Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eclipse Portal: Birth of the 5D Being - May 12, 2012 - Lauren C. Gorgo

First of all, welcome to the new ThinkWithYourHeart.COM!
It feels SO GOOD to be back, but even more exciting to finally be here and now.  Before I get you all caught up, I first want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude for the time/space I was provided with and personally needed over the last four months to tend to my own transformation and needs.  I know first hand how difficult the first quarter of this year has been for many, and for that reason alone I am so appreciative of the sacred space that I could feel being held for me during a time when I desperately needed to put myself first.
So for that and for each of you, thank you for being beautiful!

The transition from TWYH dot NET to dot COM symbolizes so many new beginnings on so many levels…many of which I am still unaware of…but the most obvious to me so far is in the timing of it all.   I really wanted dot com when I originally began writing online in 2007, but (ironically) it did not become available to purchase until exactly the end of 2011, right when I was completing my first level mission of service for phase I of ascension.

From where we are now (on the cusp of phase II) it’s more obvious to me that DOT NET was specifically for the journey out of the old world and ways, whereas DOT COM will be for the exciting expedition into the new world and new (5D) ways. But like most of the last decade, I had very little idea where I was headed… and tho I still have no real idea where I am going, I finally know that I AM.  Luckily, that’s all we need for this next voyage.

Then to Now
Since my last energy update at the beginning of January, and directly following the completion of my new e-program, Cell Speak™, I went into what felt like an even more extreme version of transformation hibernation…if that’s even possible.  Like many of you, I spent the bulk of the last 4 months prone immersed so deeply within myself…enduring the ongoing pains of (re)birth, completely focused on clearing all remaining falsities and core-level (e)goo. If I thought I was disconnected from the outside world during the last 7 years on this journey to finding my authentic self, I would now consider those years “social” in comparison to 2012 so far.  Personally, I have found this last jaunt, the total realignment of the most dense aspects of ourselves (emotional and physical bodies), to be THE most challenging to date…and that’s putting it mildly.

Not that it’s over yet, but for those in the throes of their own rebirth, it’s pretty easy to discern that we are full-on in the contractions of physical labor…with all the emotions (& pain!) to boot.  It’s like we are first time mothers with no idea what to expect during and after the actual birth and we are both giddy with anticipation, and jittery with anxiety about the unknown.  And from what I am hearing, the next four weeks are going to be solidly packed with even more internal and external changes as the mutation process intensifies…which is why the Seven Sisters are kindly stepping up as our destiny doulas, wanting to offer some pointers to help keep us focused and breathing as they guide us thru the complete emergence of our 5D self.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Learning to Look Up! - May 2012 - Steve Rother

Making Good Mistakes

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker VirtualLight Broadcast will be on
Sat May 26, 2012
11:am US Pacific Time

~ Re-minders from Home ~
From Steve:
Steve Rother
Steve Rother
In this message the group is showing us some of the adjustments we still have yet to make as we build a new world. Here they talked about a new paradigm where we learn to stop looking down to get an overview and learn to look up at what is directly coming at us.  The most important ability humans have is the ability to adapt. In this channel they said that there will come a time when we stop teaching our children what is right or wrong, or even material that has right or wrong answers.  We will, in fact, teach our children to make good mistakes.
Have a great month and know that you are loved.
Big hugs,
Big hugs,

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings from Home
The vibration that is in this room as we say those words is the vibration of Home, dear ones. When you hear those words, you anticipate what is coming next and you expect a miracle. The moment creators expect a miracle, they create a miracle. You have only to walk into it from this point forward. We find it very interesting that we begin this discussion about a birth, because both sides of the veil and both transitions – birth and death -- are incredibly important. On planet Earth, you fear the transition of death and yet you celebrate the transition of birth. There is nothing wrong with that, dear ones, just understand that we are on the other side of the veil doing exactly the opposite. For us the most difficult transition is that of birth, for it means a soul is pretending to be separate. But re-member the joy you have of celebrating a new birth, for that is exactly the joy that we are going through as we receive a new soul Home in the process you call death. As they return to us and we celebrate them Home, charge them and send them off on a new journey to collect more information.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Planet Alert May 12 - Mahala

It’s May already! Where does the time go?   I just love the month of May because the flowers and trees are in full bloom, and it is beautiful here in Seattle. Hope it is as beautiful where you live. May and June will be power packed months with lots of very intense energy.

This is the line-up for May and June: 

The Wesak festival culminates on May 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM-are you ready for graduation?
The poles on the Sun are reversing and this event is expected to finish in May of 2012.

