Sunday, November 30, 2014

The E-Family Steps Up - November 2014 - Steve Rother

Beacons of Light—November


Greetings from Home.

I am so overjoyed to be with you these days, to share with you what is coming for humanity. Dear ones, it is amazing where you have taken this beautiful game of pretending to be a human, and what you have each worked with individually as well as on a collective level. We have just returned from a large gathering where the E-Family came together for their next set of instructions, ideas of what is coming and the roles they can play. Of course, not all of you were in attendance; it would have been a very busy place if you had been. Let us recap and share some of the more important notions of why you are here as a collective of humanity.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Upsurge in the Ascension Bandwith! - Nov. 24 - Aluna Joy Yaxkin

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Energy Report 2014 - Jennifer Hoffman

Start your engines

The good news about this month is that it’s not October any more. With so much energetic activity, a Mercury retrograde, daily X class solar flares, multiple planets changing signs, and our need to de-clutter, clean, and clear our internal and external spaces, last month was busy. And while in some ways November is a little quieter, it gives us a chance to integrate and align with what we have already done before we start on a new project. I am not saying that nothing happens this month because it does, but in a more organized and orderly way, because it’s preparing us for December’s movement. Our objective for November is to live in AWE, and what that means will be explained in this article.

If you have ever watched a car race, all of the drivers are lined up at the starting line so they start the race together. While they’re waiting for the flag to drop so they can take action, they’re revving up their engines and making lots of noise. At least some of the drivers are. Others are making last minute checks to their cars, not over-heating or flooding their engines, or using the extra time to sit quietly and prepare themselves. Mindset is more important than muscle in winning a race and although the muscle may initially be flashier, it’s the mindset that wins out in the longer term. And have you noticed that as soon as the race begins, the starting line becomes the finish line? Are you trying to win your race through mindset or muscle? Do you realize that there is no end or beginning and as soon as you finish one race you’re qualified for the next? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Downloading Your New Divine Blueprint - Ronna Herman

Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-11-2014

Beloved masters, never forget, your nearest and dearest friend should be yourself—your own Soul-consciousness. Within your Sacred Heart center you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important of all, unlimited Sacred Love. From the beginning of the creative experience into density, all human life forms have been subjected to an ongoing, continuous series of revelations. A curious, inquiring mind was a built-in, intrinsic facet of human nature. The Earth is, once again, being prepared for a new, higher-evolutionary species of humanity. All of you, as Star Seed and world-servers, are encoded with Memory Seed Atoms giving you a burning desire to participate in the manifestation of this incredible dream of the future. Your personal goal is to become a Self-directed, Soul-inspired entity in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the current, third- / fourth-dimensional reality of today.

A new Divine Plan filled with advanced creative ideas beyond the wildest dreams of even the most brilliant, advanced minds of today is being beamed down via the powerful Rays of God-consciousness upon Earth and humanity from the Great Central Sun of this Sub-universe. An advanced Soul, treading the narrow path of ascension, must learn how to absorb and integrate the three major God Rays of the coming Age, THE SPIRITUAL TRINITY, consisting of: DIVINE WILL * LOVE/INTUITION * INTELLIGENT, PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

Why not move into the center of the spiral of ascending consciousness, into the eye of duality and polarity, where all is calm and peaceful−filled with pure cosmic life force substance, Adamantine Particles, just waiting to be molded into your vision of the future? This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. Please accept this immutable truth: you are a treasured son/daughter on an important mission, and nothing you can say or do can diminish that love. It is time to open the brain passages of your mind to the higher frequency codes of your OverSoul/Higher Self.