy will not achieve the results you believe may be possible, which is the return to non-ascension timelines. Because the basic frequency of humanity is higher, previous outcomes cannot manifest in the same way now.  Your alignment is essential because the energies are already ‘in line’ for you to connect with.

The dimensions whose access is now available to you are portals to energy that is from your energetic past and part of humanity’s potential energetic future. It is your previous experience of ascension cycles, in other dimensions of being and universes of experience, so you are recalling your past as you are escorting  humanity into its ascended, evolved future. In order to expand into the potential of the energy now available to the planet, you  must recall your past, the experiences you have had in other lifetimes, timelines, and dimensions, as teachers and healers who have participated in previous ascension cycles. You are already aligned with this energy from other aspects and incarnations. Now you must align with it from your human aspect and perspective.

While this is a new experience for the earth and humanity at this time, it is not a new experience for many of the emissaries of light who are participating in the process now, it’s just new for the 3D aspects you are embodying. You have brought these memories with you as tools for you to use in this cycle. There are powerful aspects awakening in each of you and in much of humanity, reconnecting you to your power and divinity that will help you create the new energetic pathways that become the channels for the new energies needed for the next phases of ascension. These are energies you are already ‘aligned’ with, now you can bring the energies of the Earth and humanity ‘in line’ with them. Energetic expansion is bringing you into a new awareness of your power, potential, and possibilities that require you to remember what you have forgotten, the aspects that you have set aside as you believed they caused more pain than progress, and were not helpful or useful as, in spite of your powerful abilities, the ascension cycles were never completed.