Mother’s Day is May 13. Venus turns retrograde on May 15 and stays that way until June 27.
There is a major solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 that reaches its peak between 4:30 and 5:00 PM PDT.
There is a lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM PDT.
Venus eclipses the Sun on June 5-6
The Summer Solstice is on June 20, 2012 at 4:09 PM PDT
On June 24, 2012 there is a perfect mother T-cross in the heavens on 3 degrees Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn (our teacher) turns direct on June 25.

That is quite a line-up of events. The Wesak festival is celebrated during the full moon of Taurus and the date is May 5, 2012 which adds up to 5-5-5. The Druids used the pentagram, or the five pointed star to represent the Goddess. Many people gather in the valley of Tibet, on the etheric level, to celebrate this major celebration of Wesak. The ones who have raised their frequency to a higher level will graduate at this time to a different level of awareness.

The New Earth Energies May 2012 - Celia Fenn


Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Beloved Family of Light, at this time it gives us great Joy to be able to communicate with you again about the shifts and changes that are taking place on your Beautiful and Beloved Earth. Indeed, you are seeing many changes on your Earth, and some seem to be difficult and uncomfortable, but we ask you to know and to celebrate that all is unfolding according to the Divine Plan for the New Earth.

As you appraoch the 2012 Portal of Light and as you align with the Galactic Center, you are being brought fully into the Multi-Dimensional Energies of the New Earth, and the New Structures that will guide the Earth in her next cycle of Evolution are emerging.

From 2013, the Earth will be guided in her journey through Time and Space by two bodies of Awakened and Ascended Beings who will form the "Council of Elders of New Earth" and the "Earth Keeper Council" of New Earth. At this time, the Earth will be fully recognized as the Blue Star, or the Blue Water Star as she truly is, and the partner of the Fire Star Solaris. These changes will bring you to a new perception of your World and your role in the Solar System and the Galaxy.

So, at this time, these two new structures, the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council, are in the process of being formed and individuals being trained to assume their new responsibilities as citizens of the Blue Water Star and co-creators with the Light Beings in the Solar and Galactic Councils that are guiding the formation of the Golden Rose Galaxy and her future role in the Cosmic Evolution of Divine Consciousness through Love and Compassion.


The Council of Elders

This body will be composed of Wise Elders who are invited to join the Council by virtue of their age, wisdom and experience on Planet Earth. These ones will be called by Spirit and will work on the Inner Planes with the Earth Keeper Council and the Higher Councils.

Their role and function will be as a board of advisors, and their wisdom and knowledge will be highly regarded. They will be drawn from all the peoples of the Earth, not just the indigenous races, although the indigenous peoples will have more experience in the ways of honoring the wisdom of the Elders.

Beloved Family of Light, there are many among you who are Elders of the Light, usually beyond the age of 60 years, who have felt the calling to honor yourselves as Elders, as Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and to serve the Earth in this way. You are the ones who will light the way forward with your wisdom and experience and your many years of service to the Earth, her ascension and transformation, and her new path forward. Here in the Higher Realms, we stand ready to work with you and honor your path forward into the New Earth.

Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms for May - August, 2012 - Children of Light

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read the
OVERVIEW of 2012 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information below.)

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other year we could mention... a year of major prophecy and change.

"The end of the world" as we have known it... What does that mean? it is a time when energetic shifts, as well as the transition of cycles will create more transformation, endings and beginnings, than anything we have ever known.

2012 is being called a Year of Prepration for Service (as you move through Disillusionment into Enlightenment) by Archangel Gabriel.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the first four months of the year specifically.

"This is a time of preparing the lower chakras for the radiatory light of the soul to penetrate. In doing so, the gateways of the heart are beginning to open further, to facilitate the raising up of the chakras. 

The lower 3 chakras have been the chakras of survival... and now as you awaken the heart chakra and the soul, you begin to raise up the lower chakras with the soul's presence. 
This requires many shifts in the physical body. The physical body must align with the etheric body, which transforms the soul light into something that can be integrated with the physical body. This impacts the astral body as well. So there is a lot of activity going on at this time.

May - Value
June - Meaning
July - Truth
August - Purpose into Action 

The first four months were about a shift from Judgment into Discernment and Conscious Choice about your lives (in the 1st gateway) and deepening a love of Self. In the next four months, you will mostly focus on the 2nd gateway of the heart, and a shift from Attachments to genuine Connections. 

