Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Job of Lightworkers - Steve Rother

-Transmuting Fear into Love-

Beacons of Light
by Steve Rother

Subtle Influences - The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.
This day is a magical time. You have changed so much on your planet; you have shifted so much energy that you are seeing it happen right in front of your eyes. It is magical and we applaud all the humans and also the Family of E for the incredible work you have done over many lifetimes. You are here to help people re-member their power. Well done, humans.

The Six Parental Races
There is still much work to do. Although there is a great deal that we wish to share with you, you have now started to uncover your own history. It was not that long ago, dear ones, that you sent your first space probe to Mars. You will discover different forms of life on Mars that will help you understand a bit more about the six parental races that began with Earth. Now they did not create Earth—let us make that very clear--you did. You are the spirits, dear ones, there from the very beginning nurturing this beautiful, hot ball of magma floating in space the third rock from the sun. You were not in physical bodies, which  would not exist on the planet then. However,  you were in light bodies and you nurtured Earth. Many of you have done this with several other planets that have evolved throughout the universe that now have life. This is a beautiful story because when you start to understand what some of this is about, you will be looking at your own history on planet Earth. Ever since we mentioned there were six parental races, you have wanted to know who they are. Everyone has their own ideas about the original races, yet it is very difficult for us to give you those names. When we give you a name such as Sirius, Pleiades, or any of the other ones which you have labeled, understand that these are human names which are placed upon these stars. The interesting part is that there is a rhythm that connects them all. Some believe that these names and stories have been made up. Neither is the case, for it is simply an interpretation or another way to read the same story. Now you are starting to uncover the rest of the story and beginning to understand the process, which is very exciting. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Birthing the New Earth Soul : Changes and New Beginnings in July 2015

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 6 July 2015

Beloved Family of Light, July promises to be a month filled with changes, transitions and new beginnings. You will feel these changes and transitions deep in your own being, but you will also see many changes ocurring on the outer or social levels. The New Earth Soul is birthing into manifestation on the Planet with the assistance of the Diamond Crystal children, and so a new society and a new way of being is also being birthed that will meet your deep desire to live at a higher level of consciousness and being.

To assist this process, the waves of TimeSpace energy in July will facilitate changes. There will be two Full Moons in July, the second one will be a "Blue Moon", which as you know is a powerful force for bringing up deep issues that are submerged in the subconscious, both of the individual and the society. The Blue Moon itself will be on the 31st of July. The first Moon will be in Capricorn/Cancer, and with Pluto in Capricorn there are already powerful tides of transformation and change in activation. The second Moon will be in Aquarius/Leo, and will faciltate the New Earth energy into manifestation as you move towards the Lion's Gate and the 8/8/8 on the 8th of August.

The month of July also brings you to the Planetary New Year on the 26th of July, and the "Day Out of Time", on the 25th of July the day before. This is the moment that the Ancients understood that powerful Cosmic and Galactic cycles were completed and initiated in relation to the Earth. The Day Out of Time is that moment before the new cycles start, and you are encouraged to spend the day in playful creativity, allowing the old to end and the new to begin. Decide for yourself what you need to release and what you need to begin as a new cycle, as you enter into this new cycle of powerful New Beginnings. The 26th itself is a good time to really focus your intention and attention on what you would like to create, manifest and achieve in the new cycle of 2015/6.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

July 2015 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris

July Energy Update- hot enough for you?!!‏ - Hope Van Vleet

Wow, July already!  We've entered into the second half of 2015 in a bit of a blur.  This is where the rubber of your human life meets the purpose, passion and energy of your spirit.  Right on!!

It's a good idea to put on your energetic seat belts, so to speak.  Inside ourselves and all around us core wounds are coming up and out for healing and release.  

It can feel a bit like walking in a mine field at times.  We're processing our own internal limitations, working to reconcile and make final peace with dynamics that have caused pain for years.  While those we love, work with and random people we encounter are doing the same thing.  It's a lot!

Some tips to help get you through:
-Listen.  Really, really listen.  Bear witness.  Don't judge or plan your response while the other person is talking. 
-Take time outs.  Take time for you.  Try to be aware of when you're fit company and when you're not.  If you're not, step back and regroup. 
-Get some sun!  The sun is so healing on multiple levels. It doesn't have to be for long periods, just a total of about 20-30 minutes a day will do the trick.   This resets your energy field and rejuvenates your body.

We're moving into a space where higher maturity is available to us.  It's time to live as mature humans living a spiritually based life.  We've been arduously working on this for years and the time is now.  As this higher maturity grounds into your system, be kind and patient.  This applies to you and please apply this to others as best as you can.

Have you experienced a previous, younger version of yourself peeking out into your consciousness?  This younger version of you is the last of your lower impulses, whether it be impatience, entitlement, judgement, 'rightness', playing small, not letting go... the list goes on and on...

Breathe this younger you in with acceptance and let him/her go with gratitude upon exhallation.  You couldn't have gotten to this space with that petulant, needy, wounded pain in the butt ;D

The more you allow what is moving through you to move out of you, the more you increase your love, peace, and most powerful of all: ACCEPTANCE. That's all this aspect of you ever needed: acceptance without blame or projection.  

This is, indeed, where your human rubber meets your spiritual path of abundance, grace, love, wholeness, passion and all the others goodies you can dream up!

2nd half of 2015- Look Out!