This will take you from the experience of love of Self on the inner, which has been the focus of the first months, rather than remaining stuck in an ego identity. 

The influence in the first four chakras are now being awakened through the 2nd gateway of the heart - from attachment to connection. Attachment keeps you focused on the OUTER world, physically, mentally and emotionally to determine your well-being or false sense of self. 

When you are in attachment, you are moving through life as a survival experience. As you move into connection with the opening of the 2nd gateway, you move into a greater sense of creator-ship. 

You now take the inner connection that you have begun to deepen in the first four months into your outer connections. From love of self to planetary love or love for one another. 

May is a very Powerful Month - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


May 2012 is an exceptionally powerful month, and with all of the challenges going on in people’s lives, it is a real opportunity for us to make a positive difference for people everywhere. Individually and collectively we can utilize this amazing influx of Light for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and all Humanity. At this time Humanity is receiving the maximum assistance from On High that Cosmic Law will allow. That means that you and I now have the ability to increase the Light we are adding to the world in unprecedented ways.

 When you focus on the Eternal Moment of NOW, your precious Light is woven into the building momentum of the activities of Light unfolding throughout this month and the remaining months of 2012. At this time your efforts are being amplified a thousand times a thousand fold by your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven. I want to thank you for your willingness to invoke the Light of God on behalf of yourself and ALL Humanity. KNOW that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and YOU are that Light.

 Please read this entire article with an open mind and an open heart. This is the Cosmic Moment for which we have all been preparing for aeons of time. It is not by chance that your I AM Presence magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness. You have a vital role to play in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. As you read this celestial sharing from the Company of Heaven, breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically. Ask your I AM Presence to unite your heart and mind with the Heart and Mind of our Father-Mother God, and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth.

 In one-pointed consciousness, and with Divine Intentions, we offer ourselves as a Cup, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God will flow to transform the Earth, her peoples, her governments, and ALL Life evolving on this planet into the perfection of our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.

 The month of May is always a very spiritual and powerful time, but this year we have an even more powerful opportunity to utilize the increase of Light that will bless the planet. There are several activities of Light that take place during May. The 1st of May is known as Saint Germain's Ascension Day. Every year on that day, Saint Germain and the Legions of Angels associated with the Violet Flame bless the Earth with a tremendous influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

 May is also the month in which Mother Mary opens her Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Realms. Every soul who will be conceived from May 1st of that year through April 30th of the following year is drawn into Mother Mary’s Temple. Once they are there, she helps the I AM Presence of each one to prepare the Chalice of the Heart that will hold his or her Threefold Flame during the upcoming embodiment.

 The Taurus Full Moon is another activity of Light that usually occurs during the month of May. That Full Moon is celebrated as the Wesak Festival, which honors the birth and Enlightenment of the Buddha, as well as Humanity’s shift into Enlightened Consciousness.

 Because of the urgency of the hour, in May 2012 there are several additional Gifts of Light that are blessing all Life on this sweet Earth. Saint Germain and the Legions of Violet Flame Angels not only increased the influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection on May 1st, but they volunteered to bathe the planet and all her Life with NEW Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame beyond anything we have ever experienced. This Gift of Solar Violet Fire will increase daily and hourly for the remainder of 2012. This is a Gift of Divine Grace that will help clear the way for the Birth of our New Renaissance of Divine Love, which will occur during the 25th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence on August 11-16, 2012, and it will also prepare every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth to receive the monumental influxes of Light that will occur on December 12th and December 21st.

 On May 5, 2012, we experienced the Wesak Full Moon which was considered a Super Moon because it was the closest the moon will be to the Earth this year. This factor amplified the Gifts of Wesak. May 5th also carried the numerological frequency of 5-5-5 since 2012 is a 5 year. There were many global meditations and gatherings that took place on that day to take advantage of this rare frequency. Numerically 5 is the number for rejuvenation on all planes and the birthing of new life. It is the number that carries the momentum of freedom, change, and new opportunities. Five is the frequency of the 5th Solar Aspect of Deity which reverberates with the Divine Qualities of Illumined Truth, Healing, Concentration, and Consecration. All of these frequencies were greatly amplified by the Super Moon and the triple 5 day of May 5, 2012. The Light from these events is still pulsating in, through, and around every particle of Life on Earth and will continue to bless us throughout the month of May.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Energies of May - Jennifer Hoffman

If what is going to happen in May were happening at any other time during our evolving ascension path, I would say “Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Instead, I’m going to say that in May we are going to finally get some results from the work we have been doing since January 2012 and understand the pieces of a puzzle we have been working on for the last ten years or more. April was a month for endings and release. As I look at May I keep hearing the word ‘Start’, so it’s a month to get started. We may not even know what we’re starting, we just need to be willing to begin. With everything that happens this month, ask yourself these questions:

1. What am I learning from this situation?
2. Where is the healing for me?
3. What new beginnings are being created now?

Venus goes retrograde this month and in my experience, this brings about a value review. What we want and ask for is a reflection of our value and if you have been denying yourself something, pretending that you and your life are fine even if you don’t think that’s true, or not being clear on what you want in your life, this is going to bring light to that situation. The resolution lies in being honest with yourself, working on your value system, acknowledging yourself and having the courage to know you deserve the best, brightest, most wonderful outcome in every situation.

We also have a solar eclipse this month, which is the first of the 2012 eclipses and its degree and sign make it about karma. So expect to see an end to karmic cycles, become more aware of karmic partners and also have situations where you know that a relationship will end because the karma is over. While we may think that ending karma is a good thing (and it is), the outcome isn’t always easy because there is a powerful choice – move on together at a new, karma free vibration or separate forever. You may experience some separations this month, so thank the person for being part of your learning and healing and accept their choices, which is part of your own learning.

Expect more and bigger energy downloads too, probably extensive solar flare activity around mid-month, lots of emotional highs and lows that always accompany clearing and healing and some strong realizations that it’s time to release any limitations from the past. These are not easy experiences but we’re at a point in our evolution where we no longer have the luxury of hanging onto things that do not serve us. If we do, we’re not stepping into our power and there are consequences to that. It’s time for us to be willing to live in our mastery and to do that we need to shed our small thinking, poor self image, feelings of unworthiness and hoping that the world and the people in it will change for us. We are the change the world has been waiting for and with May’s energies our eyes will begin to open to the truth of our power and how much fun our life journey can be.

Have a wonderful month!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-05-2012

Beloved masters, it is a worthwhile endeavor and often a great adventure to visit the ancient Sacred Sites around the world; however, the most powerful source of the White Fire Essence of Creator Light is within your own Sacred Heart chamber. As you move beyond the distortions of the third- / fourth-dimensional reality into the higher planes of consciousness, your human auric field will once again begin to blaze forth with radiant, purifying Light. Many of you are well on your way to achieving the radiance of an en-LIGHTEN-ed Self-master. When Sacred Love is present, all is in harmony.

There has been some confusion as to the location of what we will call your Sacred Heart chamber, or the Temple of the Sacred Heart.  The Sacred Heart, your Soul and your Diamond Core God cell are all composed of etheric Creator Essence. The location of this inner temple of Light can vary slightly depending on a person’s physical structure. It is located at a central point within the body, a little to the right of the physical heart, and situated toward the back of the body, close to the spine. It rests against the etheric Rod of Power that runs from the root chakra, up to the crown chakra, where it connects with the Source column of Light, sometimes called the Silver Cord. Remember, the Sacred Mind and Sacred Fire of the Supreme Creator reside in all things formed and unformed.

The question has been asked: “What is the difference between unconditional love and Sacred Love?” Within all levels of consciousness there is an accepted range of vibrational frequency patterns that you will experience, or the range of duality that has been designed for that stage of development.  We call this the SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS, which has a balanced frequency range running through the center. The vibrational frequencies increase with each higher sub-dimensional level you achieve. There is a range of frequencies created especially for the mental body, another range for the emotional body, and a more refined range for the etheric body that must be achieved before you may move to the next higher level.  As you move into a more refined, vibrational frequency level, a fragment of your Higher Self, which is attuned to that level, will take up residency within your Soul Star. The Higher Self that has been your OverLighting influence for the last phase of experience will move into your Sacred Heart chamber and merge with your Soul Self.

When we say, “you must seek to express unconditional love to those around you,” we mean the highest frequencies of love attainable for that level of Self-expression.  The frequencies of love will increase in power and perfection with each more refined level of Self-consciousness you attain. Remember, we have often told you, “pure perfection is only possible within the Essence of the Supreme Creator.” Every individual, fragmented Spark of Divinity from the greatest to the smallest will embody and project vibrational patterns that are less than total purity and perfection. Your goal is to integrate the highest frequency patterns achievable at each level of consciousness. When you tap into the wellspring of SACRED LOVE within the Seed Atom of your Sacred Heart Core, you will know without a doubt that the Essence of your God Parents dwells within.